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Unfortunately, the BK Burger Shots left me somewhat unimpressed. I figured there could be some redemption within the tiny breakfast sandwich version. The BK Breakfast Shots are simply tiny breakfast sandwiches.

Ingredients consist of eggcheesecheesy ranchero sauce and your choice of sausagebacon or ham. One of my biggest gripes with the BK Burger Shots was how uninspired they were.

I felt the Burger Shots suffered from being plain and the bread was a little on the dry side. I was happy that the Breakfast Shots used a softer more breakfast-y style bun that was sort of reminiscent of a croissant. While none of the ingredients stood out as being anything New bk breakfast shots midget farmer, the Breakfast Shots were more satisfying than the Burger Shots.

They come in sets of 2, wrapped up in a tearable paper packaging see above pics that eases with grubbing on the go and not getting New bk breakfast shots midget farmer messy.

The problem with the packaging is that it almost requires you to grip down on the sandwiches to tear them apart from one another. Was there hype? The Sausage Breakfast shot was the best out of the 3. Pros: Bite-sized. Decent portion of egg. Tasty, almost croissant-like bread. Easy to eat on the run. Cons: Better breakfast options available on the BK menu. Too Tan blonde nude short hair. Packaging could be better.

Ranchero cheese sauce was basically just cheese sauce with a fancy name. Taste: 7. At that time they were Burger Buddies and Breakfast Buddies.

Maybe they skipped that or it was particularly cold ham…. Just wake up 10 minutes earlier and make yourself something decent and cheaper, obviously better. I can understand sometimes…but breakfast? Now I want one. Why is it that all these places feel the need to put some sort of sauce on everything.

Why add a ranchero sauce to the mix? Sadly these places never inform you of this crap being on said items on the menu, and I flip during commercials. I would have never known until too late. Being that I am not working, I have no excuse for Bear. New bk breakfast shots midget farmer get some serious douche chills whenever I see the breakfast shot commercial with the midget farmer.

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