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I'm not going to update so fast anymore cus I'm making a LuffyxNami doujinshi. Nami sat in the infirmary, looking at a sick sweaty sleeping Luffy. Nami looked worried when Luffy frowned while sleeping. She grabbed his hand softly and brushed with her thumb over his palm. She smiled when his face turned normal and she loosened her hold after a while.

She made a throaty noise when he didn't let go of her. She frowned and sighed. She looked at the watch. She looked at Luffy and noticed that his eyes were open a bit. He pinched his eyes close and opened them again softly. He turned quickly and looked at the wall.

Nami one piece nuda looked confused 'Why did he turn away so fast? Are you awake? Luffy murmured something. Nami cocked an eyebrow and went closer to Luffy "What did you say? Nami looked even more confused. He closed his eyes again and rubbed. He opened them again and blushed more. The hell are you talking about!

Well that makes everything better She sat down again with her arms crossed before her breast and Nami one piece nuda her legs crossed. Luffy shook his head 'no'. Nami pouted and looked at the door "It's not my fault Chopper didn't tell you? Luffy said nothing "Yea, you're sick and hallucinating But I'm taking care of you" smiled Nami grabbing his hand. Luffy made a throaty noise but relaxed Nami one piece nuda a while. It hurt like hell seeing you sick I don't want you to feel the same Nami's eyes widened and she let go of his hand.

Luffy looked confused still blushing. It's not like you never saw me naked! It was before your sickness You know what I'm talking about! Nami one piece nuda going to sleep You need some sleep too He closed his eyes and fell into a slumber.

Nami stood up and scratches her head. Nami sat in the observation room and looked through the logbooks. Chopper knocked on the door. He walked Nami one piece nuda the observation room and looked at Nami. He's lying though He had pain in his shoulder and he hallucinated that I'm naked So it's kinda a dream for every boy Chopper smiled but looked confused after seeing the pile with logbooks.

Nami looked at the door and turned back to her logbooks. She looked through Nami one piece nuda and sighed. You're one riddle Which logbook? Nami Nami one piece nuda up and left the observation room. She ran to the boys quarters room and opened the door, finding Zoro asleep and Franky and Usopp playing cards looking surprised. Franky pointed to the most left bed. Nami walked to it and picked up his pillow.

She pulled up his sheets. Franky and Usopp took a step away and Zoro woke up. Zoro looked at Nami. Nami one piece nuda sat on Luffy bed. Nami looked surprised at Zoro. She pulled the mattress up and found a logbook. Zoro smirked closing his eyes.

Franky and Usopp lay their cards down and Nami one piece nuda with confusion and curiosity. I told him that something was wrong with the way he wrote Nami cocked an eyebrow and looked at the logbook.

And Nami one piece nuda more of a dairy then a logbook so I think you have to ask Luffy about it I think he's sleeping Why aren't you sleeping? You're just hallucinating! He shivered a bit and coughed. Nami noticed and looked up.

Luffy shook his head bit shivered again this time. She stood up and put his pillow different for him, so he could sit. Blonde spread legs skirt pulled of her sweater and Luffy looked with wide eyes.

She shivered this time; she only wore a shirt so it was really cold. She put his pillow back for him, and he Nami one piece nuda down.

Nami smiled and rubbed his head. She smiled and put off the lights. She closed the door behind and walked to the woman headquarters. Madhuri xxx with husband shoot up and looked around.

It was still night and Robin wasn't next to her. She heard voices from outside. She stood up and opened the door, watching the deck. She saw Robin, Chopper and Franky on the side of the deck, watching the sea while talking about something.

Nami looked confused and walked downstairs. Robin, Chopper and Franky jumped up Flat chested girls dailymotion turned looking at the orange-haired navigator.

Nami's eyes widened and her heart sunk. She ran to the railing and looked at Sanji, Usopp and Zoro Jaya sudha sex imag a certain person Oh, god, what have I done! This wasn't your fault! We also couldn't hear a splash sound, or the ship was going too fast, but there's no wind now! Splash sound! I didn't hear a thing! Luffy was breathing irregular.

Zoro lay Luffy down on the deck and Chopper examed him. Chopper began to press on his chest. Too much water in his lungs She walked to Chopper and Luffy Nami one piece nuda went on her knees. She pushed Chopper away. She tilted his head. Nami, what are you doing?

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