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A three-time Divas champion holding the combined record at days and two-time Diva of the Year at the Wwe diva aj lee nude Awards, AJ Lee was the perfect woman to lead the WWE into a New Era that promoted not only its female talent, but offered female fans new role models of the same sex.

While a lot went right pairing AJ Lee with the WWE, she did plenty that most likely made Vince question whether she was worth signing at all. Many of its wrestlers, male and female, find themselves romantically entangled with co-Superstars backstage. It adds insult to injury when these minglers have a habit of jumping from port to port, if you get my gist.

The two even created a celebrity name for themselves: Zigglee. Ew, ew, ew. But take that outside work and it looks a whole lot worse.

Paige is your friend? For so many WWE followers who associated with both AJ and Paige for their non-conformist images and tomboy je ne sais quoi, the best part about watching these two black sheep was their feud. This head-to-head featured two small but wickedly talented women who had no reservations about being savage.

They would go on to beef for the remainder of that year until forming a tag team at WrestleMania 31, knocking down The Bella Twins.

Tears ensued. The WWE loves when their female wrestlers have been life-long fans. Being a lifelong fan is one step up from being a legacy i. Natalya Hart. This is probably the only reason Bayley is getting time in the ring with Charlotte. Sorry WWE. At the same time, Paige has a similar background, starting her training at the tender age of 13 and coming across the pond at 19 to sign with WWE.

But again, AJ just takes the cake. I mean, what are the odds that this fan Wwe diva aj lee nude would have been captured? Uh oh, she wrote a book. The WWE does not want a reputation of being cruel to its employees, hence the banning of the merciless Piledriver and severely dangerous Curbstomp. It may have Wwe diva aj lee nude up only to be whiplash, but when AJ Lee was knocked off a ramp by frenemy Paige during a SmackDown showing The Black Widow had just finished a match with Rosa Mendes the image of a neck-casted Diva did not look pretty.

Lee was taken directly to the hospital where she would remain overnight. According to WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann, Lee was not initially responding which prompted the precaution of placing her in a brace and carrying AJ off the stage in a stretcher. While crappy Divas like Summer Rae were literally obsessed with looking sexy in the ring, AJ managed what some have considered the impossible; being hot without trying.

A self-described tomboy, The Black Widow was famous for her crew-cut t-shirts, which might as well have been turtle necks compared to the mesh and boob numbers of the other females on the roster. And yes, one sight of those cut-off blue jean shorts, studded belt, and low-profile makeup made us schvitz like a we were in a sauna.

For 99 percent of her time in the ring minus one little wardrobe malfunction elaborated below she was everything the company wanted. Wardrobe malfunctions are a cardinal sin in the modern age of WWE. Sure, we all miss the days when Edge and Lita could bring their bed into the ring and get kinky under the silky sheets in front of Wwe diva aj lee nude live audience not to mention Wwe diva aj lee nude matchesbut ever since the fandom of John Cena brought with it a new need for PG content, the company simply does not condone any racy romps.

She had just finished biting Natalya and came up for air, licking her finger and showing the whole WWE Universe the perfect circumferences of her girls. Dolph Ziggler was in the ring and helped her tug the shirt back down, but he seemed to be the only one concerned, as AJ strutted to the corner, black push-up blazing.

Fans are a part of the packaged deal of being a sexy WWE Diva. Obsessive, creepy-as-Hell fans are however the one bad apple that can ruin the lot. This is Wwe diva aj lee nude AJ Lee tugs at the heart strings. While her in-ring persona was a Dr. Hyde between being a girly flirt and a tough badass, the real world AJ keeps comic books on her nightstand and is a die-hard PlayStation and Xbox gamer.

AJ has always been proud of her dweeby hobbies and it makes us proud to be a legion of losers too. Her less glamorous pastimes lend to her sex Wwe diva aj lee nude too and oh yeah, the WWE knows that. It makes fans think hey, we both like Grant Morrison comics so I totally have a chance.

In Februarya tweet by Stephanie McMahon would put in motion a series of events in company leading to a big change in this arena. It was literally steaming off the screen.

Both on screen and backstage AJ hated all things femmy about the vast remainder of her Diva coworkers. Wwe diva aj lee nude disdain for the lot of them got a boost in when she began insulting the Total Divas for their participation in the E! This really put a barrier between her and the rest of the growing Divas Revolution.

This can be something as simple as trying to be a role model for young girls the reason Natalya has made it this far in the organization. Her efforts really came to light after retiring from the ring, but at that time the WWE still reaped the benefits of having anything she did be naturally associated with their company, almost like a ghostly aura following her. Now the more we think of them as a pair, it seems so obvious they would last. While CM all but vanished in a flash, AJ would officially retire.

Today photos of the happy couple include a fully-clothed AJ watching outside the octagon cage as her man gets his ass whopped at UFC.

It was Wwe diva aj lee nude for the WWE to have a Diva that was different. The company really tried to push Paige as the first anti-Diva, but in truth AJ got to that spot long before the Diva of Tomorrow. Then you get them both in the ring together and you have a perfect Beautiful women with big ass porn. It ends up these two Divas carried their animosity for one another out of the ring and into personal life.

As difficult as it may have been working with someone you hate, it looked so damn good. Leave A Comment. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Wwe diva aj lee nude most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

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