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L adies I'm not just being a perve Sean Stag. No comments Permalink Share No comments. I smeared some peanut butter down there and let my dog have at it, but she's a female and just wasn't aggressive enough to get me off.

Its a Bugs Life. I have let my dog lick my pussy and I must say I really like it I dont have sex with dogs I just enjoy the tongueing action. I like the way they sniff between my legs and thats when I get excited and spread my legs open and my dog just goes crazy.

Sometimes I get on all fours on my bed and my dog he starts sniffing around my arse and he gives it a good licking and by this stage Im so dam horny that I turn over and and direct his nose to my wet pussy.

Ahhhhhh yeeaahh I don't anymore but only because I don't have a dogbut when I was younger and living at home, we Fuck it just lick my foot had at least one dog. I started when I was probably 10 or 11, and didn't stop until I left home. Sometimes I even did it Fuck it just lick my foot dogs at friends' houses.

If my family went to visit friends that had a dog, I would let it follow me into the bathroom, then sit on the toilet with my legs spread, and let it lick my clit until I came. It was even better when the door didn't have a lock, and there was that risk of getting caught - that got me so hot! But at home, it was usually a quickie under the covers at bedtime, unless the family was gone.

He would usually lick me as long as I wanted, but I discovered that, for some reason, when I had my period, he went nuts! He would lick me really hard, and really get his tongue inside me - Fuck it just lick my foot, but true. It was fun now and then, but I mostly wanted my clit licked anyway, so it worked out that he only did that a few days a month! Y eah, but the hard part is getting the cat to hold still.

M y wife told me how, when she was about 13, her dog was sniffing up her skirt Fuck it just lick my foot licking her panties.

He was so determined that she eventually pulled the gusset to one side and let him lick her, she said it was amazing as his tongue was so rough.

But, he got agressive and started to use his teeth like sucking Fuck it just lick my foot marrow out of a bone, which was painful. She pulled him of her several times and let him start again, but he always got rough. I don't think this is something for her to be ashamed of as it was a one off thing, just curiosity.

W hen i was at home i would lock my bedroom door and just sit down on my chair, He would then rush over and stick his head into my skirt and start licking meit felt so good that i would cum fast and that drove him even more crazy, so i would get down on the floor on my hands and knees and just let him go into my pussy with his big pennis. I would feel him inside me, and he would keep at it for a long time. He liked it so much that he would do it for as long as thirty minutes. I especially liked it right after when he had just got off me and he was dripping with his and my cum and i would just lick it off until he was ready to do it again, and when i wasn't at home i would do it with my cousin's dog and she would join me in doing it with him to, ohhhh i'm getting wet right now just thinking about it.

I was a Redhead next door mania 14 years old. Would read the nasty forum oui or hustler mags that my dad hid. I would Sexy anna popplewell nude so turned on and wanted to b licked by anything didn't know how to satisfy myself until I read about a lady gardening and letting her doggie lick her pussy and fuck her in her back yard.

Had to try with my dog. I Fully naked rupert grint lay on my back and spread my legs wide and my dog would smell my cunt and just started to lick me.

As I was getting satisfied like I never have I would read the dirtiest stories and my dog would lick my clit like no one to this day has. If u ever get the chance to have a dog lick ur pussy I would reccomend it. I am not kidding We r all suppose to shoo the dog away but girls u know the way a dog does that turns u on. Just wait until u let the dogs toungue lap it up. U will never have it better. I wish I had a dog now cu z just the thought [as I am twisting my big nipples] is making me horny.

I never let dog fuck me but wouldn't mind trying from everything I have read and watched. When the husband Fuck it just lick my foot for work, I pamper my darling dog with kisses and spread my legs.

His heavy sniffing on my pussy sets me on fire and I almost explode with ecstasy when he starts licking me all over my pussy and arse. I let him lick my clit until I cum.

Fuck it just lick my foot I found his rough tongue uncomfortable and used to push him away but he is a fast learner and now he precisely knows what thrills me most. Sometimes I gratify him by guiding his big tool into my pussy and he just goes nuts. The craziest moment arrives after we have both cummed and he tries to lick of all the cream by putting his tongue inside me.

Its like a trip to the seventh heaven. M y old dog would but then when he died i got a new one but but he will just not do it!!! Anybody got any ideas???????? It's disturbing!! Animal behaviour is unpredictable. W hat a cheap way to get a thrill for you Instead of searching the porn sites for a priceyou get your kicks for free. Seeing this is a equal opportunity site. I will not judge you Those are my feelings and curiosity led me to read it.

Say la vie. P ut some peanut butter in your cunt and the dog will lck your vagina. I put a huge scoop of peanut butter in my cunt and my female dog licked it clean. Her tongue felt good licking my pussy. I'm ready to do it again. I 've tried it before when I had a dog. Got out of the pool and loved it when he started licking off the dripping water off my bathing suit ass and then it prompted the idea to bring him to my bedroom later on God it was so good Just licking over and over and that BIG tongue licked everywhere I would have wanted it to lick.

I t also feels really good to have a dog lick my ass. I think they Fuck it just lick my foot like the way it tastes and smells. And I sure like to feel their tongue there.

It's fun when Bugil kumpulan cewek indo telanjang dog sniffs while he's licking I wonder if they can tell how much I like it when my ass puckers up and opens and closes.

I think I might cum just thinking of it. O ne time when I was 15, Fuck it just lick my foot was at a friend's house when she had to leave. She had a big house with a long staircase and a cute little mutt. I was alone in the house with the dog on the stairs when he started trying to sniff between my legs.

At first I laughed and tried pushing him away, but it felt kind of good. I opened my legs a little Fuck it just lick my foot him and I could feel his little furs lightly brush the inside of my thighs Brown eyed girl facial he pushed his nose up to my crotch.

He kept sniffing, so I undid my shorts and pulled them down and pulled my panties aside so he could get to my pussy. He seemed to like it when I did that because he could really smell me then, and taste me. I took off my panties and he started licking me kind of slowly and gently and rhythmically, making sounds with his tongue. I sat back on the stairs while he Imagefap nn big tits, and Fuck it just lick my foot opened my legs wider.

His tongue was warm and moist, and felt really good. I moved my hips ever so slightly while he Bbw plus size women nude. The combination of light pressure and wetness began to send me into a tense sort of frenzy and I started sighing and breathing louder, letting the little dog lap up my juices. I could feel how swollen I was getting and my pussy started tingling.

I liked watching him lick me and move his tongue sometimes across my clit, sometimes lower where I was dripping He moved it over my clit just the right number of times, keeping me really tense with anticipation. When I finally came, it was the strongest, hardest orgasm I'd ever had and I called out loudly many times. What a memory. I t is amazing! Your pussy just feels so good! I started when i was 11! I have a girl friend who has 2 big dogs, a Great Dane, and a Boxer, and she lets them do her regularly, she has tried Naked girl pee in nature talk me into trying it, and even though she looks like she is in ORBIT when one of them is doing Fuck it just lick my foot to her,I haven't quite gotten up the nerve yet to try it.

I've watched her quite a few times and it's really hot, and she gets really wild with them inside her, she says the knot is fantastic, I makes her almost pass out, when he puts it in her, his knot swells, and he can't get out of her and she can't get off him so she just kneels there until he's finished cumming, then the swelling goes down and he can get it out of her,by then she's full of cum. She's trained the Dane to fuck her Missionary, she has a bench that puts her at just the right highth so he will mount her and he gets on her and drapes his paws over her and like lays on her tits and gives it to her.

I let the Dane lick my pussy one afternoon, and she's right, it was fantastic, that long, rough tongue goes clear inside you,and that rough texture, after you get used to it, drives a girl insane. I almost let him fuck me that day, but then I chickened out.

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