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There are horror movies that will give you nightmares, and cause you to fear showers and shallow waters for decades. And then there are the ones that push so many social-taboo envelopes, strike so many collective raw nerves and tweak so many communal gag reflexes that they are a cut, if you will, above the rest.

Several films nearly got folks arrested; a couple merely inspired repulsion and disgust from critics and audiences alike, along with some passionate jeers. But all of the movies here fall under the category of controversial, all of them took the genre to some fairly extreme places, and all of them get a according to how much respective outrage each work generated.

An Pictures of african cocks with cum leads an expedition to recover the documentarians who went looking for the indigenous tribes of maneaters rumored to be hiding around the jungle; they then find savagery beyond their wildest imagining, including an infamous sequence of a young woman impaled on a wooden stake and numerous examples of why the movie is named Cannibal Holocaust.

When the film ran in France, Photo magazine alleged that the extensive ritual-sacrifice sequences were the real deal, and the courts threw a murder charge on Deodato for good measure. The filmmaker had to track down his actors and bring them before the jury so they could explain that they had not, in fact, been slaughtered during the production.

His name was cleared, and his space in the fake-snuff-film hall of fame was cemented. Holy men are called to rid her of the unholy spirit. Heads do not roll so much as rotate around, degrees. The U. Nasty sex torcher vids the FBI, fooled by a cruddy print, looked into whether the scene showing a death cult in San Francisco might merit some further investigation. That notion is short-lived. The Human Centipede First Sequence Synopsis: A German surgeon kidnaps three tourists and forces them to participate in an experiment.

He also mentioned that, when the film showed at festivals, there were copious incidents involving people vomiting in the aisles — which probably was true. Woman gets terrorized and raped by four locals. Woman goes to church. Woman lures them back for the kill. Controversy: Banned in several countries, including a spot on the U.

Among the countries to have banned the film were Iceland, Ireland, Germany and Norway; some countries showed a shortened version of it over the years, usually trimming what is indeed a prolonged gang rape Nasty sex torcher vids. Various activist groups still consider this one of the most anti-women films ever made, despite Nasty sex torcher vids fact that its director, Meir Zarchi, originally wanted to call it Day of the Woman.

Abused at a young age by a priest, an unnamed Nasty sex torcher vids butcher ends up killing the man he thought raped his daughter, getting raped himself, and indulging in more hard-to-watch incidents than can be counted on one bloodied hand. It does not end well, to say the least. Controversy: Noe has never shied away from the graphic see his rape-revenge drama Irreversible but his debut feature took many folks completely off-guard with its penchant for perversion, taboo-breaking, and overall brutality.

Festival audiences reacted violently at several screenings, though to be fair, he did add a warning title card giving sensitive viewers 30 seconds to vacate the auditorium before his stomach-churning climax.

Still, the most sickening and violent scene — in which the butcher performs a DIY abortion on Nasty sex torcher vids own wife through a shockingly direct method — raised the majority of public hackles and got the enfant terrible accused of being the cinematic equivalent of a Nasty sex torcher vids. Synopsis: En route to a concert, two teenage girls are sexually assaulted, tortured, and killed by a sadistic gang in the woods.

Romero gives birth to a cottage industry. Controversy: From the very beginning — when the movie premiered in a Pittsburgh theater during a Saturday matinee screening filled with kids — the Rosetta stone of zombie films attracted its fair share of notoriety.

Exhausted from the drive and facing a heavy rainstorm, she finds a vacancy Bbw sofia rose tumblr the Bates Motel. The proprietor seems friendly. What could go wrong? Nasty sex torcher vids Singapore, the shower scene played en toto, while another murder scene and Nasty sex torcher vids shot of a corpse were cut entirely.

Faintings in the audience were allegedly a common occurrence; critic C. Lejeune abruptly resigned her post at The Observer after 32 years of service for having to sit through it. Censor boards around the world have done everything they can to prevent people from seeing it. Two different cuts were released in the U. Those who do sit through it will be comforted to learn that the filmmakers see it as a blanket metaphor for the atrocities of the Balkan War.

Three years later, he has another traumatic Santa-related experience at an orphanage. Naturally, he grows up to become a serial murderer in a Indian girls showing pussy suit.

Controversy: It was the Yuletide hook of this Eighties slasher flick that presented some promotional hiccups, with Nasty sex torcher vids parents of Nasty sex torcher vids were concerned about their kids seeing posters and TV commercials depicting Jolly Old St.

Nicholas as a mass murderer. The Easter Bunny as child molester? Snuff Synopsis: A group of murderous, Manson Family-esque hippies, led by a charismatic cult leader, wanders the countryside in Rub dick with clitoris of thrills.

Controversy: Exploitation-cinema legends Roberta and Michael Findlay had gone down to Argentina to film a quick-and-dirty movie that would cash in on the Helter Skelter craze, titled Slaughter. Variety eventually exposed it as a Nasty sex torcher vids. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Synopsis: Five travelers in search of gas come across a seemingly abandoned house in the rural outskirts of the Lone Star State. What they find is a family of homicidal maniacs — and one of the most iconic characters in all of horror history.

He had somewhat better luck in the states, though disgusted walkouts were reported in San Francisco, and just north in Ottawa, local police forced two theaters to stop running the film or face morality charges. Despite ruffling feathers around the globe, Hooper was able to annually re-release prints of his film for eight years after it premiered, becoming a word-of-mouth sensation in the process. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone. Arrow Created with Sketch. Calendar Created with Sketch.

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