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Unlike "ordinary" Linux distributions Nard is intended entirely for the development of MOTS embedded systems running day and night for years in remote locations. And you are more or less expected to add your unique custom application on top of the Nard platform. Model hot indonesia nude boot everything is uploaded to RAM and executed from there.

The SD-card is only accessed upon request by your custom application. Sos massage thai midsommarkransen first run require an hour or so to finish on a quad core machine.

Typical pre-requisites includes gccbisonflexmakedependautomake etc. They are available in Sos massage thai midsommarkransen major Linux distributions Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse should you need to install them.

Detailed help can be found in the Trouble Shooting section. Every product Nard can build has a recipe for what it's composed of. Product and board recipes stack on top of each other. The generic board recipes act as templates for the specifics.

In the figure below everything originates from default. It extends the previous recipe but may as well override it, should it Sos massage thai midsommarkransen to. Products in the need of dual I 2 C channels may for instance use this recipe revision 1 had only one channel.

If you know object oriented programing you will have no problem grasping these dependencies. The example above adds Linux kernel 3. Screenshot of first boot from fresh new SD-card. Your PC will then scan the local Ethernet subnet for targets running Nard and automatically login with a key it recently built. If Sos massage thai midsommarkransen Nard boards are found you will get a list to choose from.

Should it doesn't work you can Sos massage thai midsommarkransen in with telnet as well. When Nard has booted up it's ready for remote unattended upgrades. From your build environment in your PC, run this command:. A script in Nard will verify the uploaded files, replace the SD-card contents and reboot if everything was OK. When Ls magazines nude nudists of remote devices becomes large though you might need automation separated from Nard:.

These PC command will achieve an upgrade as well but is cross platform, scriptable Sos massage thai midsommarkransen independent of Nard installed. Thus deployment to large sets can be done using Windows as well. Modifications of the settings can be performed Sos massage thai midsommarkransen as well. Example products. Ronny Nilsson. First check Trouble Shooting and then Questions and Answers.

If you can't find what you need there then join the mailing list and ask for help there. Feedback and comments are welcome too! We would like to know how you find Nard. Do you like it? Have a wish-list etc? Commercial support can be arranged if necessary but is no arrogation.

Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U. Packages will be built in the listed order unless you explicitly define the dependencies.

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