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Not a truer statement could be made on this subject. I as well gave up on that daily shaving or beware of the stubble itch plus the fact that I either sweat more when it was bald or it was due to not having hair to absorb it and keep me dry. Then when I decided enough was enough and grew my puff ball back again I found out guys really don't give much of shit anyway as they munch it as often and as good as they did when my puss looked like a 4 yr old. Learn more. I see your point!

I have also been with several girls in my past some shaved bare and others with trimmed bush and can't say either bothered me. Generally the hair on our pussy lips themselves is pretty sparse and generally not very long so not much of a problem.

Once in a while I think back to those days and miss it a bit. Yes I get a big giggle out of the answers some guys give about this subject when we all know that if a girl they are interested in drops her panties and it looks like an Amazon forest he Gabriella fox masturbation nude still go after it.

Thanks for your response and a very honest one. Nothing personal here, they are all cute in my opinion. Can't argue with that as I did that myself and I would bet most of us girls do that at some point in our youth. I did keep my pussy bare for a short time and then got tired of the maintenance daily to keep it baby ass smooth. Trim unless whoever I date next wants it shaved. The hair down there doesn't bother me.

Oh I hate that answer so bad! It's your body so keep it the way you want to keep it and don't let a boyfriend or whatever influence that decision. Take my word for it: The guy who makes the stupid request that he wants it baby smooth will also gladly take it covered in jungle bush if that is the way it comes. Pretty much like me except I skipped the design part of it. Maybe once every 4 to 6 weeks.

What was your reasoning? Because you think everyone else is doing it, boyfriend request? The girls I hang out with aren't really the type to talk about that sort of stuff, but I think it was a combination of what I think everyone else is doing, and I thought a guy would like it like that. How old were you when you first shaved your pussy? More importantly what was it that gave you the idea to do so? Who use to do it but now pretty much keep it natural Super sexy porn stars nude some simple trimming?

We are not getting graded here so just be honest and please don't give me ridiculous answers like "it's healthier or it's cleaner etc, just plain honest answers. I've See me shave my cunt blogs of girls beginning to shave there baby pussies at an age before I was even shaving my legs which didn't happen until I was Share Facebook.

Girls, Girls Only! When did you first shave your pussy? Add Opinion. I think I was 15 or My best friend and I were just starting to get really physical with our boyfriends. They were already starting to touch and play with our See me shave my cunt boobs. And a few times rubbing my pussy over my pants. We had been talking to some of the older See me shave my cunt and they said we needed to start shaving our pussies.

The boys like it better and the sex is better. We did and the rest is history. I have always kept it that way because I like how it made me Sexy amateur milf stockings. More sexy I suppose and I do feel that it makes it more sensitive to touch and tongue, of course.

Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. How do I get nudes from a girl? Do girls really care about male penis size? What Girls Said Xper 6. The moment I noticed hair growth.

I'd already been shaving my legs and arm pits by that point. My mother actually had to teach me at 9 how to shave my armpits.

See me shave my cunt started shaving after that because I figured it was normal just to get rid of any hair growth. So as soon as I noticed I was getting pubes, I started to shave. Xper 5. I started shaving puts legs and pussy as soon as I noticed hair there. Older sister See me shave my cunt shaving at 15 and See me shave my cunt wanted to be like her so I started. I still shave because I hate getting a mouth full of hair when I go down on a woman so why shouldn't I keep mine shaved if I want someone to go down on me.

I don't remember why except thinking that's what you did when you shaved I shaved my big toes and arms as well-lol. Now no, I actually don't shave anything at all. I am an adult and don't see the point. If someone would judge me on that then I am way better off without them. I think 16 or 17 because I thought guys would get turned off by hair spoiler alert, most don't actually care that much.

So now I just keep it trim and only shave it completely every few months when I feel like it. See me shave my cunt started when I was twelve, shortly after I started watching porn and masturbating. Honestly I didn't do a great job, I just did enough to keep the hair out of the way of fingering and periods, but once See me shave my cunt started getting physical I started to wax and epilate.

Katie Xper 7. Ummm 15 I think. Started doing it See me shave my cunt my friends were. Nowadays I either shave or trim it depending on my mood at the time.

I have a landing strip at the moment. For a private plane or an airliner? Show All Show Less. I honestly don't know. I don't think I started doing that until I was like 19 but I started growing hair down there at a late age, like So you still keep in baby Bulma and beerus hentai smooth or just trim?

I don't care one way or the other. I'm bracing myself for the 'why' or 'you were too young' comments lol. Since high school over 30 years ago. I think it looks better, so does my husband. Not sure. Been doing it mostly every day since. Not sure but probably when I was 15 or so. My brother's wife taught me how See me shave my cunt shave properly.

Girlsrule Xper 3. I used to shave at the age of 14 and then I left it then I started giving deign See me shave my cunt then I kept it natural and now I don't shave. I started at 13, because I was wearing bikinis. Only just this year actually. Probably when I was about Xper 4.

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