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I might do this a couple times tightening the diaper up each time while pulled down around my knees until it's snug enough when I pull it back up. You may struggle to get it pulled back up over your butt and might have to suck your gut in a little, but it helps.

Tommy's Tribulations 2. With his father away on business and increasingly isloated it becomes harder and harder for Tommy to see a way out of his predicament. It is thanks to my lovely patrons that I am able to write as Adult message wetters board as I do. There are other tiers and rewards available including free short story commissions, commission discounts and more.

He sighed in annoyance when she took Adult message wetters board paper and walked back to her desk. Even though he had been set up to fail he still felt embarrassed knowing that Sandra was about to see his complete failure.

He looked down at the desk in front of him and tried to ignore the warm feeling spreading between his legs again. Tommy sighed deeply and wanted to say there was a middle ground between school level math and the simple stuff he was doing this morning. He wanted to stand up and angrily push the table over, he wanted to shout and scream just to vent his frustrations but he knew it would do him no good. The rest of the afternoon followed the pattern of the morning.

Tommy was set the easiest work imaginable and the time ticked slowly as he completed the easy tasks. The fake praise he was getting from Sandra was hard to take but it was better than the taunting he was used to. He looked forward to getting some time alone and especially for some time away from Sandra who was driving him mad. Now get down on your hands and knees. His eyes flew wide open as his step-mother started advancing towards him. He belatedly dropped on to his hands and knees just like he had been asked but it was already too late.

He already knew what was coming as he placed his forehead down on the floor. She could see the way Tommy was cringing and knew that the diapered boy was regretting his transgression. She leaned over and placed the palm of her right hand against the smooth plastic of the diaper.

Tommy felt the hand pat his butt a couple of times before it was quickly pulled Adult message wetters board and brought forwards. Tommy jumped as the hand suddenly struck his padded rear end, he winced into the carpet Adult message wetters board from the pain and more from the humiliation. He received several more of these spanks on to his rear end each one causing a loud smacking noise to echo around the room.

Eventually Sandra straightened back up and walked away from Tommy. The young man chanced a glance to the side and saw Sandra heading for the kitchen, he assumed it was safe to go and crawled forwards on his hands and knees. He stayed on all fours until he reached the bedroom where he finally felt safe to stand up again.

Tommy heard Erin come home a little bit later. A little while after that there was a knock on the door and Sandra walked in, Tommy swivelled around in his chair and was rather surprised to see his step-mother since she normally just called up the stairs when dinner was ready.

Tommy was embarrassed to look down to check if he needed a change or not. As he stood up he found a wet patch on his chair where his butt had been. He tried to turn the chair away to hide it but Sandra stopped him. He stood up from his computer chair in an already soggy diaper and wondered what to do. Tommy was on his own now that his dad had left for business and he was at the mercy of two women who had never shown him any. He dropped on to his hands and knees and crawled out on to the landing.

He had just reached the top of the stairs when he heard Erin walk out of her bedroom behind him. He expected her to find his need to crawl places hilarious but instead there was silence. He climbed up into his Adult message wetters board seat and sighed in relief, crawling like that could be terrible on the knees. She was just having some fun, she never realised Adult message wetters board would end up with Tommy out of school and being treated like this. She was like a stubborn bulldog holding on to a bone.

There were few things as degrading as being forced to crawl on his hands and knees like some kind of pet. He was being set up to fail but he felt stuck and unable to do anything to himself. The problem was that these tasks were so dull and repetitive that he would stop paying attention and make a mistake. It was these mistakes that Sandra pounced on to keep him doing the same low-level work. Tommy found himself increasingly going along with whatever Sandra said.

It was difficult to keep up resistance when it felt hopeless to win and by the end of the week Tommy was crawling around Adult message wetters board without a second thought. Tommy drank from his bottles and did his very simple classwork whilst waiting for each school day to end.

He would crawl away to his room and hide away till dinner and then return to his bedroom as soon as he could afterwards. He stopped thinking about his diaper usage altogether now that he was at home all the time. Tommy wet and messed his pants without Adult message wetters board second thought, if Tommy had thought about it he would likely Adult message wetters board been very unnerved at how easily he was letting the basic skills of potty training drop away.

The one source of solace Tommy had was his pacifier. The only person even remotely likely to converse with him was Rob and he kept everything online or through text. Rob asked frequently about what was going on at home but Tommy was too ashamed to say anything. How could he possibly admit his last vestiges of toilet training were dwindling away and that he was crawling around everywhere with Adult message wetters board pacifier all the time?

Rob was the one friend he had left and he could never tell Rob the truth, Tommy was sure Rob would turn his back forever if he did. By the end of the first week of home schooling Tommy felt as if he was a completely different person.

Tommy found it easier for his own sanity to just turn off his brain whilst all this was going on. He kept his pacifier in as much as possible which meant he was rarely spoken to and if he had to reply he would just lisp around the soother.

It was easy to just let everything happen. An unfortunate consequence of doing his best to not think about Adult message wetters board was Tommy finding himself being more emotional. Even the most infantile praise could give him a swelling feeling of pride. It was like the Adult message wetters board he tried to think about things the more in touch he became with his emotions. When Adult message wetters board woke up on Saturday morning he felt happy to have a moment to himself.

Without being forced to wake up early for his classes he was able to just lay around in bed for a little longer than usual. When he had finished his bottle he let it go where it rolled off the edge of the bed and on to the floor. Tommy stayed in bed for an hour after initially waking up. The juice he drank had seemingly gone right through him and, a couple of times, he found himself wetting his diaper without a second thought. He just listened to the sounds of the others in the house as he laid silently Adult message wetters board bed.

Tommy looked at his phone but no one had tried to get in contact with him, which was no surprise, especially since he started this baby treatment. It was Adult message wetters board George was too ashamed of him and would rather not contact his son. Tommy sighed as he remembered the hope he had briefly felt when his dad had started to stand up to Sandra over this treatment.

Even Rob who still sent him messages on occasion was staying quiet this morning. Tommy put his phone back down on the bedside table and sighed. A few minutes later Tommy felt his diaper warming yet again. He rolled on to his back lazily before suddenly feeling his stomach drop.

His body, naked except for the diaper, laid down for only a second before getting up. He felt quite strange on his feet since he seemed to spend so little time actually standing up these days.

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