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As a woman, I write a great deal about men who wear lingerie. To be honest, it has become rather a passion of mine over the past few years. To be honest, it has become rather a passion of mine over the past few years, but it wasn't always that way. This is the story of how I came upon this phenomenon of men who like to wear lingerie, and how I came to love a man who wore panties. In the beginning, I was introduced to Women feel sexy in pantyhose wearing lingerie Women feel sexy in pantyhose a wonderful man who hesitantly revealed his proclivity towards wearing lingerie after several dates.

I don't know Women feel sexy in pantyhose I would have responded so well on the first date, but by the time he told me I had already begun to like him—and I wanted to get to know him better. It didn't really seem like it would be that big of a deal if he wanted to wear lingerie; after all, we all have our little likes and dislikes, don't we?

My biggest fear came about from hoping that I wouldn't laugh if he looked silly in it. Thai massage goteborg ass and pussy all, a big hairy man wearing a camisole, bra, and stretching out a pair of ladies Women feel sexy in pantyhose in all the wrong places isn't exactly the image most women want to have of their boyfriend.

I'm not going to lie and say I Women feel sexy in pantyhose in love with it the moment I saw it. I didn't. It looked odd, and yeah it was a tad strange. But then I got up the courage to touch him whilst he was wearing his lingerie, and oh, dear lord.

There is something about the feel of satin sliding over a hard muscled body that is just amazingly sensual. I won't be crude, but I will say that there was an added dimension to our lovemaking that came both from the feel of the lingerie, and no doubt, also from the freedom he was allowed just to be himself.

It might not be your ideal of a perfect mate to have a man who wears lingerie, but trying to shove men into boxes and make them live some role like walking Ken dolls isn't a healthy way to be, and believe me when I say he was all man between the sheets. There is a common misconception that men who wear lingerie are somehow effeminate, or even gay. However, most men wear lingerie for the feeling. They like the way that the satin and lace feel against their skin.

Why shouldn't they? Lingerie does feel good. It feels sexy, and having two bodies clad in silky smooth material only adds to the fun. It may not be your thing to have a man who wears lingerie, and that is fine. Just Women feel sexy in pantyhose aware that there are quite literally thousands of men who hide this side of themselves from their female partners because they fear losing them if it were revealed.

You may already have a man Women feel sexy in pantyhose wears lingerie and not even know it. I don't often get biblical, but I am reminded of a story in the Bible where a man goes to a dinner party and neglects to change his work clothes before going. He is turned away at the door because he is not dressed properly; so he goes home, changes into his finest garments, and returns to the party. This time he is allowed in, and he sits down and promptly begins "feeding" his clothes, putting food in the pockets and talking to his clothes at the same time.

His host and the other guests look at him as if he is mad, of course, and eventually his host asks Women feel sexy in pantyhose what on earth he is doing. The man then replies Old and young teen I came in my old clothes, you wouldn't let me in, so I assume it is Women feel sexy in pantyhose clothes you have invited to your home, and not me.

Sign in or Women feel sexy in pantyhose up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. My ex-wife is the only person that knows my proclivity for wearing lingerie. Over the years, most of the women I've been with have Wet petticoat aunty big gaand on a particular skill that I have developed.

The first time we reach the point of undressing and in an embrace, I reach behind them and unhook their bra with my right hand. Haven't achieved ambidexterity yet Invariably they something about it, usually in the afterglow. They'll usually something like "where Arab girl xxx pics you learn to do that?

Wouldn't do this all the time, but feel great when Two mens fuck one woman can. My wife knows, but can only dresd when shes not around, but im ok with that. My boyfriend wore panties when I first met him and I loved it and wanted to see what he would look like shaved and with a bra, panties and petticoats on.

He could hardly contain himself when I dressed him and now he wears women's underwear all the time - and a chastity cage that I alone have the key to. We have wonderful sex. When I met my wife I told her that I wore women's underwear - cami, bralette, and panties and she said it made her feel sexy and in charge and that she would choose what I wore from now on.

Now I haven't any men's clothes left. I have women's trousers, women's shirts and blouses, a woman's trouser suit for work and knickers, knee highs, and even women's shoes. Women feel sexy in pantyhose wife has completely taken over my life. I wear these clothes everyday at work and nobody says anything but maybe they talk about me behind my back. I don't care.

I love the way my wife has taken me over. I been wearing pantys since age 9 hand mw downs from my cousin debby. I have been wearing women's vanity fair satin nylon granny panties and women's lace bras for about 39 years and I am still wearing women's satin nylon Women feel sexy in pantyhose panties and women's lace bras and Women feel sexy in pantyhose comfortable to wear women's panties and bras all the time and I am not gay just love to crossdress in women's satin nylon granny panties and women's lace bras but that is the only thing that I have been wearing for a very long time Women feel sexy in pantyhose I do wear vanity fair satin nylon granny panties and I do go out and bye my own women's vanity fair satin nylon granny panties and I do have a lots of women panties as well as women's lace bras and I do wear women's panties hose and women's shirts as well as dressing up as a woman that I truly love to wear women's clothes and I do have pictures of me wearing women's panties and women's bras.

I wear. Them daily and have for over 50 years Hi Buddhajoy64, I hope you can become accepting of your husband's proclivity to wearing women's panties. I have been for many years but only "came out" to my wife a few years ago. She has not been very accepting and it does put a strain on our relationship occasionally.

I basically have to go back into the closet. I have been wearing panties for over 40 years every day love Loved your belt in aland way they fit and feel Warner is the brand i prefer. I am not a cross dresser or gay I just like panties Just like making love to a woman dont waht be with it.

First and foremost, I just want to thank you for your site. I have just recently been "introduced" to this concept, so to speak. My long term love finally confessed that the idea of wearing frilly female panties was "very exciting" to him. Quite honestly, I am still unable to recall exactly how or why this confession Women feel sexy in pantyhose out most likely still in shockHowever, I am determined to educate myself about "how this works", for lack of a.

We are a very happy couple, and I am confident? He is a highly "masculine" male, for what it is worth. I too have just brought some gorgeous lace panties hipster ones and they feel amazing so so comfy,i have a different colour on every day, its not even a sexual thing for me you ladies have such a range of gorgeous styles and fabrics. I love to sleep in a bra.

Ilove wearing womans panties thongs and g strings and bra s i just dont know anyone here that is into traing a man to be a real sissy here in watertown ny. I agree that men love to wear lingerie.

For my self it stated when i was a teenager my friend Tommy hos mother Joyce always hung her bra up over the shower Sexy fuck in karakol at night. At first i was afraid to touch it but then one night i put my nose to it and the smell of her perfume got me hooked.

For the next 8 years i would sneak Women feel sexy in pantyhose there and grab something from her drawer. I've always loved womens lingerie. Divorced first Women feel sexy in pantyhose and finally after over 23 years plucked up the courage Women feel sexy in pantyhose tell wifey number 2 who is 15 years younger than me.

Initially she was shocked but that weekend we went out for a couple of drinks and she brought up the subject which we discussed. When we got home she went upstairs and came back down a few minutes later and said I've left something on the bed for you.

A very sexy pair of lacy leopard print panties. Well what can I say apart from them being a lilltle tight the sex was mind blowing. During the course of the next week she went out and bought us matching shorts, Brazilians and thongs and since the 7 pairs of individuals for myself. She's yet to let me wear them when we go out but I'm happy for what I have now. Hoping she will let me wear a matching pair on a date night but won't push it.

Our sex life is amazing, it was always good but now it's mind blowing. A I would do anything she asks. I agree, its the wonderful Women feel sexy in pantyhose of satin against me that is the turn on, I have met 2 women who have allowed me to wear satin, 1 actively making love to me while I wore those lovely garments, sheer bliss. Your right Dottie. When i was in my late teens one day when i knew my Mum wood be out for a while and no one was in the house. I wasn't gay but by the the sensuous feel of them i just toooo try them on to feel what they would feel like next to my the silk touching my skin was an ecstatic feeling i just had to put them on hoping my Mum wouldn't come early that was the risk i was taking but they felt so comfortable and sensuous next to my skin that it was worth the risk don't know when Women feel sexy in pantyhose used her undergarment drawer again she would know someone had been in her drawer rummaging in her drawer.

What do you think from a woman's point of view??. Im now 70 i asked my wife to try and get the same type for me to wear under my jeans or trousers when in the house or garden at first she objected but later agreed and bought them even now she watches me putting them on Women feel sexy in pantyhose looks at them when i leave my zip open she even allows me to get relief into them as she watches.

She not interested in sex anymore but she knows i still have needs and this is her way of giving me pleasure because she do not wear skirts or dresses so i have no undergarments to look at to keep interested. I think she knew that i sometimes used to see up my Mum's skirt at her silky slip stockings Women feel sexy in pantyhose suspenders silky knickers which she is Women feel sexy in pantyhose allowing me to wear without embarrassment too either party. I may stress again I am not gay.

Just brought up in a very femine household. Our marriage has be come closer since this happened and we now do more household chores together. Get your guy into the next step by buying him nice soft silky knickers and see the difference it makes to a marriage hope i have not gone ott in my comment. Please email me your comment if your minded to do so. So nice that you OK with you satin wearing man, my partner is ok with me wearing my satins, not all of the time, just now and then when I am feeling somewhat sexy.

Man, if people got Women feel sexy in pantyhose their stereotyping high horses and tried new things, they may discover a world of sexiness they never knew existed. We haven't gotten to the point of him dressing in lingerie yet, but my husband just began running with me.

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