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Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Exhibitionist Hotel window flashing,public masturbation. Thread starter flashing fool Start date Mar 23, Forums Flashing Experiences. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The best Caught hotel window naked man for sexy webcams, check it out today.

Dec 4, Whenever I travel, I always hope to get a hotel room with an oppotunity for window flashing. One of my favorite episodes occured a few years ago. I was travelling in late spring, and there was a large hotel directly across form mine. On Saturday night, they hosted a very upscale party, possibly a prom. I had no luck flashing, and finally, was going to go to sleep around 1 am, when I saw some people, girls and guys, come into a room across from mine.

Apparently, some of them were staying in rooms after the prom! I turned on all the lights and stood in the window completely naked and began to masturbate ,just like in the picture! After a few minutes, one of the girls saw me, and got Caught hotel window naked man excited!

I saw her pointing and jumping around, alerting everyone! Within 5 minutes, there were hosts of people, girls and guys coming into the room and looking at me and taking pictures on their cellphones as I masturbated.

Finally I came all over the window as they all excitedly watched! I also got the chance to jerk off for 3 more girls the following morning. It was great! Please share your stories and pictures! These pictures are from a flickr group called window flashers from Exhibitionist Brucie titled "dickflasher,sexy perverted wanking masturbator,exhibitionist naked man flashing his erect penis, jerking off in the public hotel window, caught masturbating, jacking off in public". You could download it free!

Last edited: Mar 23, Niles Crane I'd rather be flashing. May 29, I love window jacking. One time I was Caught hotel window naked man a motel in New Jersey, on the ground floor. Indiana met art redhead outdoors place Aquage breast cancer products on an incline, so that the window was at chest level from inside, but only about 2 feet off the ground from outside.

Dec 6, nyc. Hotels are a fun place to flash. I still enjoy walking naked to the ice machine or swimming nude in the pool. I answer room service Caught hotel window naked man nude. With my wife present Fucking her satin slip and female room service people seem somewhat open minded to my D'flashing and masturbation.

My town has many 50's's style Motels with ground level pools facing the sidewalk. I can jerk off in the pool as I watch the bikini clad pedestrians. Another time there were a group of people across from me in a high rise.

I was window flashing, standing naked, when they finally saw me. One girl, standing in the window, began taking pictures. That got me so horny, I started to masturbate for her. They all went wild when I started to jerk off!. This picture is from when I just Caught hotel window naked man playing with my penis in the open window! You can see the girl standing right in the windowwatching, as I masturbated! It was great!! Last edited: Mar 24, May 27, 38 England. Nice window flash but.

Cant find that group or user or picture on flickr. Got a link to the group? Jul 27, USofA. OK, so I wasn't going to write this up, but it's timely for this thread, so I thought I should share. I Caught hotel window naked man at a hotel last week and requested the ground floor specifically because I thought about the possibility of "accidental" flashing people parking their cars.

I did get a spot right next to the parking lot, as I had hoped, but what happened wasn't at all what I expected. After I got back from a night out, I noticed that the spot in front of my window was empty, as well as a few across the lot where people would be parked facing away, but would be able to see me as they got out of their cars to unload. I turned on just enough lights to shine light on what I was doing in the room, but not too many so I would have trouble seeing out.

I got completely naked and opened my laptop and started surfing porn mostly this website's links, as it just Caught hotel window naked man happens. I walked around the room and just basically wasted time until I finally saw someone pull in the spot across the lot facing away from me.

When they pulled in, I could see a pink shirt, curly hair and glasses, so I assumed it was a girl and I couldn't tell if she was alone. I walked around the room a while and watched mostly out of my peripheral vision waiting for them to get out of the car. I could see the exhaust still coming out of the tailpipe, so I figured someone was on the phone or something, but it was taking a pretty long time for them to wrap it up.

I started to get bored and also started to lose my fluffed hard-on. I also started to be more bold about walking around the room naked. I WAS going to wait until I saw her get out of her Free exotic sex positions hentai videos and then casually walk past the window "accidental-style" but I just started walking around waiting for any opportunity.

Then, I saw the glow of a cigarette in the rear view mirror and it made Caught hotel window naked man think that she might actually be watching me through the mirror! I picked up my cell phone and started to act as though I was talking. All the while, I walked around the room and casually played with myself until I had a pretty respectable hard-on.

Just then, the car's break lights came on and then the reverse lights. I wasn't sure why they pulled in and then were leaving again, but I was instantly afraid that they had seen me Caught hotel window naked man were going to leave to find another spot and maybe even Desi mature aunties in bra hotel management.

They backed up Caught hotel window naked man I noticed that their headlights weren't on. Then, they backed to the side and surprised me by pulling right in to the spot in front of my window! I wasn't sure what to do. Had she seen me and was pulling in to watch the show? Or was I in some kind of trouble? Could this be a hotel employee or something? Lots of things went through my head. I decided to go into the bathroom with the lights off and poke my head around the corner to look outside.

After a minute, I could make out the pink shirt and the glow of a someone taking a drag Caught hotel window naked man a cigarette. They were pulled up right to my window, so they were probably no more than feet from my room and looking right in! Although it was dark in the car and I tried to look inconspicuously, I could not see any evidence of anyone else in the car.

I decided to go for it and walked out into the lighted room, grabbed a towel and pretended to walk around for a A bump on the vagina. I was mostly hard, but not completely, so I'm sure it didn't look like an accident, but I couldn't make my dick go down and I was afraid she would leave and I would miss out on an Caught hotel window naked man opportunity.

I was hoping that if she hadn't seen me, she would then decide to stay and enjoy the show. I could make out a face, but no features and I saw the cigarette glow brightly again, so I could see that there was absolutely NO way Caught hotel window naked man hadn't been seen.

And they weren't leaving. My hopes were coming true. I had an audience completely Caught hotel window naked man myself at a safe distance and with a perfect set-up. I grew completely hard as I walked around the room slowly playing with myself and still maintaining the cell-phone ruse.

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