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The ordinary mode of punishing the slaves is both cruel and barbarous. The masters seldom, if ever, try to govern their slaves by moral influence but by whipping, kicking, beating, starving, branding, cat-hauling, loading with irons, imprisoning, or by some other cruel mode of torturing.

For these, and the like crimes, the slaves are whipped thirty-nine lashes, and sometimes seventy or a hundred, on the bare back.

I heard an overseer boasting to this same master that he gave one of the boys seventy lashes, for not doing a job of work just as he thought it ought to be done. The owner of White slave girl naked flogging slave appeared to be pleased that the overseer had been so faithful. The apology they make for whipping so cruelly is, that it is to frighten the rest of the gang.

The masters say, that what we call an ordinary flogging will not subdue the slaves; hence the most cruel and barbarous scourgings ever witnessed by man White slave girl naked flogging daily and hourly inflicted upon the naked bodies of these miserable bondmen; not by masters and negro-drivers only, but by the constables in the common markets and jailors in their yards.

White slave girl naked flogging the slaves are whipped, either in public or private, they have their hands fastened by the wrists, with a rope or cord prepared for the purpose: this being thrown over a beam, a limb of a tree, or something else, the culprit is drawn up and stretched by the arms as high as possible, without raising his feet from the ground or floor: and sometimes they are made to stand on tip-toe; then the feet are made fast to something prepared for them.

In this distorted posture the monster flies at them, sometimes in great rage, with his implements of torture, and cuts on with all his might, over the shoulders, under the arms, and sometimes over the head and ears, or on parts of the body where he can inflict the greatest torment. Lord have mercy! While under the lash, the bleeding victim writhes in agony, convulsed with torture.

Thirty-nine lashes on the bare back, which tear the skin at almost every stroke, is what the South calls a very moderate punishment! Many masters whip until they are tired—until the back is a gore of blood—then rest upon it: after a short cessation, get up and go at it again; and after having satiated their revenge in the blood of their victims, they sometimes leave them tied, for hours together, bleeding at every wound.

Now and then a master, but more frequently a mistress who has no husband, will send them to jail a few days, giving orders to have them whipped, so many lashes, once or twice a day. Sometimes, after being whipped, some have been shut up in a dark place and deprived of food, in order to increase their torments: and I have heard of some who have, in such circumstances, died of their wounds and starvation. On plantations, the evenings usually present White slave girl naked flogging of horror.

Those slaves against whom charges are preferred for not having performed their tasks, and for various faults, must, after work-hours at night, undergo Chubby girl pussy flash torments.

I have often heard the sound of the lash, the curses of the whipper, and the cries of the poor negro rending the air, late in the evening, and long before day-light in the morning. Whipping the women when in delicate circumstances, as they sometimes do, without any regard to their entreaties or the entreaties of their nearest friends, is truly barbarous.

If negroes could testify, they would tell you of instances of women being whipped until they have miscarried at the whipping-post. I heard of such things at the south—they are undoubtedly facts. Children are whipped unmercifully for the smallest White slave girl naked flogging, and that before their mothers. A large proportion of the blacks have White slave girl naked flogging shoulders, backs, and arms all scarred up, and not a few of them have had their heads laid open with clubs, stones, and brick-bats, and with the butt-end of whips and canes—some have had their jaws broken, others their teeth knocked White slave girl naked flogging or out; while others have had their ears cropped and the sides of their cheeks gashed out.

Some of Free teen euro galleries poor creatures have lost the sight of one White slave girl naked flogging their eyes by the careless blows of the whipper, or by some other violence.

As bad as this look at slavery is, the fact is there was even worse done, as unbelievable as that may seem, but it is true. Like Like. I almost screamed when I red that part, who has this much ignorance? Who, oh clearly the guy who wrote it. Like Liked by 1 person. How about you read and understand the context?

Are you crazy? Did you think these racist demons were thinking cuteness when referring to Black people as White slave girl naked flogging GTFOH with that bullshit. These scenes in the photo gallery clearly show the soulessness, the Isis love big tit creampie, inhumane and barbaric nature of these bastards. Another form of slave punishment. Cat Hauling: Take a cat by the nape of the neck and tail, or by the hind legs, and drag the claws across the back of a slave.

Most republicans are white, and they continue to underestimate blacks and other minorities. They also seem to think that the propaganda tactics they use to get most whites to vote for them will work on us.

Like Liked by 3 people. We have men-stealers for ministers, women-whippers for missionaries, and cradle-plunderers for church members. Like Liked by 2 people. It crushes my soul to think what my ancestors went through.

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