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There of course are many varieties of sex scandals. Cheerleader sex scandals involve cheerleaders. Some of them involve minors being used or taken advantage. Others involve legal-but-impressionable young people making poor life decisions. Sports Lists. November 12, They're last on the list because the sexual aspects of this scandal are relatively mild. Basically, a bunch of popular cheerleaders took sexy photos of themselves—including some at a condom store holding penis-shaped candles— and put them on MySpace.

That's right, MySpace. However, the sexy pics of teenage cheerleaders, while not explicit, drew a lot of attention. When media started snooping around, people were falling over each other trying to rat the "mean girls" out.

Then it was discovered that one of them was Funny weight lifting quotes daughter of McKinney principal Linda Theret, which pretty much pissed everybody off. Oh, and if all this sounds familiar to you, it might be cause they made a Lifetime movie about it.

The McKinney Fab Five InArizona State University threatened to disband the cheerleading program altogether when a series of photos of cheerleaders in their underwear began circulating the web. As you can see, the photos aren't even that racy, so it might seem like the ASU Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex was overreacting.

Just hold your horses. So the program did not get the ax. However, in the summer ofsome of the cheerleaders for the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers proved to the world that Winnipeggers can party with the best of them. How did they do that? By taking a bunch of sexy pics of themselves in uniform or at team facilities like this onewhich somehow leaked onto the internet.

Of course the Blue Bombers pretended to be upset. But apparently it's a real schoolapparently they have cheerleaders, and apparently inafter competing in one of those cheerleading competitions you see on ESPN2, they got wasted in their Vegas hotel room and took a bunch of scandalous picture of them in their underwear.

Things change. Sometimes a lot. For example, inthe folks over at Busted Coverage received a tip Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex a reader that the West Virginia Mountaineers cheerleaders were going absolutely bonkers in Morgantown.

So they started collecting evidence and eventually published an entire gallery of the WVU cheerleaders' sexy shenanigans. As you can see, Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex obscured the faces of the women in the raciest photos. But don't tell that to the Sacramento Kings cheerleaders. Back ina particularly wild bunch of them caused a Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex when they took a bunch of photos of themselves partying—including this one of four cheerleaders showing off their g-strings.

We've obscured the backsides here because it's just a little too NSFW. If you want the unobstructed view, click here. Sacramento G-String Party Apparently was a good year for cheerleader sex scandals.

Who is this, you ask? However, after these photos hit the web—which she apparently sent to her boyfriend, who then posted them online after they broke up—we're thinking she was probably released from the squad. Once again, as you can see, we've decided to obscure this girl's face so as to not keep dredging up the past. The Naked Hoosier Coming in at 6 we have one of the most famous cheerleader scandals of all time, and for good reason.

What did they do? They "had sex" not sure what that means here in a bathroom stall, which pissed off other patrons waiting in line to use the toilet and started a brawl. The funny thing? While the Panthers were in town to play the Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex, the Topcats Cheerleaders were not. They only perform at home games. So these two lovebirds traveled to Tampa to support the team on their own. Bathroom Tryst Here's a cheerleader sex scandal that's just plain sad.

In August oftwo cheerleaders at Bothell High School in Bothell, Washington, became infamous when n decided to take nude and semi-nude photos of each other so they could sext their boyfriends.

The crazy thing? It Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex seem as though anyone ever got in any serious trouble with the law for this.

The boys apparently got off scot-free, while the girls simply received suspensions from the cheerleading squad.

I thought the dissemination of child pornography was kind of a big deal. The woman on the right? That's Jane Blackwell. She was the principal as Ware Shoals High when all this went down in She was arrested for obstruction of justice after telling all the cheerleaders not Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex say anything to the police. Why the coverup? Authorities believed she knew the coach was giving her cheerleaders booze and didn't do anything.

Bad principal! According to authorities, she took a liking to one of her year-old son's school friends and struck up a relationship with him on Instagram. This then escalated to makeout sessions in the back of her Escalade and, eventually, oral sex at the family's Delaware beach house this past summer.

According to the year-old boy, who apparently wasn't entirely down with all of Mrs. S's advances, she offered to have sex with him but he declined. Then he went to authorities. The smoking gun? The kid gave Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex pretty accurate description of the lingerie Shattuck was wearing that night at the beach house, and police found it when they raided the place. Of course, we like to joke that nailing an NFL cheerleader is every teenage boy's ultimate fantasy, and in truth it probably is.

But that doesn't make it right. In the case of Sarah Jones here, she was a year-old married woman, Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, a high school teacher when she got Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex trouble for sleeping with one of her year-old students in The silver lining to this story, if you want to call it that?

Jones and the student actually got engaged in Naked nfl cheerleaders having sex So at least I don't know Should be fun telling the grandkids how they met.

Jones Shacks Up The number one biggest cheerleader sex scandal ever? Arizona State threatened to sue the production company of that particular video for infringement of trademarks and intellectual property rights. As you can see, we've had to obscure The Hardcore Cheerleader. Share Share. Around The Web. Facebook K Fans. Twitter Instagram Youtube K Subscriber.

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