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Everything for our characters in both series are canon because we plan it together. K and John, or Dr. B and Teddy. Really, Mr. Lindbeck loves Louis and Louis loves his dad! So, I readjusted the scene that already existed of Vincent and Louis talking about their dads in Girl in red latex fucked in thigh high boots.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. What's a cookie? Got it! View post 19 December, Fanwork Fanfiction bffcomic. View post 18 December, View post 17 December, Fanart Fanwork bffcomic nsfw Vincent Louis nudity. View post 14 December, Fanart Fanwork Vincent Louis Natural born hustler crookers llyrics. View post 10 December, Fanart Fanwork bffcomic Vincent Louis. Fanart Fanwork bffcomic Louis Kamri. View post 7 December, I know it's late only just read your amazing comic but when Kamri said that the double-date was payback for her not telling everyone that Vincent couldn't "get it up", does that mean that Vincent never Natural born hustler crookers llyrics sex with any of the women he allegedly had sex with before the events of the comic, including Kamri at the comic's beginning?

Or is she referring to the fact that she knows he's gay? Or did they have sex in ways that didn't involve penetration? It's weird but it bugs me Is he bi?

Fanart Fanwork Louis Vincent bffcomic. View post 6 December, Fanart Fanwork Teddy bffcomic. Hello, Mickey! Say, have you ever thought about making advertising on the bff site available? I think it'd provide you with a rather satisfying revenue??? View post 5 December, Has it ever happened that a theory or headcannon submitted to you by a fan has changed your perspective on bff so much that it largely affected the story - like the ending, perhaps i.

And how many times have you dramatically changed the planned ending through the years? Hope you answer, just curious xoxo! I lastly decided to Natural born hustler crookers llyrics a movie scene another time. Fanart Fanwork Vincent Teddy Louis bffcomic. I don't really understand why louis got mad at teddy. Did I miss something? View post 4 December, Load more posts. Previous 5 6 7 8 9 Next.

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