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Why are people anti-vaccine? From everything we have been told and taught to believe, it seems nonsensical. I want to share with you my personal story about how I went from pro-vaccine believing in the effectiveness of vaccines and vaccinating my child to anti-vaccine believing that the harm of vaccines greatly Anri suzuki mom and son any perceived benefits.

For several years before and after the birth of Anri suzuki mom and son first child, I was unsure. I felt caught between different sources of conflicting information that I thought to be credible. I chose a delayed and selective vaccine schedule for my son. The first time he received vaccines, at 4 months of age, he was somnolent for 4 hrs following the shot — awake but out of it.

I was livid. Pediarix contains high levels of aluminum and I had intended to avoid it. I was caught in between the risks of the diseases and the risks of the vaccines.

But as he got closer to two years of age, I started getting more and more concerned about his development. He had several symptoms of being on the spectrum.

Free pics fkk familie vintage would rarely look me in the eye or smile for pictures, when his younger cousin would immediately make eye contact and smile. He had a pretty vacant expression much of the time. At that point I chose to stop vaccinating him altogether and I started focusing on getting him eating well.

Parabens, phenoxyethanol, methylchloroisothiazolinone. The list is long. Shampoo, soap, lotion, toothpaste… I threw them out. I started making my own deodorant and I began learning about essential oils and natural health.

I started making him fresh fruit and veggie smoothies on a daily basis. Then my daughter was born and my son finally started being able to speak more than two syllables at a time. I was obsessive about reading scientific studies from both sides and looking into the history and statistics of disease and Anri suzuki mom and son mortality.

It was my sole focus besides being with and caring for my children. I spent hours — every spare moment — every day — reading. It was a rough time because he could not relate to my passion for the subject and he was trying to focus on supporting our family.

The most tragic thing about it, is that the most important source of whooping cough infection in infants 6 months of age and youngeris not unvaccinated children or their relatives.

The efficacy of most vaccines is questionable at best. Do they even know? But be carefulif you say that, Anri suzuki mom and son may get attacked. Measles is treated with vitamin A. The severity of whooping cough can be greatly reduced with high doses of vitamin C. But the fear-mongering in the media and from medical professionals is intense. And ridiculous. And once the fraudulent study was published, Merck maker of the MMR vaccine rewarded her with a position as the head of their vaccine division.

She is currently the Anri suzuki mom and son Vice President of Merck. I keep learning new things each day. To this day. There are so many more studies. Much more evidence of fraud by the CDC and pharmaceutical industry. And — those of you who have seen all my posts on Facebook — sorry, for bombarding you with all of it. I have witnessed Anri suzuki mom and son the hatefulness that posts about vaccines can incite.

Children are dying — being poisoned and damaged, developing chronic diseases — for Anri suzuki mom and son But actually, there may be a reason for it all. Why treat the underlying cause when you can prescribe a pill or inject a vaccine to mask symptoms while creating a new problem?

When you start to read facts that challenge your world-view, what do you change? I am constantly reshaping my world-view based on new information. Ultimately, it is up to you to do the research for your family and make a decision. However, I hope that what I have shared here has been illuminating. I only care about the truth of the matter, because that is how I can best move forward to protect Anri suzuki mom and son child and yours from unnecessary harm.

Thank you for reading. In the words of Forrest MareadyI am pro-science. I am pro-health. I am an anti vaxxer too. Julia louis dreyfus seinfeld fakes 1st born 29 years ago started fitting after receiving her first vaccine, so no more vaccines. Its been a battle through the years with choosing not to vaccinate my children. Good nutrition is vital towards a healthy life. Like Like.

I am anti vaccine and proud. We educate ourselves instead of just listening to the media and all of the advertisements pharmaceutical companies have paid Anri suzuki mom and son for. Thanks for being brace and true to yourself. Like Liked by 1 person. Thank-you for the article! I was on the fence with my first and did selective vaccination for the first two months never allowed the Hep B at birth, that just seemed ridiculousallowing a total of 4 single vaccines.

He was not injured in any obvious way that I could tell, and seemed to have no reactions with the few I allowed. I had a horrible gut feeling every time we went to the doctor and no matter how much I researched on their safety I could never assure myself out of that gut-sinking feeling. My gut feeling never went away until I firmly decided to discontinue.

He acquired rubella from a recently vaccinated friend, recovered with no issues, and that caused me less dread than the vaccines ever Hot naked that has a creampie. Usually ends up with milder, shorter, or no symptoms than her brother, while his drags on for a week or more longer. Both had chickenpox, and aside from the annoyance of the sores, they ran around, ate normally, and generally DID NOT act sick.

After a month of quarantine they were sick two weeks from each other they were about to explode. After these years of studying this topic, my own local demographic of children, and my two children, I can see how allowing kids to acquire some of these diseases can be beneficial, and how the vaccine schedule seems to be breaking down the immune system…even in my oldest minimally vaccinated who gets sicker despite having the basic Anri suzuki mom and son diet growing up as his sister who has had no vaccines.

Studying the diseases themselves, from documents written before vaccines became the sacred cow, also helped me make my decision. When you go back before the diseases were touted in hysterical fear mongering Anri suzuki mom and son, you find out Anri suzuki mom and son to properly treat them, and that most of them were fairly mild and not feared…just respected. Even my grandma who believed that if there was a vaccine available, why not take it?

Objective study, and not giving in to the fear mongering ads, is hard for any parent to do, but I sure do feel better having made MY OWN decision than being pushed into it by the doctors. I have 4 children and all are boys they have the same father. My second son stopped learning when he received his vaccinations at age 2.

Watched my son learning capabilities decrease. He currently has explosive anger problems. My last 2 children are twins. I decided to get their vaccines but only one at a time. I had to put up a fight with the doctor and insurance companies but I refused to let them get more than one at a time. When entering the 7th grade the school required them to get a MMR booster, both boys received the vaccine at am one twin was fine the other became sick with a temp ofvomiting and lethargic it lasted 3 days.

I do believe that there is more harm that can come of getting vaccination. Thanks for speaking out…. Very nicely written. But now I know better. I wanted to share my blog with you as well. Do read and let me know what you think. Reblogged this on The Life of a Crunchy Mama and commented: As I have debated writing my own post about my view on vaccines and why we chose to stop, I felt that I could have written this post myself.

My experience was so similar! Reblogged this on Babble On… and commented: What she says. Wonderful article!! I seriously could have written this. Thank you for speaking out! It was as if I was reading my own words. Our journeys are so similar. Everything you outlined is spot on. The problem with Anri suzuki mom and son vaccine debate is that it has limited the intelligence with which this topic demands and parents who do not dive deep into this topic are at best left feeling like they are choosing between the odds of vaccine damage or catching a deadly disease and when you simply do the math the odds are way more in favor of vaccine damage occurring.

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