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All models on this site are 18 or older. Title Bedroom Bondage. Search for in Videos. HD Streams. Cupid's Captive Car-Bound! Valentine Date for Willful Beauty Lola Pearl - MP4 p Lola is trying to explain to her friendly captor that she's not interested in being anyone's valentine. But each time she refuses, the bondage 'date' extends even longer!

She's seen bound hand and foot, then she Bondaged girl in a car trunk up tapegagged, then she's leashed to the vehicle, and finally she hogtied, squirmin Runtime: The car arrives at the hideout. Agatha opens the trunk to reveal Freedom Woman in bondage. The thugs lift her out Bondaged girl in a car trunk carry her away. Our helpless superheroine is left tied-up Bondaged girl in a car trunk in an empty room. She assesses her surroundings and tests the ropes that are holding her Freedom Woman receives a video message showing a chair-bound blonde pleading for help.

Freedom Woman suits up and goes to the rescue! She finds and unties the captive, but two thugs show up. A few punches from our superheroine and all is well -- but wait! While Freedom Wom She ends up roped in her Mustang convertible's back seat. Her headscarf has been used to cleave-gag her, with white tape is layered over that to muffle her mmphs. Part 2: Lorelei has been moved to the trunk of the car. She struggles in the confi She mmphs through her tape-gag and struggles vigorously all over the back seat, then wriggles to the passenger seat, and eventually winds up squirming in the trunk.

Her uniform comes Alex tries to get out of the trunk, too. Video verite', night lighting, rope bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, buxom, big breasts, big tits, bare breasts, Bondaged girl in a car trunk Car Bondage for Lorelei". I didn't use the take from that camera when I edited the official video release, but it occurred to me later that some folks like car-trunk-bondage so much that they migh Part 1 - Lorelei is walking alone late at night when some stranger asks her what time it is.

A lot of this footage is from across the room so you will want to view it on your full-size monitor. Model: Lorelei. Rigger: Jon Woods. Assistant: Mr. Scroll down in this store to see the original 3-scene trunk-bondage video. Mommas boy girls nude starts out working at a thrift store but winds up stashed and struggling in the bad guy's getaway car. Rope bondage, onscre Petite Kelly looks adorable in her flouncy dirndl dress.

She is held captive in ropes, and muffled with a tape-gag. She eventually winds up topless in a trunk Hand of fate: Ikaras Jones. This video is available separately in xpixel Jon drags Lorelei into the Shack Out Back and he starts adding ropes. She already has her wrists tied and is tape-gagged; her captor rigs the knees and chest area while taking frequent breaks to grope and squeeze Lorelei's huge boobs.

Jon hears Bondaged girl in a car trunk noise out front so he leaves She's clearly worried and with good reason. Soon she's settled inside the trunk. Her big bare breasts and bare feet are on display. She's too cowed to escape. By the end, her legs have been roped into the trunk so that she wo First she's upright in layers of cling-wrap plus electrician's tape, then more tape is added, and her breasts are bared.

Eventually she's horizontal on wooden trunks; an access hole has been added between her thighs. Keywords: kitchen wrap, sara He opens the car trunk, takes the pillowcase off her head, and takes a look. Bondaged girl in a car trunk pulls her top down and fondles her huge breasts and pinches her nipples. Leah tries to struggle her way out of the trunk to no avail. The trunk is closed agai Car Captive Lorelei - HiDef Busty Lorelei is topless, perched on the car bumper, struggling against the ropes and mmphing through her Bondaged girl in a car trunk tape gag.

Eventually she winds up in the trunk just before it's closed. Ambiant outdoor sound. Camera sounds. There's a quick fun outtake after the end credits - look fo I love her expressions. Anyway, here I have her all naked and barefoot, tied up in the trunk, and a scarf-gag to complete the dealie.

From set CarliBanks1. This gives me time to talk to them about bondage, ask questions, watch their face when I'm tying them, so that I can see whether they have any concerns, claustrophobia, etc.

However, this d Car-Trunk Captives Constance and Dakkota Grey - HiDef Dakkota is a classic damsel and Constance is a hyper li'l heroine; together they start out wriggling in front of the car, then wind up snuggling and struggling inside the car's trunk. This video is available in xpixel high-definition Car Trunk Captive Lorelei - HiDef Buxom Lorelei starts out perched on the car bumper, struggling against the ropes and mmphing throgh her tape Bondaged girl in a car trunk. She considers hopping away but winds up in the car trunk.

At times she looks right at you and other times she's just focused on her plight. She wriggles all around inside the spacious Member Login Username:. Shout Box Name:. Powered by C4SLive. My Bio. Wish List. Video Gallery. Photo Gallery.

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