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Opening Marge simpson glory hole comic The Simp-Mayans witness a prediction that the world will end in Unnormal Activity - In a spoof of Paranormal Activitya collection of video clips shows demonic activity in the Simpsons' house late at night — which may have something to do with Marge's deal with the Devil she made thirty years ago. In Mayan times, at Chichen Itzasome Marge simpson glory hole comic the Mayans check their calendar, Marge simpson glory hole comic says the world will end after the 13th Baktun.

To prevent this event, a human sacrifice is about to take place. Meanwhile, Glutton has been fattening up, preparing himself to be sacrificed. His wife tells him, that she will be lonely once he is sacrificed, but Glutton says that he never said anything about sacrificing himself. When a Mayan priest enters, Glutton's wife reveals that she has a plan and asks the priest if he's interested in women. The Priest replies: "What priest isn't? After the wrong person is sacrificed, one Mayan realizes that the world really will end after 13th Baktun and asks the Mayan wiseacre to explain.

It is revealed that the world will end in and few Marge simpson glory hole comic say that it will be Obama's fault. In the present, Homer asks Marge which Baktun it is and Marge answers: the 13th. He opens door for Q'uq'umatz and his two friends J'wuu'pawwzer and Natt'putterwhile one of them is crushing Homer, Q'uq'umatz crushes the Flanders house.

In a parody of The Greatest Story Ever Toldthe Springfield citizens go to see the activation of Springfield's Subatomic Supercolliderwhich was built instead of a new baseball stadium, due to lobbying of Lisa. Professor Frink activates the machine and it works, but nothing exciting Big ass yoga pants pussy, and everyone blames Lisa for her suggestion.

After everyone leaves, two particles collide with each other and create a small black hole which floats off. Lisa cries on the ground, but then notices that her tears are floating towards a black hole. Lisa realizes that she must Girl fingering pussy public the black hole, otherwise it will continue to absorb other people, as it sucked up Ralph and Nelson.

The Simpsons put it in the basement and Lisa tries to convince them not to throw any matter in black hole, otherwise it'll expand and may destroy Earth. But Marge, Homer and Bart secretly throw junk at the black hole - Marge puts their grease because it attracts raccoons and Bart tries to Marge simpson glory hole comic his math homework in, but the black hole doesn't accept it, so he puts Edna Krabappel in the black hole.

The next morning, black hole grows bigger and sucks up lots of the Simpson's stuff. Lisa asks the family if anyone threw anything in it and family denies. Other citizens of Marge simpson glory hole comic gather to put their trash to the black hole, because Homer opened his own business - Magic Craphole Waste Removal.

The Simpsons house is sucked into the black hole too, and the other Springfield Marge simpson glory hole comic continue to throw their junk at the black hole - Comic Book Marge simpson glory hole comic throws Disney's Black Hole in and Horatio McAllister attempts to put a big fish skeleton in.

Lisa tells everyone that if one more thing gets sucked into the hole, it could reach critical mass. Meanwhile, Milhouse is playing baseball and hits Marge simpson glory hole comic home run. Suddenly, the ball gets sucked up into the black hole and it grows very intense, sucking up Springfielders, except Maggie. The black hole sucks up Maggie's pacifier and sucks it, going off into the distance and leaving Maggie knowing she stopped the black hole.

Meanwhile, the black hole acts a gate to inter-dimensional travel, so the Springfield citizens end up on a distant alien planet, where their junk is treated as 'treasures', the aliens having built their society around it. The aliens' favorite magazine is the Presidents' Day mattress blowout sale insert and their favorite food is banana peels.

The aliens say that they listen to music on the most wonderful device Marge simpson glory hole comic created - The Zune. Homer tries to tell them that this is only old junk, rather than treasures, but Marge covers his mouth and tells to aliens to enjoy it. In a parody of Paranormal ActivityHomer sets up a camera at AM near the mirror filming himself, and says that strange things happen in the house.

He says, "that if anyone finds this footage, after we're missing or dead they should remember him as a hero". At PM, Homer sets up Komik hentai indo ino yamanaka camera in his and Marge's bedroom, and asks Marge if she wants to snuggle.

Marge says that she won't snuggle with the camera on, yet Homer tries convinces her that the camera is off, albeit unsuccessfully. Also, the cupboard is lifted and a golf club is lifted up in the air, which hits Homer four times and is dropped on the ground.

Around AM, the two are woken up by a loud noise downstairs. Marge heads downstairs while Homer takes the camera, although he tumbles down the stairs. Homer and Marge find the family room destroyed and Lisa wants to know why this is happening to them. Marge claims that she doesn't know anything and Homer tells Lisa that every night a mysterious invisible-being from hell waits for a family to go to sleep, then kills them.

In the living room at PM the next day, Raphael fits more cameras in the Simpson house, and ensures Homer that if anything strange happens, the cameras will pick it up. Homer wakes up, says "hello" to Marge, hears her growling and tries to take her to Lesbian asians having sex sex with him.

At around AM, Homer pees in the bathroom, but Marge comes, watching him for over 20 minutes. He also says that someone made a deal with the devil and the devil wants his due.

But he gets scared of the cuckoo-clock, and after that he enters back in the family room now as a skeleton and says that the devil feeds on more than fear before collapsing. On Night 15, at AMm Maggie's blocks and door vibrate. Maggie levitates, Marge simpson glory hole comic put into a baby carrier, and a bag is placed on the baby carrier, which a bottle has been put into. And then Marge comes to take Maggie back, but someone says that they had a deal.

Homer and Lisa come into room, and Bart runs to the room, throwing baby powder on the "mysterious" creature, which is a devil resembling Moe. Marge cries and tells the family that when she was an 8-year-old girl, she saw her year-old sisters Patty and Selma in the attic hailing Satan.

They tell Marge that they're doing so because there is nothing Marge simpson glory hole comic on TV, they have no boyfriends although Patty is gayand they are bored. It worked, but the devil wants to take Selma and Patty.

Marge asks the devil to come back for her sisters later, and the devil agrees, telling Marge she bought herself 30 years but after that, he will come Marge simpson glory hole comic to take her favorite child. Lisa says Marge simpson glory hole comic she is supposed to be Marge's favorite, but after devil grabs her, she denies that she's the favorite.

Homer asks the devil if there is another deal he can accept. The deal is a three-way, and Homer asks if it's between Satan, him and Marge, but Satan says that it's between Homer, him, and another devil. At around AM, Homer asks the devils for the safety word, which is cinnamon.

Homer wants that they should try something new, and throws his dressing gown at the camera, and the devil shouts "Cinnamon" repeatedly. Comic Book Guy tells Bart that the only way to purchase the comic at the cover price is to go back in time to Bart adds that it's impossible, but when he looks at Marge simpson glory hole comic Fantastic Foreshadowing comic it was written "The Boy Who Went Back to ", showing Bart in a red car on the coverhe stepped outside, where suddenly he saw a red car come out of nowhere and Professor Frink stepping out of it, telling Bart that is a time machine.

Frink asks Bart to hold his keys while he grabs some lunch, but Bart gets in the car and travels back to Bart then goes to the Android's Dungeon and Marge simpson glory hole comic Card Shop's grand opening and buys the Radioactive Man comic, but throws it the trash later, as it is "too preachy" to him.

He walks by the window outside the boys bathroom at Springfield High School, while Principal Dondelinger is telling off a teenage Homer Simpson and a teenage Barney Gumble for smoking. Bart gets shocked and walks into Springfield High School. In the detention hall, Homer meets Bart, who explains to Homer that he's his unwanted son from the future who killed all his fun. The young Homer then gets angry and strangles Bart. Then, young Marge Bouvier enters the room and sits down, while young Homer is still strangling Bart.

Young Marge gets disgusted by young Homer's behavior, but young Homer asks her to go to prom with him anyway, but she refuses and walks to the rear. Homer tells Funny weight lifting quotes Bart because it was love at first sight and he ruined it.

Marge then says that it wasn't love at first sight, and Homer says "What do you know? Marge calls Homer an idiot, and Homer returns the favor - shocking Marge. Homer tells Marge to not act like it's Short curvy girls nude first time someone mentioned that to her - but that backfires, because it is Marge simpson glory hole comic first time someone has said that to her. Young Homer harshly tells young Marge to shut up and go to the prom with him.

Bart wonders, what will happen with him in the future, after he distracted young Homer from young Marge. He grabs his myPhone Marge simpson glory hole comic check his future. At first, his normal future picture disappears, making Bart think he won't exist anymore, but after that, a picture of him appears, standing near fancy house, which Bart claims 'a hell of Marge simpson glory hole comic better life'.

Then, he convinces young Marge to not marry young Homer, which she agrees to. Bart gets back to present, and young Homer jumps in the time machine's trunk. While young Homer is in the present, he claims his life is ruined, but after that, he sees a poster for Ken and Harry's Cookie Dough Ice-Cream.

Then, he sees a shop window, where Itchy and Scratchy is played on huge screen TV's, and gets shocked, when sees an ad for Thursday Night Football.

He also comments that the globe is so warm and that he is in awe at Marge simpson glory hole comic future. Chief Wiggum then passes the street, asleep on a Segway. Homer says that that's not so great.

Bart then goes to his fancy house, where Marge is making a smoothie for Artie Ziff. Bart is shocked that his mother is married to Artie Ziff the man who molested her on prom nightwhich makes Bart Bartie Ziff. Bart lifts his cap and instead of spiky hair, he has curly hair. Bart yells "Oy, caramba! Artie greets Bartie and tells him to enjoy his luxurious life - and his own bully butler - Nelson Muntz.

Bart tells Nelson to give himself a wedgie. Young Homer watches them from the window. Then, present Homer tells off young Homer, because it was his peeping tree but then realizes that the teenager on the other branch is actually young him. Homer asks Vil ha kj? reste eskorte jenterrge he is in the present. Young Homer says that he traveled through space and time to make Marge simpson glory hole comic settle for him because she doesn't know better.

Homer tells Young Homer that if they put their heads together they can think of a plan. Young Homer then questions Homer about what happened and how he Marge simpson glory hole comic all his and is extremely obese. Meanwhile, Bart is using a whip to make petals fall off a daisy - which is in Nelson Marge simpson glory hole comic butler's mouth, saying "I love my life" and "I love it not", similar to "Love me - Love me not" game, while Artie watches.

Artie tells Bartie that he's just like Indiana Jones, a role played by Richard Dreyfuss in their universe. The doorbell rings and at the door is Homer, who has come to take his life back. Artie says that he knew this would happen, so he mastered Brazilian jujitsu.

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