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Cruising guide to virgin islands should anchor off the main town of Dewey, which is in the narrowest part of the isthmus. Dinghies can be left at the town dock, which is west of the Dinghy Dock Restaurant. Clearance is done at the airport, about a 2 mile walk away. A fruit and vegetable truck comes on the ferry from Fajardo and parks outside the post office every Wednesday morning.

In Fajardo take two mini-buses to get to the Walmart complex. Provisioning can be done there at Pueblo and Walmart. Vieques: Green Beach anchorage: A bit rolly if you don't get in close. I'm told you may find yourself bumping over your mooring-ball in the middle of the night when the wind shifts.

Plenty of room to anchor further out, if conditions allow. Easy to get in and out in the dark, by GPS and depth-sounder. I'm told there's good snorkeling if you dinghy around the SW corner of the island, Cruising guide to virgin islands the E side of the reefs there.

Esperanza: Two cays separating anchorages are very tall, with cliffs for sides. Ensenada Sun Bay anchorage: hard to get to town. Middle anchorage, between the two big cays: very protected. Several free DNR mooring balls, but dive on the mooring to see what is there; one boat found clothesline down there was holding them. Bottom is thick grass; if you anchor there, definitely snorkel on the anchor and set it by hand.

Watch out for snorkelers near dinghy dock, among moored boats, and out in the middle of the harbor. Inlots of dinghy-theft reported here. Can get free tourist map of Debonair nude porn photos island and Esperanza and Isabel Segunda; ask at Bananas or maybe any tourist-type business. Garbage: many public garbage cans.

No gas station; have to go to "town" Isabel Segunda for fuel. Water: maybe ask if you can use hose near kayak shop? Nice store, and prices aren't bad. Smaller grocery store: Colmado Lydia: walk to NW end of waterfront covered walkway, turn right up side-street, go one block, turn left. Also nice and Cruising guide to virgin islands decent prices. MTWRFSmall book exchange. Free internet no floppy disks.

May work better on a weekend than a weekday? Entrance depth of 3. Avoid contaminating the waters; they even tell people not to wear suntan lotion when swimming here. Can't go ashore; restricted area. Ensenada Honda: Can't go ashore; restricted area.

Bahia Salinas: open weekends only; they do explosive-detonation on weekdays. Isabel Segunda: Probably best to come here by land; the harbor has lots of shoals and looks rolly and unprotected. Can get free tourist map of the island and Esperanza and Isabel Segunda; ask at tourist office at intersection of Benitez Guzman and Carlos Lebrun or maybe any tourist-type business.

The view is great too. Nice views from lighthouse, but you can't go inside it. Supermercado Morales: nice smallish Cruising guide to virgin islands, on 2nd street from waterfront. Lots of publico's hang out at the ferry dock. Isla Pineros: I'm told it's a nice anchorage. And nothing ashore except publico's to shopping areas inland.

Occasional wakes. Nothing useful in the marina except a bare-bones marine store. No fuel dock. Probably possible to anchor in the mouth of the harbor, but only during the week and if E wind is not very Cruising guide to virgin islands. If you go all the way deep inland by dinghyyou will find a floating dock on Cruising guide to virgin islands left.

Further inland past marina office, out through guard booth, there are two strip-malls adjacent to the marina. Villa Marina has fuel dock at big diesel tank. Whole marina probably is a madhouse on weekends. Isla Palominos: 18 or more moorings; probably crammed on weekends, but plenty of space to anchor too. Fair number of boat-wakes come in, and a couple of times a day a big one will catch you wrong and really roll you.

Bad roll in the north swells Cruising guide to virgin islands winter? Really no decent snorkeling; I circled the whole island looking for some. Cayo Lobos the one N of Isla Palominos :??? Maybe just long enough to snorkel while someone stays aboard as anchor-watch. Culebra: Cayo de Luis Pena: North anchorage: very nice snorkeling; coral not so great, but lots of colorful fish; no moorings.

Lana's Cove anchorage SW corner : only one mooring. SE corner anchorage: nice, 4 moorings, totally open to E and mostly open to SE, snorkeling not good maybe better outside to N? Tamarindo shoreline NW of Dewey : Snorkeling decent, some nice fish.

Rolly at times. Bahia de Sardinas anchorage west side of Dewey : Fairly rolly. Dinghy dock: tie up to concrete steps between ferry docks. Pick one end or the other, so you don't obstruct the occasional charter boats that dock here briefly to load passengers. Need good light to get in and out. Some fishing-boat activity, dragging flats Cruising guide to virgin islands and out.

W and SW of Cayo Pirata is fine. Strong SE or E wind can cause a lot of chop in the harbor. Dinghy dock: near canal, free dockage on concrete govt dock. Also can dock at "Dinghy Dock" restaurant if you eat there; Ebony girl naked pictures canal from govt dock.

Also, wooden dock in NW corner of anchorage, has small cabin-cruiser at it; across street from ballfield. Water Taxi: VHF John on "Serene" was here by land when hurricane Hugo approached in ; he says the whole harbor was stuffed with an amazing number of boats, large and small. He figures everyone fled St Thomas and other places to come here as a better "hurricane hole". Dewey town: Lift bridge over canal has adjacent pipes and cables that limit vertical clearance to 15 feet or so.

Bridge is inactive: never lifted. But often can get free Wi-Fi signal in the harbor. Fuel: dinghy up canal, under bridge, tie up at gas station on S side. Cash only. Also, at Ricky's, near ferry dock. Closed at lunchtime. Auto-parts store: one-room store behind gas station on SE side of canal. Food: Colmado Milka's: left from govt dock, over bridge, right fork. Also, Superette Mayra: turn right from govt dock, go 1 block closed for siesta, maybe 1 to Produce especially fruit arrives Tuesday and Friday mornings.

I'm told the library is inside the school, and the public can use it after 3 PM. Book exchanges: Big one at Paradise Gifts, across street from school, but often opens more like 10, and closed Wednesdays also Tuesdays in summer. Maybe closed for lunch. Tiny exchange box at On Island gift shop, above Dinghy Dock restaurant.

Open off-season MRF about and Bakery: Pan Deli: from govt dock, go Cruising guide to virgin islands blocks inland, turn right onto art-gallery street, go 1 block. Hours approximately FSMT No internet. Cruising guide to virgin islands public cans at govt dock, and throughout town. ATM: at Banco Popular at ferry dock. Might be another at health-food store.

Shipping stuff in: "eXcetera" store has closed; don't know any way to receive mail. Ensenada Dakity anchorage: Very nice; very protected. In good weather and a holiday, fills up on Saturday morning, and stays full all weekend.

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