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They are uncomfortable, they break always in the most critical moment, when you are goinh to a party. They are hard to get on, they will try to fall after you finally got them on.

Risky wearing these with any kind of arm jewellery because it might get stuck and break the pantyhose. The sizes are sometimes all wrong. Enough prove? Satans invention! I agree, the sex is so good; especially when I am softly kissed and massaged from waist to toes while wearing only sheer to the Having intercourse in pantyhose pantyhose.

Timtaman Xper 4. Is it creepy? Is it sexy? It's creepy and weird. Vote A. Yes, i think it's fine! Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Thoughts on pantyhose during sex. Would you do it? Add Opinion. Pavol-Szentivanyi Xper 4. The fact that this is some of you do not like the men dress high heels that are made for men since already in the former GDR.

So Having intercourse in pantyhose about his debility, especially women. Women think about you, because you alone have us men took over almost the entire wardrobe clothes!!! And nobody does not suspend the fact that you wear such as trousers!! Nobody is scolding you for it may not be Your comments suggest only about your character and stupidity.

Having intercourse in pantyhose wonder the idiot or because of rules about the history of clothing, anything they do not know who first wore stockings and since when women started wearing pants, etc.

Me incredibly feminine dials selfishness, ruthlessness and arrogance and that women believe that only they can for themselves to wear what they please, and men's things. After all, nothing happens And who does not like it let me jump When women can and can we men. And you women have only one option Have you ladies thinking about it why tights, stockings called? They were men. Currently we women took over men complete wardrobe clothes, including underwear. A man can take the wardrobe of women.

And what is the reaction of most women? We women can, because we are women. You men can wear just what we women can afford and design. Otherwise, you bugger men, fetishist and psychopaths.

When to end the oppression of men in fashion? We will see the end of the men that ended up privileging women in fashion? Women need to realize that the world is the man who goes to the nerves and classic suits and boring that even we men have the right to diversity, not only women!!!

Evidence url links that's not nuts. Evidence ur. Shaggy Xper 6. I will admit it is a fetish of Having intercourse in pantyhose. I love women's legs and feet, especially when wearing hosiery and heels. Stockings or pantyhose are incredibly sexy in my eyes. A woman wearing either during sex is one of my top two fantasies. Finding that special woman that enjoys indulging that desire is the key. AshleyNB Xper 3. Done it a Having intercourse in pantyhose of times through the years with boyfriends and now a few times a month with my husband.

We Having intercourse in pantyhose much share passionate love daily, so this gives some variety in our relationship amongst other practices. My experience was that men tended to pamper me more when wearing pantyhose while lightly applying perfume from head to toes.

I usually wear nude, sheer to the waist versions that look naked as my only lingerie, especially with tight mini skirts and sheer evening dresses for a perfect smooth look with no pantyhose line margin showing while sitting down or dancing.

Plus, my French pedicure toes and feet appear sexy and nude in strappy high heels. You could not believe how many times I have been kissed from toes to waist before and during sex. So girls, I think my sex life improved Having intercourse in pantyhose most men, to include my husband, have been turned on while wearing pantyhose on my already sexy body.

CrazyCandy Xper 5. Pantyhose is the most uncomfortable piece of clothning there is. Propably designed by satan itself. I can't see what would be the problem. Show All Show Less. CommieDearest Guru. It wouldn't do anything for me but there is much weirder shit out there to be asked to do. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. How to be a "bad boy" or "Alpha" and not end up in jail? Girls, what happens after the orgasms? Girls, have Having intercourse in pantyhose ever Having intercourse in pantyhose your parents having sex in there bedroom?

Girls, how often do you masturbate? Sort Girls First Guys First. NoblesseOblige Guru. Man those girls who said it's weird are not like anyone I've ever met. It's like super normal and a light fetish. Go for it. Its not as Instruct me to jerk off as a man wearing panties Haha, that's definitely weird. NicoleRay95 Xper 3. I have done it before at my bf's request and it was the Having intercourse in pantyhose sex I have ever had.

JamieB Xper 5. We have better sex if we both wear pantyhose. Related myTakes. Why won't the sun go down already. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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