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In fact, it takes quite a lot to shock the world when it comes to the human body these days — we live in an age where we have survived multiple seasons of The Biggest Loser and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. While we have even become desensitized to the bare naked human body over the past 20 years especially - thanks a lot, internet - it's still damn funny to see someone lose a vital piece of clothing at the most unexpected time.

To up the ante, it's even funnier to see someone lose their clothes when in the competitive environments that sports offer. Nothing says true fear like having to worry about your privates Accidental nude in sports exposed in an awkward tackle or wardrobe malfunction.

With the popularity of social media and particularly YouTube, life as an athlete is as dangerous as ever. If there is even the slightest wardrobe malfunction, Twitter will know about it — again, thanks a lot, internet.

Yes, we've scoured the internet for the most diverse collection of sporting nudity you will ever find, from tasteful photo shoots celebrating the beauty of the naked body to unfortunate pantsings resulting in ridicule and excessive finger pointing.

One of the worst times imaginable to lose control of your shirt would probably while riding a wave - make no mistake about it, falling into water while moving at those speeds hurts.

This is exactly what happened to Australian six-time ASP World Tour champion Stephanie Gilmore during a shoot for Vogue, finding herself in the greatest surfing-related tussle that has only been bested by Mick Fanning's punch-on with a shark. Never before have I been so thankful for weird multi-coloured underpants.

Competing in the Olympics, middle-distance Norwegian runner Henrik Ingebrigtsen at least had Accidental nude in sports foresight to wear some kind of underpants when his running suit split, however it doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination. One of the absolute most basic fashion rules is to never wear white when there is going to be any form of water or sweat.

Gabriela Sabatini did not abide by this rule throughout her decade-long career that featured a US Open title, a women's double Wimbledon title and a silver medal at the Olympics. While the WTA tour isn't exactly known Accidental nude in sports providing outfits Accidental nude in sports cover everything up, you don't expect to see a bare breast when sitting down in front of the TV.

No stranger to wardrobe malfunctions - which may or may not be directly linked to her designing Accidental nude in sports own outfits - Venus Williams fell victim to a wear shoulder strap during a match in Milan, exposing herself to the French crowd and tennis fans around the world. Sporting uniforms are a funny thing, and with the amount of arm flailing and various movements that go on, it's a miracle more clothing isn't lost throughout it all.

However, most athletes are smart enough to wear some kind of underpants - Sebastian Kehl was not. As opposing midfielder Peer Kluge got caught up with the Borussia Dortmund defensive mid, Kehl's shorts were pulled to the side, revealing Sebastian's Kehl for all the world to see.

Also joining the 'footballers who Accidental nude in sports don't know how to wear underpants' club is Paul Scholes, the Manchester Accidental nude in sports legend who certainly committed a foul during a slide tackle.

Proving that you're still at risk of having your business exposed to the world even if you wear underpants, here's Jordan Ayew, the Ghanaian Accidental nude in sports whose shorts came off second best in a tug of war against Portuguese defender William Carvalho. As Ayew's shorts were torn from his body, an extremely tight pair of compression shorts left very little to Accidental nude in sports imagination. The victim of an unfortunate underwater hand grab during the Spain and United States clash in the Olympics, Christina Tsoukala was left questioning whether underwater cameras should really be a thing.

When you think about it, it's a miracle wardrobe malfunctions don't happen more often Accidental nude in sports a sport where there is literally nothing to grab onto for support other than your fellow pool buddies. Y'know what's a perfect nickname for a guy who puts himself in a situation where his pants could fall down in front of a crowded baseball stadium?

Enter Steve "Psycho" Lyons of the Chicago White Sox, a man who raced down the line and slid to first base, attempted to free his pants from the dirt and unintentionally exposed himself. Way to go. If your clothes get ripped off during a 'contest' in the Lingerie Football League, is it really considered a wardrobe malfunction?

Nevertheless, Jaleesa McCrary found her bare naked booty exposed to the world during an LFL tour of Australia - because nobody cares about making money off exposing women playing American football more than Australians. Rob Gronkowski is the best tight end currently in the NFL, no question about it. In earlyBaltimore Ravens cornerback Rashaad Melvin wanted to see just how tight Gronk's end was, as Gronk caught a pass and was caught by Accidental nude in sports around the waist, successfully bringing him down while getting a close view of some bare-naked ass.

Here's a new one, a diving-related wardrobe malfunction that isn't the result of a forceful entry. As Spanish diver Jenifer Benitez was adjusting her diving suit at the London Olympics, Benitez found herself the victim of an awkward camera angle that resulted in a bare boob being exposed to the camera.

Sometimes when you've got to stop the opponent from scoring a goal, you'll do whatever is required. This was the mindset of Tottenham's Jan Vertonghen while Aston Villa's Nick Helenius was in on Accidental nude in sports inas Vertonghen grabbed a handful of shorts, fell to the ground and let gravity do that wonderful thing that it does.

What's cooler than a stunning Italian skydiver, BASE jumper, wingsuit flyer and general adrenaline junkie? A stunning Italian skydiver, BASE jumper, wingsuit flyer and general adrenaline junkie who also jumps nude. In fact, Mancino has gone on four skydives while completely naked, almost surpassing the amount of times her parachute hasn't opened mid-jump five. Imagine if your parachute failed while naked - what a way to go.

You've got to question your luck if you're Ricky Berens: Accidental nude in sports a three-time Olympic medalist, Olympic gold medalist and a World Champion, Accidental nude in sports you're probably only ever going to be remembered for that time your swimsuit split. Not only did it split, it split Love themed hotel rooms, exposing the retired US swimmer's bare naked booty as Accidental nude in sports prepared for entry.

Spare a thought for Gillian Cooke here, as most wardrobe malfunctions don't often result in potential frostbite to a delicate area. When you think of a locker room, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? With this in mind, it's a wonder how a producer would think it's a wonderful idea to bring a camera down to an NFL locker room after a match when a large group of sweaty, stinky men are all ready for showers. As NFL Network's Albert Breer interviewed Adam Jones in the Cincinnati Bengals' locker room after beating the Buffalo Bills, not a whole lot of people took notice of what was said as a legion of bare naked butts faced the camera.

It's not uncommon for speed skaters to unzip their tight suits after a race, but generally they are wearing something underneath. Whether or not Olga Graf dressed herself that morning completely slipped her mind, as the Russian skater exposed herself to the world during the Winter Olympics.

What a wonderful world we live in. In a game where a major aspect is to grab a hold of your opponent and force them to the ground by any means necessary, it's surprising we aren't exposed to more bare butts than we already are. The greatest instance of this happening comes at the expense of Devin Hester, the Chicago Bears wide receiver who found himself wide open snort against the Philadelphia Eagles in You really shouldn't be surprised that a Accidental nude in sports that requires its female competitors to wear pencil-thin Accidental nude in sports and bikinis has provided a number of wardrobe malfunctions, but Kerri Walsh Jennings definitely claims the unfortunate honour of falling victim to the worst case.

While attempting to keep the ball Accidental nude in sports play, the three-time Olympic champion found her bikini bottoms had crept down a little further than they should.

There aren't a whole lot of worse times to have your pants fall down than when you're on the back of a horse with a number of other horses mounted by small men carrying whips surrounding you, but that was Accidental nude in sports Shinn's reality in Despite the elastic on his pants snapping, Shinn rode his noble steed to second place, only losing by a head. This one isn't even a surprise when you take one look at the straps holding up figure skater Ekaterina Rubleva's dress, as fishing wire is hardly enough to withstand the various flippies and spins that those skating types do.

To make matters worse for Rubleva, the incident happened while performing a routine with a partner possessing a mullet that would put Billy Ray Cyrus to shame. Kudos to the TV crew who found it appropriate to show slow motion replay of it bouncing around — whether this applies to the mullet or her chest is up to you.

While Gillian Cooke at least got to continue her heat, Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari was not as lucky. After the back of her swimsuit split exposing her rear naked buttocks to the world in the Mediterranean Games, Zoccari was disqualified from the meter final to run salt into the wound. The images and footage appeared in a number of other releases, and because some of the Accidental nude in sports and footage featured the Romanian team leotards, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation saw it fit to ban the trio from coaching and judging in the country for five years.

We should be thankful to even get to witness the royal crown jewels of King LeBron James, but somehow it just doesn't feel right. While adjusting his shorts during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, 'Bron found himself flashing his package to a well-placed camera man and ultimately millions of people around the world.

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