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Quiz Story. Login Sign Up. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Chapter 1 My Multiple Wedgies by: edunham My brother was 4 years older than I was at Deviantart girl wedgie story time and he loved giving me wedgies. But, one time he had one of his friends over.

My parents had gone out to dinner. He called me into his room. Like and idiot I went in. His friend was hiding behind his door and pinned me to the ground. I knew Deviantart girl wedgie story was in deep trouble when my brother appeared with duct tape. The taped my arms and legs to the floor and reached down my shorts.

I hated his wedgies because they were painful. I told him to stop but he just held it there. I winced as he moved it up an inch.

His friend and him lifted me up by my underwear and gave me a melvin, then a frontal wedgie and then they hung me on his door with two heavy duty hooks. I was left there for hours and then he came back and told me that our parents were going to stay the night at a friends house. I groaned in pain and misery. They let me down and fix my wedgie. I thought it was over then he reached out and handed me another pair of boxers. My other pair didn't rip so I didn't know why he was giving me them.

He told me to put them on over my other boxer Deviantart girl wedgie story. And he said if I refused I had to have a wedgie all night.

So I did what he said. He took me outside, took my shirt off and I saw two heavy duty hooks dangling from a tree. They grabbed me before I Deviantart girl wedgie story run. And carried me to the tree and hooked me onto it. They counted to three and then let go of me. I didn't have enough time to brace myself.

It hurt really Hot asses and tits and I started crying. They grabbed the two ends of the Deviantart girl wedgie story and lifted me two more feet up. I was three feet off the ground. I was in so much pain. They took me off and gave me a melvin. Then they brought me Deviantart girl wedgie story. I was brought back into his room and he grabbed some rope Deviantart girl wedgie story hooked it on to the leg holes of my underwear and tied it onto the front of the bed frame and tied my duct taped legs to the back of the bed frame.

He called it the suicide wedgie. I couldn't relieve myself and back up. I was locked into a suicide wedgie. They left me there to watch scary movies. Then they came back at four in the morning to relieve me of my suicide wedgie. He untied the rope and grabbed onto my underwear and so did his friend and lifted me up bouncing me up and down.

He whispered in my ear,"If you tell mom and dad, I will give you the wedgie of your life everyday you live. I didn't know what I did to make him do this but, he was my brother after all. That if the true story of my multiple wedgies. Please login or register to submit your comment.

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