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Performing a vaginal self-exam at home can help you familiarize yourself with your own body, as all vaginas are different. It can also help you identify changes and abnormalities. A gynecologist can check you for symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases STDs and perform a Pap smear test to screen for cervical cancer. Here are the symptoms you can look out for and discuss with a gynecologist at your next appointment.

Their purpose is to protect and enclose the external genital organs. The labia majora may be covered in pubic hair, which usually grows in during puberty. The labia minora, or small lips, are found just inside the labia majora.

It can be small in size or up to 2 inches wide. The opening of the vagina is located between the urethra and anus. This is where blood exits during menstruation and where a baby is delivered through during birth. You may see the hymen, a thin membrane that stretches easily, surrounding the opening of the vagina. Itching may be a symptom of thrushan STDor an infection. It also may be due to eczema or another skin condition. If you find yourself itching, Where is the inside lining of vagina a doctor.

You may see or feel sores, bumps, or spots in or around the vaginal area. These may be painful or you may not feel them at all. Sores and lumps may be symptoms of an STD. Causes of lumps, growths, or swelling could be due to a number of reasons, including skin tagshuman papillomavirus HPVor a cyst. Remember, the appearance of your vulva can change slightly throughout the month. You can perform a self-exam as often as once a month. If you want to be consistent, you can set a date on the calendar based around your monthly cycle.

For example, choose one day per month on the week following your expected period. A vaginal self-exam is a smart way to get to know your body. If something feels off, you can see a doctor sooner or more often as needed. It might even be strong and different from the last time you paid…. Bacterial vaginosis BV and yeast infections are both common forms of vaginitis.

While the symptoms are often the same or similar, the underlying…. Vaginal bumps Where is the inside lining of vagina lumps are common…. Healthy vagina Signs of a problem How-to Seeking medical help Summary Performing a vaginal self-exam at home can help Where is the inside lining of vagina familiarize yourself with your own body, as all vaginas are different. What a vagina should look like. Symptoms of a medical condition.

How to self-examine the inside of a vagina. When to see a doctor. Bacterial Where is the inside lining of vagina vs.

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