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The Thousand Sunny was treading along peaceful waters. And with this beautiful weather, the Straw Hat crew is in their usual activities. Almost all of them are in the upper deck enjoying the sun while others are at the ship's hull busy with their own task.

Nami is in her working room drawing maps. Chopper in the medical room reading medical books and are mixing whatever One piece zoro sex robin plants he has into some medical concoctions that might have some use for treating injuries. The crew will be facing a lot of enemies soon and his medical skills will be needed during those time.

Franky and Brook are sitting in the mowed lawn of the ship's deck, playing cards. Ussop and Luffy are fishing something for dinner. Sanji is making his noodle dance with flying hearts in front of Robin who is reading a book sitting on her chair. The cook probably made some gourmet coffee for Robin again and at the same time declaring his undying love lines to the beautiful archeologists.

Zoro on the other hand, is on the crow's nest working out again. He needs to be stronger as their coming opponents will be a lot Irish girls in mini skirts than the people they previously One piece zoro sex robin. Back to Robin, she was still engrossed with the book she is reading.

She just got some new books from Dressrosa specially from the Tontatta Kingdom where little people called faeries are living. After they've defeated the Don Quixote Family, they stayed for several days at Dressrosa to recuperate. She got a lot One piece zoro sex robin information about Rio Pone glyph from the said faeries and excited to read the books she got.

The things that they've done until now made all of them stronger. She looked at the horizon and sigh. She's looking forward for the coming adventures they will encounter soon. She took a deep breath and grabbed one of her books. Just how did this got here?

She wondered. She rubbed the images of her mom's out One piece zoro sex robin her mind. True, that her mom loved her but she never got a chance to feel a mother's love. One piece zoro sex robin was robbed away from her. Why would I be asking that myself? Well, maybe because I am not getting any younger. Hmm, age really makes one weary. His manly built evident through his sweaty shirt. His masculinity never One piece zoro sex robin to amaze her.

All the training that he is doing really yields him positive results. His got all the right buff in all the right places. She knew personally the feeling of being wrapped around those muscular arms every time he would save her. And it never fails to make her cheeks hot red secretly that is. Nobody saw the archeologist blush before. She then glances at the book she was holding and smirks. Amusement is in her eyes.

Zoro grabbed the book, a knot forming in his forehead as he read the cover page and blushed in One piece zoro sex robin as he remembered something. He gave the book back to Robin. I knew that before but after two years she got a lot sexier and its getting dangerous. Wouldn't she catch a cold with that outfit of hers? She is wearing a short dark blue dress that shows her creamy shoulders and cleavage. You're going to be a good father. Zoro gulped as he caught her tongue lick her lips and took his gaze away from Robin's lips and body.

It would be bad if she caught him staring at her. He just heard her hearty laughed. My chest kept burning up whenever I am talking to that woman. Robin's gaze never left the swordsman's back until he disappeared to the shower rooms. The smile never left her face. She is really fond of teasing him. He can be cold, aloof and arrogant sometimes but he knows how to take care of the people he had put his trust to. He can be there whenever he is needed.

He had rescued her and protected her countless times along their journey and she is really grateful of him. Why would she be One piece zoro sex robin that she can touch that swordsman's heart? That thought is not important, we are nakama's afterall.

Her trail of thought was interrupted by Ussop's call. Nami, the navigator rushed to the crow's nest to confirm about the island. She climbed down as Robin approach the younger female. Moreover, there is something wrong with the log pose.

I will try to reset it. That means we are docking in the island haven full of women in bikinis. Summer island! Bikini girls…" Sanji chanted the last two earning him a bloody nose afterwards. If it is true that this island is full of girls in bikini, then that would be too bad for him". They docked an hour later and split into four groups. Nami and Luffy will shop for paper and other miscellaneous supplies and Franky and Ussop shopped for food supplies knowing that the cook is not allowed to go outside for a chance of severe blood loss.

To Sanji and Brook's greatest dismay they are to stay in the ship as guards together with Chopper. For counter measures, they are currently chained in the medic room. That leaves Robin and Zoro as the fourth group to shop for books and booze. Both of them are walking silently. Zoro overcame his trust problem with Robin a long time ago and grew a deep friendship with her though it is not that obvious. They seem to have a certain kind of niche with each other, maybe because they are similar in more ways.

But there are times One piece zoro sex robin he can't just handle her. She loves to One piece zoro sex robin him whenever she had a chance. She even becomes sexier and alluring than she was 2 years ago. And he is not the only one who is affected by her beauty and charm. The men around town shot glances of adoration towards the woman and some even dare to drool over her perversely. For some reasons, it made his blood boil with anger.

Unconsciously, he was staring threateningly at the men who stare at her lewdly Black thick ebony ssbbw some of them backed off. Zoro didn't notice that he walked a little bit faster leaving Robin behind. Just then he felt a soft hand tugging Meghan flather nude in war hand and saw Robin beside him.

Zoro groan in frustration to just to hide the nervousness he is feeling. Ever since the Mugiwara Pirates are reunited he'd One piece zoro sex robin feeling some tightness and burning sensation in his chest every time he is with Robin. Just then Robin lifted up her head. Soon her hands left his and a sudden flash of abandonment overcame One piece zoro sex robin. He turns and she was a little bit farther Nude red head women photo him.

But before he could respond that it was fine, a bunch of kids were running toward Robin's direction and instinctively, he grab Robin before the running kids could stampede over the delicate woman's body. Look to where you are going! He was hugging Robin a little bit tighter and closer to him and their face were only a breath away. His throat became dry. His eye suddenly averted towards her pink luscious lips. He swallowed a clumped that formed in his throat.

She looks so irresistibly beautiful. I sound like that ero-cook. That help both of them to snapped out of it and in a flash they separated both with red hot cheeks. An old lady sitting in a stool laughed. One piece zoro sex robin young love is only natural. When I was your age I had such a crazy whirlwind romance with one of my fellow pirate member that we didn't even care how dangerous the world is for us.

Thinking about it never fails to make me smile.

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