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Director: William H. Extras: The best extra was the minute long bonus scene from last year's Brianna Love is Buttwoman. I liked the scene but greatly prefer unique scenes shot exclusively for particular movies especially those I already own so your mileage for this as an extra may vary considerably.

The Behind the Scenes feature only lasted minutes so it really did little for me as well but managed to provide some extra material for my spank bank and was welcome. The camera work was solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows and the picture appeared to be crisp this time. The editing by Michael Cates was a bit too abrupt at times, never allowing the camera to linger long enough for the tease to set in or a position to work as well for me but that is directly related to personal taste so you may want to see for yourselves what I mean.

I saw no compression artifacts it was largely falling around the middle 3. The 2. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a Kbps offering with a 48 kHz sampling rate, plenty of room considering how little took place on it but leaving room for future efforts too. Body of Review: Rebeca linares jenna haze Angel has been a leader in gonzo porn for a lot of years thanks to the efforts of owner Patrick Rebeca linares jenna haze and his keen eye for talent.

One of his better picks of the last ten Rebeca linares jenna haze has been the hiring of William H. Nutsack as what amounts to his lead director, the man using humor and raw Rebeca linares jenna haze in his movies as he gets some of the best performances out of his cast so very often. His latest release is Sporty Girlsa movie with a sports related theme, generally where gals wanting to be physically fit show their male partners some extra moves that lead to a happy ending.

The five scenes star gals like Jenna Haze, Rebeca Linares, Phoenix Marie, Dakoda Brookes, Jessica Lynn, and Kristina Rose so I felt that there was a good chance I Rebeca linares jenna haze enjoy the action, just so long as Nutsack's infamous tease footage was included and the performers gave their best.

The company website described the show like Rebeca linares jenna haze "Elegant Angel proudly present its brand new series, Sporty Girls. Do you ever get hot and bothered watching those pretty sports stars playing tennis on TV? Or do Rebeca linares jenna haze find yourself slack jawed gazing at those sweaty girls playing beach volleyball by the ocean?

If Rebeca linares jenna haze, this series is for you. The movie is directed by award winning lensman, William H. Scene Two: Rebeca Linares, a very cute brunette Latina, was up next as she portrayed a gal wanting to Rebeca linares jenna haze how to exercise with the help of trainer Mark Ashley, initially beginning with crunches on a large inflatable ball that emphasized her camel toe and perky ass.

Clothed tease is okay for a lesser director but I wanted something more explicit, the training moving inside where she took advantage of his erection to start sucking it beside the couch. She gave him a good polishing and figured this to be a better means of getting in shape, Rebeca looking at the camera a few times as she was Tightest pussy closeup pics from the work at hand.

Mark licked her a couple of times before drilling her pussy, Rebeca passively allowing it instead of pushing back on his meaty member. There was some taste testing going on here and Rebeca actually did better during the minimal Rebeca linares jenna haze, pumping on his rod as if to bust a nut in a few positions before he rubbed out a load of population pudding to her face and chest. Scene Three: Dakoda Brookes, a cute gal in need of some soccer training, was up next at the hands of Mick Blue, the weather too hot for a full workout as they passed the ball around a few times.

Her outfit hugged her curvy figure well enough Rebeca linares jenna haze the montage was more geared towards sport fans than Rebeca linares jenna haze guy like me trying to find strokable material, the pair moving off to a shaded area for her to reward his help by means of a blowjob. She dropped to her knees and gave a decent bit of head in the outcropping of rocks, showing she was no stranger to a dick in her mouth as she wrapped her lips around him and sucked away.

Still, as much Rebeca linares jenna haze I enjoy public sex, she has a long way to go to become a true oral superstar Rebeca linares jenna haze the scene moved inside the familiar house very quickly. They kissed, she went back to slobbing his knob, and Mick reciprocated soon afterwards. She had goose bumps when he ate her biscuit and the vaginal plowing showed her rubbing herself rather than rely strictly on his attentive penetration. She was much better on top than in any of the other positions, that being the only time when she showed any enthusiasm outside of him going down on her.

Sadly, the facial came too soon and she did not swallow, showing a slight aversion to his seed from the looks of it and the scene ending too soon.

Scene Four: Jessica Lynn, a perky little blond with a cute overbite, was up next as she practiced Rebeca linares jenna haze in a large gym, complete with boxing ring. She made it clear that she joined the gym to get to Billy's manhood, kneeling before him to start sucking his cock, the pair vaginally fucking inside the boxing ring but not Rebeca linares jenna haze their full potential except when she was on top of him.

The scene even seemed shorter than usual so despite her loud pornish moans of pleasure, I was left unconvinced about replay value or strokability, the scene closing up with an expected facial.

Scene Five: Phoenix Marie and Kristina Rebeca linares jenna haze, a couple of appealing young ladies in small bikinis, were up last as they frolicked on the public beach including some time spent on the swings to the movie's sporty theme before engaging in some volleyball. They went back to the hotel and Mark Ashley portrayed the room service guy, the hungry ladies about to beat him up but settling on another form of repayment for how long it took Rebeca linares jenna haze feed them.

They pawed at his clothing and he acted very passive, reclining as they stripped his pants off to suck him in double team fashion. The coy licks they provided at first soon turned to full on inhalation of his meaty member, each gal enhancing the moment by some sucking and hand strokes. He then Rebeca linares jenna haze turns vaginally plowing their relatively passive pussies, the gals giving each other some licks at times but generally taming it down compared to other gonzo works I've seen them in.

It got better with time as the ladies learned to fully bounce on cock, but it fell short of what I expected from the onset of the movie, ending when the spew was jerked off to Rebeca linares jenna haze chest by his own hand, the gals cumswapping precious little of his seed.

I had taken a break by this point lest I be too weary to complete my task of reviewing the movie, the scene started at about the minute mark. If you're familiar with gonzo porn, few companies offer this much fuck for the buck, and there were still two scenes to go and a whole disc full of extras that Mason was proud to provide. The result was a decent blowbang much like Mike John might offer he is often considered the industry leader of such things except it was enhanced by the playful nature Brianna provided with substantially higher replay value as a result too.

She slobbed their knobs with a drive rarely seen in Rebeca linares jenna haze gal, making me wonder how the directors got such a wonderful performance out of her her oral talents are known as decent but rarely exceptional like this one showed ; the men dropping loads all over her mouth, face, and ass cheeks before she scurried away with her cash.

Summary: Sporty Girls by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel looked very crisp and clean in most of the scenes but sexually, there was little of the creative Nutsack ideas that I have found so enjoyable over the years, resulting in a rating of Rebeca linares jenna haze It.

Rebeca linares jenna haze cast was good looking for the theme Rebeca linares jenna haze the day and sport aficionados might appreciate the movie somewhat more than I did but the whole project seemed rushed with the editing standing out in my mind more indicative of a weaker than usual level of quality control.

In short, Sporty Girls is best suited for slavering fanboys of the ladies or true sport nuts than the general populace looking to rub out repeated loads of nut juice so give it a look and you'll see if it might be for you.

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