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View Full Version : Performer Guide backroomcastingcouch. I didn't see one of these started so I figured I would. Quality contributions welcome. Anyone know who Ania is in Ep she is beautiful and I found only a 18min video and I was wondering if she is in anything else and who is journey in the Episode with of Journey and Gina aka Fit Gina.

I know that ep. Not sure of anything else though. Has Pepper Anne from ep been in other scenes? Is she under a different name? Anyone know who Ania is in Ep she is beautiful and I found only a 18min video and I was wondering if she is in anything else and who is journey in the Episode with of Journey and Gina aka Fit Gina Journey did some work as Journie for Sundevilangels site is now defunct due to lawsuits from ASU.

She also did some webcam work, though afaik she has not been active at that for several years now. D, I noticed this thread, and you deserve accolades for your commitment and attention to detail; bravo. At one point, I made a determined effort of fetching every episode of this series, as I like casting videos.

I prefer the theme where the ladies are taken into the world of adult movies in unawares fashion, which is where Net Video Girls excels. In addition, I find our hero from BCC unappealing. Brianna backroom casting couch name I was looking through this thread's list and comparing with what I had downloaded, I was confused with Ep. Thought I had a perfect record. I was also confused about Ep. Perhaps the note should be included on the line for Ep.

Certain idiots, writing from the safety of their Brianna backroom casting couch name, must think they merit only perfect tens. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Know-Way ; for me it's not necesserly the premises of the "stories" that are a turn-off these days First of all - even if i aknowledge that certain people crave for it - i find creampies to be the Lazy solution Brianna backroom casting couch name for the male performer and for the girl performing And so more than often i'm quite in rage because he can have some pretty fine girls and very different than your usual Brianna backroom casting couch name of taht we'll surely never see anywhere after that scene.

But i suppose that's what people wanna see. Porn has gone sanitized while trying to tell you it's gone more edgy :crying: Regarding to that Review, yeah i think that the reviewer is quite an angry man : i'm sorry to say that, i remembre that 5-way, and of the three girls it's the "fatty" one that i found the more sexy-sexual arrousing, the other two being just"meh-ok" usual looking girls But then again perfect skinny teens are not my cup of tea - found taht type pretty but annoying.

Just my point of view guys :. Jander makes a good point; maybe the whole list can be put up periodically, as new additions accumulate. I was wondering what all of those links for "Daisy" represented, and it appears the same tactic was used for Brianna backroom casting couch name. We live in a world with so many asinine, cruel and judgmenal jerks who care nothing about Brianna backroom casting couch name people's lives by revealing personal information.

That does not mean the rest of us should follow suit, and spread the leaked information that may prove catastrophic in societies unforgiving about sex and pornography. Where's Charley? Her episode is said to have been released on March 3, Carlynn Ep. Yet Charley is really ; previous to her was Callie Ep. Possible explanations may be that the woman had second thoughts, and "Rick" respected her wishes for removal gentleman that he is Only other explanation is that the omission was a result of But that would be hard to believe.

Nice finds, Xlr; good of you to make the additions. This "Answers. In her BCC video - where she refreshingly acts in a suspicious manner, at least momentarily - the actress sounds very American. Not that those who come from other countries have not been known to lose their accents, but that gave the tip-off to dig deeper, and Comrade Feya is clearly somebody else. Guess one can't always get the answers from Answers.

Shantel isn't in the porn business and oddly enough, this description gives a HUGE clue to who she is in real life. In fact, her Twitter name involves one of those descriptor names. To protect her real name and profession, I'm not going to share any more about her offscreen life. If I have the location right, the scene took place at Steve's townhouse.

Personality wise, she's a talker. She doesn't need much to start talking. How kind of you to respond to my post, Ebe, and so knowledgeably. Thank you also for having the honor to withhold sensitive information regarding Shantel. You sound like you are very privy to the inside dope. Unfortunately, her case Brianna backroom casting couch name been so widely scandalized, there would be little sense in making sure not to spread the revelation further around.

The other three ladies are more obscure, and I can't believe that the incredible researching skills of D and our venerable thread-starter, Jander would not have come across them. I see one or more have been mentioned on other Freeones pages already.

So I wanted to thank especially you, D, for keeping them off the list. The source of the page D has linked to, the Phoenix New Times, seems to have some obsession with Mr.

Whittaker and his BCC site; I had pointed to another article from them, in my first post on this thread, and they have a good several others. On the page most recently linked to, we can see a "NotZnany" among the commenters. Running into his contributions where BCC is the topic is not unusual, and hard to miss, given his rude tendency to make many copies of his posts.

He is scarily zealous. And harsh. I noticed in one of his posts that he accuses site-owner Eric Whitaker of being a "rapist," and at the same time, his prey as "whores. Whitaker answers questions from his fans. And a non-fan, NotXnany, whose questions were ignored. In this case, actually, too bad. Whittaker of having outed Elizabeth and another, in order to jack up his site's recognition.

There is no evidence, so we can only hope the claim is untrue. I had wondered about Charley a few posts up no theories on that one? This other one appears to have vanished without Brianna backroom casting couch name trace from the site, so the reason for her episode's disappearance probably may be taken as less of a mystery. Gina, the "broke Mexican waitress," perhaps came on board roughly around Apriland maybe was once Episode That's quite true that, as for Charley and a bunch of other girlsit's a pity girls like Gina did not do anything else Does anybody know who Ziba ep is?

I would LOVE to see more stuff from her. I haven't seen every episode, but by far she is the one he should have made some calls for. That was a hot scene. Loved that she couldn't take the anal. Non, merci beaucoup to you, Monsieur Markypage! You have made a beautiful presentation, and I appreciated it.

You even made sure the photos were the same size, aligning perfectly with each other. That is a level of care and perfectionism we do not often get. It is so useful, and such a pleasure as well, to get pictorial reference to names particularly those of unknowns that are tossed out.

So, if anybody has news about her, one day, let us know I just wanted to second this--her scene might have been the best I've seen from this site. She didn't come off like the sort of girl who would do more scenes, but I'm keeping my Brianna backroom casting couch name crossed. For a moment, thought that last shot of Madeline up there might have been Sissy Spacek, Brianna backroom casting couch name I then glanced downward and noticed her bust.

I know the scoop on some of these girls you are asking about. Carmen is one and done. Carmen is a dental assistant from Arizona, where they shoot the scenes at. Lauren is a dance major in college. I don't think she's doing anything else in the future. Kinley is a Brianna backroom casting couch name school student she's suppose Brianna backroom casting couch name be legal who grew up in Nebraska at one time.

She's related to one of the duo who shot their scene together with "Rick". Robin and Tonya are real friends who have that connection back in Nebraska. Neither are looking to be porn stars so I don't think you'll find any of them Brianna backroom casting couch name the future on any site including ECG.

As for the any others, the only thing I can tell you is that Autumn is part of a new modeling agency started Brianna backroom casting couch name in Arizona.

Her porn name is Amber Cain. Anyone have any info on Misty from around November 11, ? I only know of one other site where she has appeared but only doing solo Misty brokemodel. Any news on this girl Kate. OMG she was perfect.

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