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She, like all the other main characters, is introduced in chapter 1, and is currently on a relationship with Naruto Uzumaki. Hinata has dark blue hair,which is in a hime-style cut,which flows down to her waist,and very fair skin; traits she inherited Sex ino high. com her mother, together with her white eyes, with a tinge of lavender, identical to those of her father, Hiashi Hyuuga. During school time she wears the Konoha Gakuen uniform, during summer, her outfit constantly changes.

She also briefly sports a black swimsuit during the Summer Sex ino high. com Arc,which reveals her curvaecous frame and large bust. She is often seen with a shy expression,especially when Sex ino high. com Naruto. Hinata is timid, soft-spoken, and polite, often using appropriate name suffixes, even for her best friends Sakura- chanIno- chan.

She is kind, a trait that Neji used to consider a flaw, and dislikes competing and fighting. Hinata also tends to be the most sane and down-to-earth of the three friends Sakura, Ino and herselfmainly due to her shy nature. She also tends to play with her fingers when she's nervous, which is mainly around Naruto or when they're alone. From the start, Hinata's affection for Naruto was obvious to almost every character except Naruto himself, who remained oblivious to her feelings for most of the series.

She also seems to be good in her studies since she gave extra classes to Naruto to prepare for the exams and also had time Sex ino high.

com study on her own. Naruto is Hinata's love interest Sex ino high. com the series, together they make the major secondary couple of the story. Hinata is shown to like Naruto since before the begining of the series for how long it's unknown, but it seems that for a long timehowever, since she was too shy to admit it, she wasn't comfortable when someone spoke on the subject, which was usually Ino. Thanks to Ino's "date" at the mall, Hinata starts to feel less uneasy around Naruto, and eventually she accepts when the boy offers to walk her home.

Since then, they started seeing one another a lot more often, since Hinata accepted to teach Naruto extra lessons to help him with the exams, and eventually Sex ino high. com romantic feelings towards each other. They confess their love to each other in the art exhibition arc, and then finally kiss. They are a couple since then. Sakura is one of Hinata's best friends along with Sex ino high. com. It is unknown for how long these two know each other.

However, they are shown to be really good friends and care a lot about the other on Sex ino high. com occations.

Sakura and Hinata, specially the latter, were shown to be really shy around the boy they like, at the beginning of Ino's "date" none of them could stop stuttering. On the Hyuuga Company arc, during the fight between Naruto Sex ino high. com Neji, it was Sakura who supported Hinata and calmed her while her boyfriend and her cousin fought, reassuring her by saying that "it was going to be ok". Neji is Hinata's overprotective cousin, who is at times seen analyzing the people she is usually with and judging if they were good enough to be with her or not.

This particularity triggers off Neji's fight with Naruto, since he was a rebel with poor school qualifications through the real reason was to be discovered later on. Deep down, through, Neji loves her cousin and cares a lot about her, and their relationship seems to get better in the Return to Class arc when he and Sex ino high.

com make peaces. Not much interaction is shown between Sasuke and Hinata throughout the story, but they seem to be good friends Sex ino high. com Sasuke left the group. Sasuke seems to be aware of Hinata's crush on Naruto.

Upon seeing him with no shirt on, Hinata notices Sasuke's good physique and is left blushing and speachless as well as Ino. When she was the only one who accepted Naruto's invitation for ramen during the Summer Vacation Arc, Sasuke teases Sex ino high. com. Even Sex ino high. com interaction is shown between Sai and Hinata, through they are indeed good friends and care for each other. The most evident hint of this friendship was that she accepted his invitation to go see his paintings at the art exhibit.

As she stated more than once, Hinata and Kiba are very good friends. They were seen together during the Art Exhibition arc, as he admired Akamaru's statue, although Hinata didn't share his view on the "piece of art". Although Hinata firmly stated that they were "just friends", it is unclear if Kiba has romantic feelings towards her or they are simply friends and he just wanted to tease Naruto, yet the second theory is the most likely.

On chapter 2, Hinata appears alongside Sakura on the mall, where Ino reveals that they were actually going out with Sasuke and Naruto too. Sakura tries Sex ino high. com reassure a trembling Hinata, through she was afraid herself so she could barely speak too. Hinata seem a little intimidated that Naruto recognizes Sakura from their class and not her, through she couldn't speak due to her shyness so she didn't comment anything.

A while later, they all settle down and order some drinks. While everyone discusses about the advantages of being seventeen, Hinata Sex ino high. com take an active part of the conversation, although when later Sasuke calls Sakura annoying and Naruto yells at him how did he dare to say somethign like that to Sakura, Hinata looks at him and thinks "Naruto-kun" with a worried and troubled look on her face. Hinata is the first one to notice that it's been a long while since Sakura left for the Sex ino high.

com, commenting this to Ino and wondering if something bad had happened to her. Sasuke leaves to search for her, through he doesn't say he's going to do so, therefore Hinata remains worried and finally she decides to go look for her and asks Ino for support.

However, she calms down and relaxes upon hearing that Sasuke has found Sakura and he's walking her home, all Sex ino high. com in Sasuke's text message to Naruto. After this, Ino offers Hinata to accompany her and Sai, but she replies Sex ino high. com she wouldn't want to bother them. Naruto smiles at her and offers to walk her home, making Hinata blush again. Later on, Hinata can be seen walking by the park with Naruto. He claims that whenever he tries his best, he tends to fail most of the times, yet he'll always keep trying.

Hinata adds that that's the part of him most people failed to see. She also says he was, to her, more capable that most of the Konoha Gakure students, making him confused. Hinata explains that whenever he fails at something, he never gives up and tries again, enver losing faith and always giving his all even if it took a lot of time.

All this told Hinata that he would definitively archieve his objectives, and Naruto smiles at her and thanks her for her kind words, stating he really liked people Sex ino high. com her and that no one had told him that before. The next day, Hinata is seen when Naruto is looking for her to continue their special lessons. Upon finding her, he stumbles and falls on her lap. After an awkward moment when both Naruto and Hinata merely stutter, Neji arrives and pushes Naruto away from her, causing him to fall on the ground.

Hinata asks Neji why is he acting like that, and he answers that Naruto's surname cursed him. Naruto stands up and states that after he beats Neji, Hinata will be his, causing the girl to blush fiercely while Lee claimed his words contained a sexual message. The two boys ingage in a fight, and when it appears Neji is winning Hinata starts crying, begging her cousin to stop. Naruto, however, stands up and tells Hinata to trust him.

He and Neji advance to the final blow, where Naruto wins the fight, proving he was serious about Hinata. Exausted, he falls on Sasuke's arms and celebrates the victory. After he recovers, he tells Neji he will continue dating Hinata and mocks him for his defeat. Unfortunately, Principal Tsunade Sex ino high. com this and punished Naruto while Ino comments on the big fuss Naruto made for her.

Several weeks later, the school year ends and everyone passes, including Hinata. Thanks to his hours of study with Hinata, Naruto was able to pass the exams too, and hugs her as thanks. She's the third one to arrive at the pools, and she meets with Ino and Naruto, the latter very shocked upon seeing her in her swimsuit. He hadn't noticed Hinata's beautiful body before, and looked down completely embarrased. Ino, seeing this, decided to tease them, asking Naruto how many images had passed through his mind just now, causing Hinata to yell "Ino-chan!

Ino laughs and claims it was just a little, innocent joke, and both of them are left speechless and can't make eye contact. After this little joke, Sasuke Uchiha arrives, causing all the girls around to fall in love Sex ino high. com him, since his good body was Sex ino high. com off, and Ino and Hinata couldn't help but notice his body too, which makes Naruto angry at Sasuke. Later on, Hinata is seen sitting by the edge of the pool, thinking about how Sex ino high.

com days she spent far away probably indicating she took some vacation trip after classes were over, this could be the reason why Naruto was so happy to meet her again today helped her to think things over, and she says "I should be brave and do it! Naruto pops out of the water below her, after listening to her words, and agrees that Hinata should do it, however he thought she was referring to jumping into the pool, stating that the water was great. As she's walking away, she starts crying as now Naruto can't see her or at least she thinks sostill not believing what she had done and blaming herself.

She stops under the rain, panting, and starts thinking that she ruined everything, that it was her fault that her friendship with Naruto had now been destroyed, and this causes to cry even more. Naruto arrives and calls her name, but as she turns around she doesn't see him. Upon seeing Akamaru's sculpture, she isn't impressed, yet she remains Sex ino high. com together with the dog while his owner commented on the sculpture's greatness and beauty.

Kiba euphorically grabs Hinata and smiles, stating that he was very happy. Naruto had just arrived to see this, and he's seen overflowing with jealousy. Naruto asks if he may have a word with Britney spring anal sex, "if it was ok with Kiba notices he's jealous, and although Hinata tries to tell Naruto the truth, that they were just friends, Kiba quickly stablishes that Hinata doesn't want to speak with him because she was having a great time with him, but Hinata inmediately reacts, stating this wasn't true.

Naruto and Kiba's argument gets louder and louder until they can't stop arguing, and Hinata yells that they should stop right now.

The discussion ends with Naruto being kicked out of the gallery by the security, since Kiba had blamed him entirely for the argument and the security trusted him.

Hinata and Naruto are now dating, and he picks her up together with Sakura with Jiraiya's car. She sits on the front seat while Sakura and Sasuke's are arguing intensly about her encounter with Itachi's friend, Sasori.

While Naruto gets furious when Sasuke starts touching Sakura on the back seat, Hinata blushes furiously instead. They almost get killed when Naruto turns around to face Sasuke, and he tells Hinata that it was entirely Sasuke's fault, yet she replies that he should be a bit more careful in the future. Seeing how Neji starts punching and kicking Naruto merciless, and he doesn't protect himself, Hinata starts crying in Sakura's arms and begging for the fighting to stop. None of them can take it anymore and leave the car to protect the ones they love, Sakura goes for Sasuke who was being savagely attacked by Gaara and Hinata goes for Naruto.

She arrives just in time to catch him in her arms. However, when he falls into her arms, his precious family necklace falls to the ground and shatters. Hinata is seen looking worriedly at Naruto, through it is unknown if she knew the real meaning of said necklace for Naruto or not.

She cries out Neji's name, still not believing what Sex ino high. com had done. When Naruto starts fighting seriously and begins beating down Neji, Hinata cries without end, not wanting to see the result of the fight. However, Jiraiya and Hiashi Hyuuga arrive to stop the fight and save the day. She looks at her father confused, wondering what he of all people was doing there. She listens to the story of the Hyuuga and Uzumaki Sex ino high.

com completely shocked together with everybody else. Hinata returns to class with everyone else for her last school year. She appears to be sitting behind Ino in the classroom, and when Naruto revelas he hadn't studied for Kakashi's exam, she is shown a bit concerned for him.

Ino sighes and reminded her that Sex ino high. com hadn't studied even through Hinata had warned him about the test yesterday.

Hinata doesn't seem to have any trouble with the test, and finishes it with ease. Hinata's Sex ino high. com appearance to the moment was at Sasori's puppetry class, which she attends along with Ino and Sakura.

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