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You are currently viewing our forum as Readers wives vintage nude pics guest which gives you limited access. Sandy of Berks. These are about the most representative. I've most often seen her named as Gail but also heard she's known as Sue or sometimes Readers wives vintage nude pics. I'd love to know if her actual name is Gail and something of her bio.

Has anyone got more pics of her or know Readers wives vintage nude pics I can find a gallery? Btw, I did as careful a Readers wives vintage nude pics of this and other similar forums, Google, etc. So apologies if I missed the obvious. This looks like a great forum, so if no one here can help, I'd be surprised if anyone else can.

Many thanks for any help. Last edited by palo5; at PM. Reason: v. I remember seeing her in a readers wives mag in the late 80's, but sadly I have very few pics of her. Maybe somebody can help? I will be searching for her Well done Mininick your an absolute hero! Any way here are a few odd pics that i hope haven't been posted already or are Wife dress date cuckold caption better quality if they already have been this next pic looks like its from 'escort' magazine, where i got this scan from i have no idea it may well have been on this forum, in which case credit to the original poster.

During my wanderings around the internet I came across this single Readers wives vintage nude pics of Sandy that I don't think Readers wives vintage nude pics been posted before, sorry it's only a single pic but something is better than nothing! Last edited by redfive; at AM. Originally Posted by baldbeaver. The Following 81 Users Say Thank You to redfive For This Useful Post: 59arthurbandwArmani22Backwardsbadge98balobabig boboBluesteve32canneschallenger17corallydamp-patchdaveydublinedison01seeffiefanelfbearEnemaBanditfucxglynGordonColegubaman52guit85halvarHartley HareHistorianifr2laxJBjimmygJMCFJohnBartonJohnC1jos2Juan Querjulesdon5kennycool69Kosherleeman2LoniclorenloverMarc99MC Escort luvmininick Readers wives vintage nude pics, moreteavicarmrdentMrInBetweenmrtennysonNorleydOtisOnephapphredpolderpoutzfaunusrandomnamereppowruffroundedgesscallyseadoghsesharpqzshiodushishrdluetaoinshrdluSir SpenderSixatsmallblocksnootsirspede72Super Tedswim1TaztekThe Gruff Manthe popethehammethejarttiger44unblinkingeyevictor meldrewwlwlqo8wolfmaneYokohamaJoziffermaster1.

Last edited by Sir Spender; at AM. Reason: pic added. The Following 59 Users Say Naturist mom son nudist You to Sir Spender For This Useful Post: 59arthurba51okalain dupinandwNude south african boys pcReaders wives vintage nude picsbalobabig bobocanneschallenger17daveyddoxdublinedison01seeffiefanelfbeargubaman52halvarHistorianifr2laxJBJohnBartonjos2Juan Querjulesdon5kennycool69KosherLonicLugerBoymoreteavicarmrdentMrInBetweenmxyptlkNorleydntrl1oneOlliedpolderpoutzfaunusremote medicreppowruffroundedgesseadoghseshiodushiSixatsmallblockspede72SpermShooterstarling42Super Tedthe popethehammetiger44Triceunblinkingeyevictor meldrewwolfmaneYokohamaJoziffermaster1.

I couple of Sandy pics I came across on my travels. The Following 75 Users Say Thank You to VicFlange For This Useful Post: 59arthurbandwBackwardsbadge98balobabig bobocanneschallenger17daveydeselbydublinedison01seeffiefanelfbearfucxgooduncGordonColegubaman52halvarHistorianifr2laxJBJohnBartonJohnC1Juan Querjulesdon5kennycool69Kosherleeman2LonicLugerBoyMagloverMeglosmickeymininickmrdentMrInBetweenmrtennysonNorleydnot2shyntrl1onenxcoleOlliedonelucky1orangecellphredpolderquixote63redfiveremote medicreppowrickpruffroundedgesscallyscam3rsea-manshadow93bshiodushiSixatSkyPilotsnootsirstarling42steveSuper TedThe Gruff Manthe popethehammeMature brunette wife hotel roomTricetsartas05twinningunblinkingeyevictor meldrewwolfmane.

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