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Learn more. Arsenia G. Francis Nuestro Baleta. Jose Abucay. The study evaluated sex reversal of Nile tilapia O. The main effects of hormone concentration HCimmersion time IT and their interaction effect HC x IT on hatching percentage, survival and percentages of male and female were determined.

The main effects of HC and IT and their interaction significantly influenced hatching percentage, sex and survival of O. Figures - uploaded by Francis Nuestro Baleta. Author content All content in Sex reversal of nile tilapia area was uploaded by Francis Nuestro Baleta. Content may be subject to copyright. Main effect of HC on hatching percentage across all ITs. Interaction effect of HC x IT on hatching percentage. Main effect of IT on hatching percentage across all HCs.

Lowest hatching percentage of Content uploaded by Francis Nuestro Baleta. BY EGG. Cagauan, Francis N. Baleta and Jose S. College of Fisheries and Freshwater Aquaculture Center. The main effects of hormo ne concentration HC. The main effects of HC and IT and t heir interaction significantly influen ced. Hatching percentage.

Similarly, survival of treated fry in net enclosures was affected. Inc reased per cent male was obser ved with increasing HC and IT. The main effect of IT that gave the highest per cent. The interac tion effect of HC x IT. The study has proven that it is possib le to induce sex reversal of O.

Early sexual maturity in tilapia culture is a well recognized proble m. There are a. One of these is the culture. Sex reversal by oral administration of feed incorporated with methyl. This is the most common method of sex reversal in the Philippin es.

However, the technique has some limitations such as the uniform a ge of fish t hat should be. Moreover, widespread use of large quantities of sex reversal hormone in hatcheries may pose. Studies Sex reversal of nile tilapia sex rever sal by immersion in hormone s olution of methyl tes tosterone. MT are few and foc used mainl y on fry instead of e ggs such as in Co ho salmon.

Onchorynhus kisutch Baker et al. A successful study by Gale et al. There is a lack of information. The mechani sm of actio n of the immersi on. During the embryonic d evelopment, gonadal differentiation can be. Straussman an d Nakamur ahowe ver, point ed out that th e mechanism of act ion of. Sex revers al by egg im mersion ma y lessen th e duration of treatment a nd lower the. This alternative techni que of administering the sex reversa l hormone may be.

A stu dy to explo re this alt ernative t echnique o f. Hence, this investigation aimed to d etermine the effect of hormone. Two days after pairing, daily. Once eggs were observed, it was. Sex reversal of nile tilapia day old were collected from t he.

The different HCs. Immersion was done using plastic c ontainers 1. Aerators were provided in each contain er Sex reversal of nile tilapia facilitate the continuous movement o f eggs in. After immersion, treated eggs were transferred in down-welling egg incubators where. Fry were placed Sex reversal of nile tilapia the incubators for period of days after.

Fry whose yolk sac ha ve been absorbed were fed. T he hatchin g percentage was evaluat ed by count ing the number o f. The ex periment was. Hatched fry were transferred in net enclosures pl aced in a single earthen pond and.

The experimental layout. After this p eriod, per cent survival was evaluated. Survival was expressed as a proportion of th e treated fry stocked in the net enclosure. Sex reversal of nile tilapia of fingerlings ma le female, intersex were identified by gonad squash tec hnique.

Guerrero and Shelton, 4. During the rearing period, w ater quality parameters temper ature, pH and dissolved. Pearso n. Analysis of variance sho wed strong significant effects of hormone concentration. The hatching percen tage of The low est hatching percentage of Although the main effect of HC gave significan t. Ho rmone co nc ent ra tion ug. Imm ersi on ti m e hrs. Figure 1. Pearson correlation coefficient. The main effec t of IT showed t hat the highest hatching pe rcentage of 9 7.

Res ults showed a decreasing t rend. Figure 2. Main effect of IT on hatch ing percentage across all HCs. The interaction effect of HC x IT showed that th e highest hatching percentages. Lowest hatc hing. Table 1. Values in parentheses are standard error of the mean SEM. The control wit h HC 0 ug l -1 gave the highest post-trea tment survival of Figure 3.

Effect of hormone con centratio n on percent sur vival across all ITs. Survival wa s significa ntly highe r in hr IT Result s showed that incr easing HC and IT resulted in. Load more. Citations 7. References All-male individuals achieve higher somatic growth rate and shut high energy losses associated with gonadal development and reproduction Guerrero ; Tuan et al. The economic advantage of culturing all-male tilapia has led to the development of procedures for producing unisex cultures Cagauan et al.

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