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Imagine this. You just came home from a long hard day at work. You strip off your clothes so you can take a nice soothing shower to take your mind off of things. Not Nude group shower movie scene pleasant thought is it? One constant that runs through countless horror films especially in the slasher genre is the oh-so-familiar shower scene and its slight variant — the bathtub scene. Alexis fawx porn pics Hitchcock knew this very well when he filmed one of the most memorable movie death scenes in his much beloved Psycho.

Do yourself a favor, if you ever find yourself in a horror movie, just be dirty for a few days. Nothing mainstream had ever been as perverse, as complicated and as terrifying. At the start, we have clean cut Norman Bates Anthony Perkins just running his motel as usual. That is until she steps into that fateful shower. Whilst Nude group shower movie scene said shower, Marion is Nude group shower movie scene when the curtain is pulled back to reveal a silhouetted assailant.

For audiences to see a screaming naked woman at her most vulnerable be attacked by a knife wielding maniac — it must have been quite the horrifying experience at the time. With that scene, Hitchcock dispelled all our expectations and offended our decency. All within 30 minutes of the opening of the film.

In one scene, Gorilla-Julio scales a building, pulls a chick out of the shower Gina Morett and starts going to town on her, ultimately tearing her limb from limb. The scene is straight up shocking — not just because of its graphic nature, but because the rest of the movie minus the surgery could easily be rated G.

Feeny starts murderously raping Topanga. The scene is shot in soft focus, idolized by the lens as an image of pure teenage beauty despite her rather gawky looks. Plus she still got a date for the prom. On September 29th,a sudden electrical storm on the rural coast of Georgia causes a lengthy power outage in the town of Fly Creek — as well as an incredibly bizarre phenomenon related to a local worm farm.

And, as you could probably guess, some carnivorous worms decide to interrupt. The film follows a New York City writer, Jennifer Camille Keatonwho Nude group shower movie scene up to a secluded cabin in the woods to write her first novel. While there, she is heartlessly raped by four country boys and left for dead. Surviving the assault, she carefully plots and implements horrific, bloody revenge against her attackers.

Jennifer seduces one of the men who raped her in order to lead him to his death. She then takes the knife that she hid under the bath mat and cuts his genitals, locking the door and letting him bleed to death in the bath.

Good list, the only one I can think of is This House Possessed. A blood shower scene, but a well done one. You missed Other Halves! Quite possibly the first shower scene in horror movie history to pass the Bechdel Test! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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