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Due to this prejudice against White Martian when she moved to Earth she told everyone that she came across that her parents had sent her to the Vega system during the War on Marsand that having heard of another green Martian, that she came to Earth to find him. Miss Martian first appeared in Teen Titans She was created by Geoff John s and Tony Daniel. She was designed as one of many characters to fill out the One Year Later cast of DC characters following the events of Infinite Crisis.

Miss Martian initially appeared as somewhat of an enigma. When she appeared it seemed as though this was no longer the case as she was portrayed as a green Martian as well. The revelation that she is, in fact, a White Martian is one of the most important aspects of her character as it shows she is seeking some degree of redemption for the actions of her people.

As the character evolves she struggles to incorporate an aspect of humanity much as her older counterpart often has a well. As she seeks out the companionship of her teammates she sometimes finds it easier to relate to humans and sometimes harder.

Following the events of Infinite Crisis several series were revamped and given a new look and in the case of team books, several new characters were introduced.

In this initial period of the time, she did not last long as a member as she struggled to maintain her heroic career while also Young justice miss martian and superboy to act more human. Her telepathy was often beyond her control and left her susceptible to the feelings of others. After one encounter with Ravager that left her in tears, she left the team. Soon after the team was reformed they decided that it was imperative that they search for Raven.

It was revealed during this time that a traitor had joined the team within the past year and had been giving information to others about the Teen Titans.

Miss Martian had gone to SydneyAustralia she was there as the landscape reminded her of Mars. She refused to help the team find the traitor because of the rules she imposed on herself for her own telepathy, though she did help them by informing them that they should look for Bombshell.

She soon reconsiders using the telepathy and discovers that it is Bombshell herself that is the traitor. Bombshell was able to change the opinion of the other Titans though as she revealed that Miss Martian is, in fact, a White Martian and the other Titans supported Bombshell in attacking her.

The next story arc for the team was one called Titans of Tomorrow Today. Soon after the previous action, the team is abducted by members of Titans East.

Miss Martian was informed that in the future that the Martian would be slaves and specifically by the actions of one particular Martian, which was revealed to be Miss Martian. Miss Martian soon after escaped and defeated her captors. After this occurred the Titans of Tomorrow appeared in the present.

Miss Martian had to face her future self, who had embraced her White Martian heritage. They were trying to influence this era so that they could influence the future as a result. After Young justice miss martian and superboy telepathic battle, the younger version lashed out and decapitated her older version.

She would come to be haunted by her future self and would soon develop some psychological problems involving blackouts.

She is abducted once again this time by the Terror Titans and taken to the Dark Side Clubwhich has underground fighting for teenage superheroes. Thereafter she leaves the Titans to return to the Dark Side Club and rescue all the superpowered individuals that she can.

In order to infiltrate the group, she developed a role for herself as the new Couple get married nude Kid as a male.

In this role, she is abducted by the Terror Titans. She maintained her role even in the face of brainwashing and having to battle as her alter ego. Eventually, Ravager recognized her but did not say anything. By winning the tournament Miss Martian is able to free Young justice miss martian and superboy other heroes and lead a revolt against the Dark Side Club and its leader the Clock King. She soon after reveals her true identity. He soon joins a newly revamped group of Titans alongside two heroes she saved — Aquagirl and Static.

Following this battle, she suffered the loss of her friend Eddie Bloomberg. Although shaken the team regrouped and refocused itself. During her battle with the Wyldher telepathic ability was affected and she shows some empathy towards the creature. Soon after while fighting Holocaustshe is revealed to still be suffering from her exposure to Wyld including accidentally hurting Raven. Soon after she is taken control of by Wyld and she kills Dr.

Miss Martian shows up again during the events of Brightest Day. He eventually finds Miss Martian, though she has been brutally killed. Nonetheless, the white light overcomes him turning him into a White Lantern and he is able to revive her.

Miss Martian makes her first post-Flashpoint appearance in 's Titans Special 1. After the rupture of the Source Wall causes an epidemic of metahuman transformations on various planets including Earth, the Justice League authorizes Nightwing to assemble a new Young justice miss martian and superboy of Titans himself, Donna Troy, Beast Boy, Natasha Irons and Raven to trace down new metahumans.

Miss Martian is sent by Martian Manhunter to be a chaperone for the team, a role Raven resentfully describes as being a babysitter. Miss Martian is a shapeshifter, meaning that she can look however she wants. In her "real" form, she looks like a monster. She has long arms, stand really tall, and has very white skin. After coming to earth, she took the identity of Megan Morse, a character from a TV show she saw Young justice miss martian and superboy on Mars. In her human form, she is extremely beautiful with features that humans find particularly pleasant.

As for personaity, Miss Martian is very bright and happy, she is very bubbly, but can turn really dark when provoked. She won't mind taking extreme measures when feeling threatened. She has super strength comparable to that of a Kryptonian.

She is invulnerable and has been shown to repel attacks from the likes of Despero. She can enhance this invulnerability by making herself super dense. This invulnerability also extends to her being able to survive in space. She is a powerful psionic with major applications of this being telepathy and telekinesis. She can use the telekinesis to fly at extremely fast speeds. This is aided by her reflexes as well and she can move at high speeds on the ground as well.

She has enhanced stamina. She also has the ability to shape-shift and she can use this to regenerate herself at a rapid rate. Her shape-shifting can be used at will and in an unlimited application she does not tire between shape-shifting.

This also extends to her being able to expand or lengthen her limbs or to create natural body weapons. This control over her molecular structure also gives her the abilities of invisibility and intangibility. She can remain invisible even to those with enhanced vision. Her telepathy is one of her strongest abilities and allows her a wide variety of abilities including creating illusions, locating other sentient beings, mental detection, controlling others minds, inducing sleep, astral travel, and transfer information to people directly, brain blast and mental shield.

Her psionic abilities Young justice miss martian and superboy also manifest themselves in a psionic blast or psionic shield. A further application of her powers is Martian vision, in which she expels energy from her eyes.

She can use her lungs to store more air than usual and to expel it in a forceful blast, and can use her vocal cords to create a powerful scream. For more information, Young justice miss martian and superboy Young Justice Animated Series The character is featured in the animated television show Young Hot black pussy gallery as one of the main characters, as well as in its tie-in comic book.

She is on the Young justice miss martian and superboy at the behest of the Martian Manhunter who wants her to learn the ways of Earth. She is introduced in the second episode of the series "Fireworks" as a green Martian with all the associated powers, though as she is young not all of these powers can be used fully.

She is later revealed to be a White Martian. She and Superboy have a relationship in season Young justice miss martian and superboy. In season two it is shown that she and Superboy have broken up during the 5-year time skip, due to M'gann, on more than one occasion, using Young justice miss martian and superboy psychic abilities to alter his mind. It is apparent that M'gann has started to overuse her abilities to the point where you Young justice miss martian and superboy think she is evil, One example is Young justice miss martian and superboy M'gann makes an alien catatonic, because she needed information.

When Artemis "dies" by the hands of Aqualad, it takes a great toll on Miss Martian, and when she encounters Aqualad in the episode "Before The Dawn", obliterates his mind and leaves him in a catatonic state. Young justice miss martian and superboy then finds out that Artemis is really alive, and that she and Aqualad are really undercover.

She is eventually ambushed and captured by Artemis appearing as Tigress and Deathstroke the Terminator, under orders from Aqualad's father Black Manta. Though initially reluctant to use her powers to repair Aqualad's mind, as she does not trust herself not to make it worse she eventually begins to rebuild his mind with Artemis's help.

When Artemis, Miss Martian, and Aqualad deduce that Black Manta will kill her once she serves her purpose, Young justice miss martian and superboy trio desperately begins to search for a way to have her escape. Fortunately, an attack by Sportsmaster and Cheshire provides the perfect cover for Miss Martian to escape and return to The Team.

Following this, she takes a back seat for most of the proceedings, appearing occasionally during large battles but doing nothing of note. The series finale hints that she and Superboy may reconcile. She is one of the students brainwashed by Granny Goodness. After she get free, Miss Martian fight her and the Female Furies. She has no lines in the movie. Miss Martian is making some preparation for the celebration of Hero of the Year when Lois Lane tries to interview her.

Because of her shy personality, Miss Martian disappear from Lois. She is mostly seen having a good friendship with Starfire. Miss Martian defends the school Young justice miss martian and superboy the Eclipso's attack. She is voiced by Cristina Pucelli. Miss Martian Young justice miss martian and superboy as a background character in the film as a student of Super Hero School Highmaking cameos during the movie.

She has no speaking lines. In the episode "Lets get serious," Miss Martian makes a cameo.

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