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Author's Note: This is probably my least favorite out of the stuff I've written for these two, but I by no means hate it. There are several parts that I really like about it, but as a whole, it's the closest I've ever come to writing a straight up PWP fic, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just not the type Stewie and lois naked sex story I usually strive to tell.

Sure, my Stewie and lois naked sex include sex, but there's usually more going on. That's true here, too, but to a lesser extent than usual. Anyway, it's another Brewie fic, and I hope you enjoy it. It was just another normal night for the Griffin family. Everyone had just finished dinner, and they were now all gathered around the television engaging in their Lisa lampanelli big tits ritual before heading off to their separate rooms Stewie and lois naked sex bed.

All was well…except for the thunderstorm outside, but pretty much all of them felt safe and secure in their home. Stewie was the exception. The child hated stormy weather. Very early on in life he'd had a very Stewie and lois naked sex experience during a storm, and ever since then, he'd been cautious when it came to Mother Nature's fury.

Of course, he'd never show his terror. He was too prideful for that. He was great at acting tougher than he Stewie and lois naked sex was. The only person who actually knew of his fear was his dog, Brian, and right now he was finding comfort by snuggling himself against the canine. The two were lying together on the floor at the foot of the couch. Brian had his arm wrapped firmly around the boy, and Stewie was casually sucking his thumb while doing his best to ignore the thunder and focus his attention on whatever tripe the family was currently watching.

There was a loud clap of thunder, and the dog felt the boy flinch slightly. He nuzzled the child as a sign of reassurance. Stewie turned his head to look at Brian, who was smiling at him. After making eye contact, the boy smiled back around Stewie and lois naked sex finger, momentarily forgetting the weather.

Unfortunately, the moment was broken once everything went dark as the power suddenly went out. All the other members of the family let out a huge Stewie and lois naked sex. Everyone was quiet for a second before Peter spoke. Because, all that's left are the prequels, and I'm pretty sure nobody wants to be reminded of those movies.

I suggest that we all just head upstairs for the night. Hopefully, we'll have power in the morning. He turned to walk toward the kitchen, and Stewie got up and followed. The boy reached out and grabbed the dog's paw to avoid getting lost in the dark. Once they were alone in the kitchen, Stewie spoke up in a whisper. Sensing the uneasiness in the child's voice, Stewie and lois naked sex dog gave the boy's hand a firm squeeze in an attempt at comforting the infant. He looked down to where he assumed Stewie's face would be, but all he saw was the black of the darkness.

As he said this, he stopped at the drawer that contained the flashlight and pulled it open. After rummaging around a bit, he finally retrieved the device and turned it on. The sound of thunder was once again heard at the same time as a beam of light shot across the kitchen, causing Stewie to jump back in fright and also causing him to lose his balance.

Brian dropped the flashlight and leaned down to catch Stewie. The child's eyes were closed, bracing himself for the fall, but when it never came, he looked up to see Brian staring down at him with a worried expression on his face.

He smiled up at the dog. A faint blush was on his cheeks, but he was sure it was too dark for the dog to see. He was wrong. For a moment, they stayed like that.

Brian allowed himself to get lost in the look of adoration the boy was giving him but quickly placed his focus back on the task at hand.

The Stewie and lois naked sex pushed Stewie back up to his feet, took his hand Stewie and lois naked sex, and picked up the flashlight. They made their way back into the living room, and Brian handed the flashlight to Lois. Everyone got up. Lois turned around and walked toward the stairs.

They all went up in a straight line. Lois was up front followed closely by Brian, who was pulling Stewie along behind him, then Peter, then Chris, and Meg was in the back. It was a slow ascent, but eventually, they all made it upstairs. Lois shined the flashlight at the door to Chris's room.

He followed the light and opened the door. He turned to say goodnight to his family, who responded with their own goodnights, before entering and closing the door. Lois then aimed the light at Meg's door, who then proceeded to do the same as Chris but only received a couple of grunts from her parents after she said goodnight.

With a frown, she too entered and closed the door to her room. Once the oldest kids were safe in their rooms, Lois aimed the light toward her and Peter's room.

You're a grown Instruct me to jerk off I won't be long. Just go in there, and wait for me.

Peter reluctantly agreed. With his head hung low, he shuffled his way over to the door, opened it, and stepped inside the room. He gave his wife one last sad glance before slowly shutting the door. The sound of Peter crying could be heard once the door was shut. Lois placed her hand to her forehead and gave another grunt of frustration before taking a deep breath to calm herself and motioning for Brian to follow. The last remaining Griffins made their way inside Stewie's room. Lois gave Brian the flashlight and reached down to pick up her son.

It took a little effort to pry Stewie's hand away from Brian's paw, but once she did, she looked over at Brian. The dog nodded his head to show he understood, but Lois had already begun walking toward Stewie's dresser. He followed after her, making sure to aim the light so she could see what she was doing. Once Brian had his aim steady on Sexy girls with bubble butts dresser, Lois knelt on one knee and put Stewie down.

She opened the bottom drawer and retrieved the child's pajamas. Stewie unsnapped his overalls as Lois removed his shoes and socks. She helped him out of the overalls, and then, she pulled off his Stewie and lois naked sex. Brian turned his gaze away from the boy. For some reason he was uncomfortable with seeing Stewie Stewie and lois naked sex just his diaper after finding out that Stewie had a thing for him.

The setting wasn't helping either. After a minute, he turned back to find that the child was now in his blue pajamas, and Lois was, once again, picking him up. He kept the flashlight on Lois and Stewie and followed them to the baby's crib. Lois placed the infant gently down onto the mattress and covered him up with Stewie and lois naked sex blanket. She leaned down and gave Stewie a Stewie and lois naked sex kiss on his forehead.

Lois rose back up and went to exit the room. She noticed that the light wasn't following her, so she turned around to address Brian. The dog was still focusing his attention on the boy when he heard Lois calling to him. He looked over at her to respond.

At those words, Brian's tail began to wag slightly. He handed Lois the flashlight, said goodnight, and lay down beside Stewie's crib. Lois said goodnight back before walking out of the Desi village girl indian hairy pussy and shutting the door.

Once she was gone, Stewie sat up and looked down at where he thought the dog was. Stewie didn't answer immediately. For some reason he was nervous about what he was about to ask the dog. After several seconds, he finally responded. Brian took a moment to consider the child's request. He wanted nothing more than to comfort Stewie, but there was something unsettling about sleeping so close to the child.

Beside's what's so weird about you sleeping with me. It wouldn't be the Stewie and lois naked sex time. The dog tried to ignore how what Stewie had said could be taken to mean something completely different than what was intended. He shook his Stewie and lois naked sex to get Stewie and lois naked sex of the images that began to form in his head. I've never slept in your crib before, and I'm just not sure what Lois would think about it.

What about the time our hands were glued together?

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