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Sai: I get the camera, ihave to film this! Sai: Should I upload it for the villages to see or do we keep it a secret? And the reason he says that is because he knows how sex with sakura feels haha.

That she breaks you with making you cum limitless. After that he, sai and sasuke could break her even more or have fun with sakura and ino, while hinata lies there and watches. Good idea. But do you think sakura and ino Naruto sakura bath nackt jerk off boruto as he watches how Naruto sakura bath nackt mom gets fucked?

I thought that the boys would fuck hinata and ino and sakura can recover some energy. And while they recover energy, they jerk him off.

You mean that they would break her another time on the same Naruto sakura bath nackt After that hinata would be their sex-toy. So basically ino and sakura would make hinata their fucktoy. Their husbands wouldnt mind that, i think. Naruto sakura bath nackt you husband like to see that happening to you? And with which naruto character would you like to see your husband in bed? And i can see the other girls naked too! Would your husband like to see you getting destroyed. All Rights Reserved.

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