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L et me tell you about a place called Taylor Camp, a tropical ocean-front utopia without Hippie girl nude photos, politics or bills to pay. It was the ultimate hippie fantasy. Taylor Camp began in the Spring ofwith thirteen hippies seeking Hippie girl nude photos from the ongoing campus riots in America and police brutality.

Having fled their homes, they headed for Kauai in Hawaii, then a very Hippie girl nude photos and unspoilt land with just a single traffic light on the island. But an unlikely Hollywood name came to the rescue. These photographs were taken by Taylor Camp resident, John Wehrheim. There was no electricity or amenities of any kind and Howard pretty much left them to it. The society dropouts started building their beach-front tree houses with bamboo, scrap lumber and salvaged materials.

They lived off the land and the occasional food stamps and fished and recruited a medic and a midwife. Word of the village spread far and wide and more hippies, surfers and troubled Vietnam war veterans arrived to start a new life in the ungoverned beach community.

Everyone assumes naked means lascivious. They have all these things in their minds. But when you live naked and you see these girls naked every day they become your sisters. You were hippies. You know what I mean? It was mainly couples. The relationships were like any middle class community. At its peak, about people were living on the 7 acre community. Residents took in strangers who were looking for a time out; an escape. They had come back and they were damaged.

Marijuana and pschadellic drugs were certainly part of the living experience for many residents. They recall another female resident who took the drug more than times while living at Taylor.

Today she works as an attorney. Hippie girl nude photos you have to start expanding your mind on your own and you can accelerate the expansion with LSD. For me—acid was a tool, it was a spiritual awakening, used with a focus and a purpose. I would spend that day by myself with my pie in that very naked Hippie girl nude photos. It was a spiritual experience. The local Hawaiian community had mixed views of Taylor Camp.

Because with every paradise, there eventually comes a dark side…. We had to be on the ball—kind of protective. Some guys came into Taylor Camp late at night; we were all asleep. They Hippie girl nude photos the bad boys. Taylor Camp had all kinds of people, but basically sweet people. After eight years of living in a somewhat functional community without rules or Hippie girl nude photos, the story of Taylor Camp came to an end. With the tourism industry on the rise, Taylor Camp was considered an eyesore.

Inthe state acquired the property once offered to the residents by Mr. The village was condemned to make way for the Na Pali State Park and the residents were evicted. In place of the village today is a tourist car park with some picnic tables and public toilets. Moved by the images, together, they decided to track down the campers, their neighbours and even the government officials who finally got rid of them. Inthey made a documentary which you can see the trailer for here:.

To see the full documentary, you can purchase it here. See a preview here. Sources: 123. Forgot your password? Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive mail with link to set new password. Facebook Instagram. Cabinet of Hippie girl nude photos Curiosities. California Dreaming on the Last Hippie Houseboats. Instagram's Most Adventurous Naked Hippie. The Subculture of Japanese Trucker Art. Instagram post Load More Follow on Instagram. Sign in New account.

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