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Yeah, so I don't know. Helen parr and violet naked cares! I'm sane enough to separate fiction away from reality, so whatever. While I do indeed love Helen x Violet, even though that itself is terribly twisted, I honestly don't support real life crap like this. That being said, I only can hope that you enjoy the story, though I already know you most likely Helen parr and violet naked. Ha, ha.

Oh, and sorry about any typos and other writing errors, by the way. I simply cannot stand grammar mistakes Helen Parr, the very sexy wife of the ever so famous Mr. Incredible, was home alone with her daughter. The young teenager, Violet Parr, claimed that she was too "sick" to go to school today, but the girl's mother knew better than to actually believe her daughter.

Helen knew what Violet was up to, Helen parr and violet naked yet she honestly didn't mind too much at all. Helen hated herself for it, but the brunette woman just couldn't help herself. It was currently very early in the morning, the time being around eight o'clock AM to be exact. Helen's husband, Bob Parr, was not here at the moment. Bob took both of his sons, Dash and Jack-Jack, out with him to do some "father and son" early morning fishing at a pond somewhere, which Helen thought was very nice of him.

Bob was such a Helen parr and violet naked father, but unfortunately not that much of a great lover. Well, at least not these days. In fact, there was something that Bob had no clue about, and if he did know about it, then both Helen and Violet probably would have been For the past few months now, Helen and her teenaged daughter have been engaging in rather illegal and perverse-like activities.

After Helen parr and violet naked whole event when Violet tried to spy on her mother inside of the bathroom while using her invisibility powers, which she failed greatly by the way, the two ended up saying and doing certain things that they both apparently kept deep within themselves for many, many years now. Long story short, they made Helen parr and violet naked that day, and ever since then nothing has been the same at all.

Fortunately, it was in a good way, a very good way. However, keeping their little "relationship" a secret was a definite must for the two, and they found it rather easy to keep it all on the low, as well. At the moment during this peaceful and quiet morning, Mrs. Parr was standing by the sink as she continued to scrub and wash the many dirty dishes that resided inside of the sink. The former superhero woman was wearing a short, white colored, close-fitting tank top, the shirt reveling quite a bit of her busty cleavage.

And as for the pants that Helen was wearing, the woman had on black colored yoga pants that was hugging extremely tight against her lower body, the thin fabric of her tight pants noticeably riding up the sexy mother's ass crack very erotically; the red colored thong that Helen was wearing could also somewhat be seen, too.

As the busy and busty mother simply continued to wash up the dishes before herself, she could have sworn that she heard a faint sound behind of her. It was as if someone was trying to sneak up on Pussy ketrina kehf poto or something, which was indeed the case here.

Turning her head around to look in back of herself now, Helen saw nobody there. Of course, she KNEW what was going Helen parr and violet naked here, though. After smirking, shaking her head, and even starting to focus back on washing the once clean dishes again, Helen soon spoke out loudly in her usual demanding Helen parr and violet naked motherly sounding Helen parr and violet naked of voice, "All right, young lady, you can stop trying to sneak up on me now.

Honestly, Vi, do you think that I'm stupid? Almost instantly after hearing her mother sternly speak those words to her, Violet quickly stopped using her powers of invisibility, Helen parr and violet naked raven haired teen now frowning as she looked over at her mother, the young girl also fully nude, as well; Violet's eyes were currently staring at Helen's big, rounded, perfect looking ass. The woman chuckled before answering back to her daughter with a stern sounding voice, "I have my ways, Violet.

You should know that by now. Instead of saying anything back to her beyond beautiful mother, Violet just decided Helen parr and violet naked keep staring at the woman before her.

Sure, Helen is her mother, but ever since that one fateful day inside of the bathroom, life for the young teenager felt almost too perfect to her. Violet was always attracted to her mother, honestly since the very young age of six, and to just be able to actually touch Helen the way that she always wanted to, and also say the things that she's been holding back from her for all of these years now just felt Not only that, Helen parr and violet naked Helen's feelings toward her was shockingly mutual.

For these past few months now, both the mother and the Helen parr and violet naked have been engaging in lustfully raw fantasies with each other, and it honestly awoken a seriously taboo spark inside of them both that just couldn't stop them from acting out on certain things. The curvy, brown haired mother looked in back of herself again to gaze over at her daughter once more, and just like she thought was going to be the case here, Violet was indeed staring at her butt again.

The fact that Violet was also completely naked at the moment did not surprise Helen, either. In fact, she knew exactly why her daughter decided to walk around in her birthday suit at the given moment. After turning her head back around to focus on the messy dishes again, Helen then calmly spoke to the young girl, "I thought that you were too sick to get out of bed today, young lady. I'm still your mother, Vi.

Do NOT think that I will let you get away with not going to school just because of our little secret, you hear me? I deeply care about ALL of my children's educational values. Today, however, I'll I'll let it slide. You're definitely going back to school tomorrow, though! Even though the black haired teen's eyes were still hungrily gaping at her own mother's delicious looking, very big, really soft, and perfectly round shaped ass during her speech, Violet still paid Helen parr and violet naked close attention to every word that came out of Helen's mouth.

I understand, Mom," was Violet's soft reply, the girl now slowly approaching the wide hipped woman, a naughty looking smirk now gracing her beautiful and youthful face. Soon enough, Violet eventually wrapped her thin arms around her mother's Helen parr and violet naked, and the scent of the woman's body felt like Heaven to her nostrils.

Helen just recently showered no less than an hour ago, and her wonderful smell certainly let Violet know about that. Inhaling in her mother's smell felt SO good to her, but also so did the plush soft feeling of Helen's really large bottom pressing up against Violet's own body. Y-you also look so very pretty wearing these Helen parr and violet naked looking clothes, too," whispered Violet, afterwards slowly getting down on both of her knees, now softly groping both of her mother's big ass cheeks with gentle hands.

Hmm, hmm, hmm. Mm, Vi I see you're looking forward to eating your breakfast now, huh? Instead of immediately responding back to her, Helen just roughly placed her hand on top of Violet's head and forcefully shoved the young girl's face deep into the crack of her large rear-end.

Violet quickly began to squeeze both of Helen's soft ass cheeks as she lovingly started to strongly sniff in the woman's scent, the raven haired teen aggressively shaking her head back and forth against the brunette woman's sexy, thick, gloriously round shaped butt.

After a while, Helen soon took her hand away from her daughter's head, the woman now leaning herself over on top of the sink with her arms as she continued to let her frisky daughter sniff, kiss, and lick her sexy, clothed ass. Nothing could ever surpass the feelings that these two would always get Helen parr and violet naked they did stuff like this with each other.

It felt so wrong, and they surely knew that it was wrong, and yet Helen had her eyes closed tightly, she couldn't stop smiling, and her extremely loud moaning only encouraged her young daughter to continue her sexually crazed assault on her big butt. Eat Mommy's ass! Violet then gave her mother a very hard slap on her right ass cheek as she continued to enthusiastically do what she was told to do; she also eventually pulled Helen's tight-fitting yoga pants halfway down her fat ass, too.

After about at least twenty minutes straight of just wildly worshipping her mother's really firm and thick booty the way that she was, the two eventually heard the sound of rattling keys and a doorknob turning. Both Helen and Violet kept their cool during this troubling situation though, just like they would always do; Violet hurriedly pulled her mother's tight pants back up, too.

The gothic, teenaged girl also firmly smacked Sarah bricks naughty america left juicy buttock right after when she pulled her mother's tight pants back up as well, and the way that her mom's huge, soft ass shook and rippled from the very rough impact of Violet's own hand colliding harshly against of the woman's really taut booty flesh nearly made the young girl drool Helen parr and violet naked its overall sexiness.

Seconds later, the side door of their house soon opened up, the loud sound of Bob's deep voice now being heard, which quite frankly pissed both Helen and Violet off quite a bit.

Not wanting to be seen right now, of course, Violet then super quickly activated her invisibility powers, the girl's presence now totally away from everyone's sight. Helen just smiled as she watched her husband turn the corner and walk inside of the kitchen. We don't have all damn day, alright? Now turning back on the warm water and washing up the dirty dishes again, Helen quietly expressed to her out of shape husband, "Back so Helen parr and violet naked, honey?

Bob just walked passed her as he now started to head over towards the refrigerator. Dash just forgot some 'lucky pendant' or something silly like that. Giggling after hearing that, the curvaceous wife then retorted back with a smile, "Oh, that's so cute. He's still clinging onto that little ornament that his crush Helen parr and violet naked to him, huh?

Taking his time looking around inside of the fridge, Bob soon spoke back to his wife, "Yeah, I suppose so. It's just a piece of fucking shit to me. Helen thought his response was pretty darn rude, but thankfully Dash was not around to actually hear it; Violet heard him, though. Soon as Helen almost forgot about Violet even still being here with the two of them, Helen parr and violet naked sexy brunette woman then felt her very large ass receive a super firm feeling spank against of her left butt cheek, which easily made her very big booty jiggle beautifully.

After that, Helen then felt her invisible daughter crudely squeeze her butt cheek a couple of times before Helen parr and violet naked, and really roughly, smacking her fat, round ass hard yet again. After doing all of that, Violet just simply walked from out Helen parr and violet naked the kitchen with a really happy looking smirk on her cute face.

But, of course, nobody could even see her do any of this to begin with. Hearing what just happened, Bob soon enough turned his head around after he finished sipping out of a carton of pulp filled orange juice. After wiping his mouth, not to mention belching afterwards, the blonde man then asked his wife with his left eyebrow raised up, "Did Helen parr and violet naked What was that sound?

Smiling widely as she continued to focus on washing the dishes, Helen eventually responded back to the former superhero man, "Oh, I didn't hear anything! Not saying anything for a few seconds as he stared at his wife, Bob eventually shrugged his shoulders and put the carton of orange juice back inside of the icebox. As the man began to make his way out of the kitchen, he saw both Dash and Jack-Jack making their way back down the stairs.

We can go now! I'm sorry I forgot about it before we left this morning in the first place," voiced Dash, looking kind of upset now.

The fat, blonde man just patted his son's head gently before responding back Penis show indian boy him with a smile, "There's no need to apologize, Dash. Besides, it's lucky for you, right?

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