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This is a continuation of an earlier work of fiction titled "Crack-Head". You may want to read that before continuing, though it probably isn't necessary.

The rest of that evening was spent making a few arrangements, and the next morning I called her up bright and early to tell her to come on over in the afternoon for round two. She showed up around 3 p. She'd obviously already blown a fair amount of the money I had given her as reward for the thorough face-fucking to which she had submitted.

She tried a smile, "Hi, Daddy. Well, go take a shower and brush your teeth. I can smell your filthy ass from across the room, and I'm not sticking my cock in there until you've washed it, no matter how much you Crack head mom fucked me. She closed her eyes and grunted as her resistance already began to give way, so I stuck one hand up her shirt and pinched her nipples roughly.

When she came out from the shower, I had a surprise ready. Put them on. No panties. As she began dressing, I took out my digital camera and started snapping pictures. Then, I helped her make up her face using some blush, mascara and eye liner, and bright red lipstick I had bought. She looked like a perfect little-girl whore, and it was making my cock hard, so Crack head mom fucked went ahead and took off my Crack head mom fucked clothes.

Continuing our photo shoot, I had her walk around in her new outfit and strike all kinds of poses. I got a variety of great pictures — standing, sitting with her legs crossed, laying down, close-ups of her slutty face in various expressions, and some classic naughty poses with her skirt raised showing her bald Free porn amateur wife and tight young ass.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I sat on the edge of the bed stroking my prick and made her crawl over to me on all fours. I took a picture of her on her knees between my legs with my hard cock aiming at her face — just an inch away — Crack head mom fucked groaned and started to piss.

She squealed in alarm and tried to get up as the first blast of smelly urine hit her in the face, but I grabbed her by the hair and held her down while spraying her lips and cheeks and continuing to document her degradation with my camera. She was by then sobbing openly and fighting to keep the piss out of her mouth, so I shook her by the hair and said sternly, "Open.

When I pulled my hand out of her mouth, it was covered with disgusting slime and drool, so I smeared it all over her pissy face, which was already streaked with tears and makeup. Admit it, you need this. Yes, Daddy, I didn't think so at first, but I do. I lifted her skirt up and smeared a nice dab of her Crack head mom fucked against her puckered shithole, then rammed my raging hard-on up inside her. I don't mind telling you that I fucked that dirty little bitch up the ass just as hard as I could.

I really wanted to hear her scream and cry and beg, and she did not disappoint me. Holding a pigtail in each hand, I gripped her head motionless, held it solidly against the mattress, and began thrusting firmly to the back of her throat.

After a few dozen times, I pushed as hard as I could and felt a pop as the last inch of my dick entered swiftly and my balls banged against her chin. We're going to open up your throat really wide today. Now get ready, I hope you're thirsty.

Her eyes were wide with anticipation, which only excited me further. Once my bladder was emptied into her belly, I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her up onto the bed on her back.

I had her lift her legs up as high as possible by pulling on her own ankles, then re-entered her hideously stretched asshole again. I was really enjoying the intense sensation this time, and stroked a little more slowly. Leaning forward and looking her deep in the eyes, I felt the cum boiling up in my balls. She was crying uncontrollably now. Crack head mom fucked her eyes met mine, Crack head mom fucked came hard and repeated the words, "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

I withdrew and made her scoop the jism from her ass and eat it Crack head mom fucked I took eight or 10 "after" photos. I offered her a cigarette, and took a number of pictures of her messy face while she took drag after drag until I finally got so turned on that I jacked off onto her face while she smoked.

Just then, we heard footsteps in the hall, and in walked my best friend John. He laughed when he saw us and said slyly, "Hey, pal. I got your message. Looks like you started without me.

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