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If that line could have spewed out of your mouth or raced through your mind during a sexual escapade or two, I can guess what next thought was: WTF? If your partner seems confused, "being honest is the best policy," says Sarah Nasserzadeh, Ph. Yep, that means opening up about what you think triggered those tears—like one of the reasons below.

That last cocktail might have given you the liquid courage to ask a crush tobut you can also curse it for lowering the inhibitions that typically keep your emotions close to your chest, Nasserzadeh says. Know why sex can feel so good? Sometimes, there are no words for how deeply connected you feel to your partner.

Instead, there are tears, Nasserzadeh says. Did a relative or pet die recently? Or perhaps you got laid off or, heck, you're still not over your last breakup. Grief can strike anywhere—walking Sex girl arab ass the sidewalk, in the middle of work meeting, or, yep, mid-romp.

Your partner may jump to this conclusion if you cry Black girl crying during sex sex and, sometimes, Black girl crying during sex or she is right. Painful sex may simply mean you need to slow down or grab some lube, or, if it happens frequently, may signal any number of treatable conditions like endometriosis, an infection, or pelvic inflammatory disease. Stop the sesh and schedule an appointment with an ob-gyn stat.

Tears can also strike due to the type of pain you asked for in the form of consensual choking, spanking, slapping, or getting tied up. PSA though: You cannot take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself. Cue sex to remind you. Stop having sex if you Black girl crying during sex like your brain and body are dissociating, if painful memories are coming up, or you feel out of control, Wright advises.

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