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Cap version: i. I'm not doing it. He and his friend Jenny were about to head to the beach, but Jenny tried to get him to take some weird purple pills. Jenny sighed. Since you'd be a girl, you could even see her in the showers. Amy's been his crush for quite a long time. Emmet then took a pill and downed it with water. Emmet frowned. He started shrieking in pain as he fell to his knees, and Jenny could only watch as she saw his body change.

She saw his body hair disappear, and his head hair increase dramatically Bikini beach tg stories length.

His arms and legs became smaller and more delicate, and his hard earned six pack melted away. She heard crackling as Emmet's back bended, in addition to his broad shoulders narrowing dramatically. As his waist caved inwards and his facial features softened, it became increasingly hard to call Emmet a man. This was further exasperated as his harsh groans turned into soft moans, as his sexual organs converted. The fabric Bikini beach tg stories her trunks then began to shift, eventually transmuting into a sexy, but oversized dark blue Bikini set.

This problem didn't last for long though, as her hips and butt exploded exploded in size. This was followed by her chest swelling up as well, eventually becoming a pair of ample DD breasts. Together with her bubble butt, "Emily" had quite the figure, Any porn japanese panty tease contained by her now seemingly small Bikini.

It's not a problem. Come on we're Bikini beach tg stories be late! Emily contested her for a bit, but Jenny Hot sexy legs porn got through to her and soon they were on their way to the beach.

It was a girls only party, but even on the way Emily noticed several people staring at her, including the Taxi driver! It was pretty crazy, Emily could feel people undressing what little clothes she had on in their heads. Eventually this'd stop though when they reached the party, and Emily's view of the event would change rather quickly. From the celebrations to the beach volleyball games, Emily had a ton of fun. At some Bikini beach tg stories, she met up with Amy, but Bikini beach tg stories noticed something strange.

Despite the many fantasies she had Bikini beach tg stories Amy as a guy, she now felt zero sexual attraction towards her. She had no reaction, even when Amy took off her bikini right in front of her in the changing room after her top got damaged. The party went on as normal, and the Bikini beach tg stories eventually hit 4, but rather than the party gradually dying out like Emily expected, it actually got even more intense as the guys showed up, eager to pick up some sexy girls in swimsuits.

Emily felt somewhat set up by Jenny at this point, but she couldn't speak Indian aunties asshole and pussy mind as the last she's seen of her was when she was chumming up with some guy, and judging by what she had seen in the mirror, it was only a matter of time before she'd get approached as well.

As if by magic, she was immediately offered a drink. His name was Wade, and he was even more ripped than Emily was as Emmet. Emily couldn't Bikini beach tg stories her finger on it, but for some reason, she couldn't Bikini beach tg stories no. She and Wade had a little chat at the bar, but he barely listened as his eyes went to her chest.

She noticed fairly quickly, and even teased him for it, even though she herself stared at his abs. They then spent Bikini beach tg stories time in the water, and it didn't take long for Wade to make his move.

In between him touching and squeezing her assets and kissing her, Emily was very confused, but her body seemingly gained a mind of its own as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him back. As they prepared to head out, Amy met up with Emily and wished her luck, winking at her as she left with a man of her own. Emily's body was burning as she and Wade rode the Taxi to a nearby hotel.

She had Bikini beach tg stories realized that the pill had changed her sexual preference, Bikini beach tg stories there was nothing she could do about it. A part of her didn't WANT her to do anything about it. Upon entering the room, Wade made out with her, and she could only kiss him back.

Like any man in his position, he sprung his head into her boobs and began smothering them with kisses, squeezing her ass with his two Bikini beach tg stories at the same time. Moans escaped her mouth as she felt his raging boner rub against her crotch from behind his trunks, but she wasn't satisfied. Seeing Amy's breasts was nothing compared to what she was about to see, as she moved her hands to take off Wade's trunks.

Whatever little clothes that covered their bodies soon fell to the floor, exposing Emily's curves and Wade's huge junk, and any confusion she had went away as Wade penetrated her. She moaned loudly as he dug his manhood deep inside her, each thrust giving her pleasure that she previously considered unimaginable. Eventually the pair went to sleep as the sun went down, both satisfied beyond anything they ever thought possible. The next day, Emily met up with Jenny, and the two discussed their experiences to the tiniest details.

While Emily initially disliked the transformation, she found herself taking another pill a week later, right before her scheduled date with Wade. She didn't want this at first, but she had no idea how much her life would change for the better this way. Either way, she didn't have time to think of the past, her boyfriend was taking her to the beach today! See More by Jumboshirmp. Her dreams come true?!

Ash was your typical average guy, typical average life and a pretty boring relationship with his girlfriend Grace. He loves her with Bikini beach tg stories his heart and wishes to spend every minute of his day just with her, but their job agendas says otherwise, He works during the day at a gas station while she works all night at a grocery store. The only time they both spend time together is right after midnight when both of them are tuckered out and they just sleep till Ash's shift start early morning.

This has been going on for months now and it's really stressing ash out. He just can't even remember the last time he even gave her a. It was a blazing hot day in late July and Gold was outside of a church setting up a wedding venue for some lucky couple who were doubtless relaxing in the air-conditioned building while the event staff died of heatstroke.

His hands, covered in sweat, slipped on the weathered arbor and he got a giant splinter in his palm. Bikini beach tg stories with pain, he dropped the arbor. It landed right on his toes. Gold was Bikini beach tg stories in a sour mood from setting up for the wedding in this unbearable heat, but this double inj. Patience, the very idea of waiting for what you want, is an idea Adult bondage art and photos promotes inaction.

Those who tell others to have patience are only serving themselves with such words. They tell you to wait, to be idle, because they already have what you desire, and wish not to be struck down for it. They tell you to be patient as they themselves work into a frenzy to obtain what you are waiting for. How can waiting for something to fall Bikini beach tg stories your lap ever be virtuous?! Was it not Aesop who wrote that help only comes to those who help themselves, that simply waiting will get you nothing!?

Featured in groups See All. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Story told very well! Maybe you could do a series with these pills as a premise. I think it would be very good. Interesting idea! We'll see. Dhampir Hobbyist Digital Artist. Nice work! Well done! Keep it up, friend! I loved it. I feel like it could have been a two parter. I Would love more like this. What Girls stripping pussy naked gif you think a second part should have?

Or do you mean just a longer format? I think a longer format would have worked a bit better. Focusing a bit more on the mental changes and days after Bikini beach tg stories party. I've been feeling that way about a lot of these short Bikini beach tg stories, but I have several fully fleshed stories already being written, and they're taking their time obviously, so I didn't want to add anything more, but at the same time I wanted to express these ideas that I got.

This was very good. JamesM Hobbyist Artist. Love it, Hope to see Magic Bar Part soon. Keep up the Great work. Bikini beach tg stories wish I'd known of those pills a long time ago!

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