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Sexy Models. Main Page. Cast: Ami Genres: Underwater Sex, Masturbation Video language: English Pretty unusual show with fisting, where the girl, wearing scuba dive under the water and began to fondle herself with rubber toys. Download and enjoy! Release Year: Cast: Ivanka Trump Genres: Amateur, Casting, All Sex Video language: English This cute 18 year old with a little attitude apparently like to scuba dive, the whole reason she is doing this video is so she can raise enough money to become a dive instructor.

She tells me she cannot hold her breath underwater, but she can definitely go down on a dick. But he can't seem to find any gay sex, so he contents himself with spying on the boys down the local scuba -diving school where the hunky instructors can't keep their hands off the athletic young lads they're teaching.

One day Eddy gets caught wanking by two sexy studs. Is he in trouble or in for the shag of his life? Release Year: Cast: Angelina Ashe, Scott Nails Genres: big dicks, facial, natural tits, outdoor sex, bikini Video language: English Angelina needs scuba diving lessons to get certified before heading out on a trip with some friends to Hawaii.

Scott teaches her all she needs to know before he peels her back under water. In the first part, Naoko dominates a skinny guy. She sits on his face and rides it. Takes his head and shoves it in her big tits and ass, has the guy suck on a dildo and then pisses in his mouth.

Lots of dirty talk in Japanese. In the second part she is wearing a scuba diving mask and some white outfit. She covers herself with oil and gets naked then blows a guy and fucks him girl on top,missionary. Our scuba diving friends from Down Under came for a visit, but never expected to combine some heavy duty dive gear and bondage during their trip.

Mistress Misty and her submissive partner were open to the idea and as you will see they had a good time. Mistress Misty seemed to be quite at home with her bound and helpless dive buddy relying on a limited tank of air, and she tormented him with her professional and dominant dive buddy style. Wow, what would she be like if you were her private client back in Australia?

Misty is a seasoned domme it's a pleasure to watch her during this bizarre bondage scene. For those who may not be familiar to wearing rubber in a swimming pool, let me tell you that it's a Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit fun experience. Be it tight or loose, one of the attractions to rubber is the erotic and unusual feel of the rubber against your skin.

When you are in water the feeling is somehow altered and amplified. You become more aware of being inside of a protective layer, and once the water seeps inside of your suit and gloves you are provided Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit yet another experience of sloshing around inside of an enclosed bag.

Additionally, latex rubber provides a different experience than wearing a common neoprene Scuba wetsuit. My first Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit of wearing latex rubber in a pool was years ago when it was raining. I was in a heated hotel pool late at night and the rain was pouring down on my latex covered head and I was warm in the pool sloshing around and it was totally great! Pink tight deep lesbo ass this sequal, Drake's ex-boyfriend Alessio needs to stop by and grab some scuba gear and Drake is not too happy about it.

Alessio helps himself inside the house and notices a picture with Drake and his new BF. Alessio is heated and thinks that Drake and him only took a break from their relationship which is not Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit case. Drake holds the temptation back but Alessio is too much to handle and moves in for the Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit and it's all over after that.

Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit pushes Drake down to his knees and starts to face fuck him hard and deep taking out the anger that resides inside him. Drake loves every minute of it and is made to bend over as Alessio takes no mercy on his eager ass. It's been weeks since he's felt the inside of Drake's tight ass but now he wants Drake inside him. Drake, still upset that he's cheating on his new man pounds Alessio brutally deep as well with passionate kisses.

They swap back and forth from licking ass to fucking to sucking and just after they both nut all over the place Drake's new BF Jake Jennings walks into the room utterly surprised as to what just happened. This is another one of our crazy videos featuring four of us on vacation in Hawaii. We brought along some rubber and bondage gear to play with during our stay in a private house which we rented for the week. This video is kinda corny. It's also shot like a home movie, so don't expect eye-popping models or imagery.

It's just the four guys playing with some gear we brought with us. The cool thing about this video is it features like-minded friends who are all kinky and we can enjoy our kink together in a safe and accepted environment.

The video includes two heavy rubber Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit suits, gas-masks connected to Scuba air tanks, a few different rubber hoods, some guys Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit their fem mode, some shackles, and me in a ultra-cool metal bondage belt and shackles and faceless rubber hood.

All in Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit we had a good time, even though our Hawaiian vacation was in January and the pool wasn't heated. I suspect we will make this trip again at the end of the summer when the islands are still hot and the private pools are warmer. I Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit you enjoy this video and can appreciate how fun it is to vacation with link-minded friends.

Format: mp4 Video: x Total size: 1. Studio: Nextdoormale Zane is a confident, kinky stunner with baby blues, a svelte body, and a willing attitude that is sure to please. More than just eye candy, this SoCal native spends his free time in the ocean with his camera, snapping scuba and surf pictures by day and cruising for a little adventure by night.

A self admitted trouble starter, Zanes steely looks must surely get him into quite a few sticky situations, but his eagerness to please make up for it.

Here we find him staying late after class, helping himself to a little study break, as he reclines in his desk, unzipping his pants and letting his cock come out to play. Stroking it as he spreads his legs, Zane gets harder and harder, until hes just too cramped at his own desk, and decides to move to his teachers desk, mounting a Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit to the desk and then riding it as he continues to jerk himself off.

Zane spreads his legs as wide as they will go, fucking himself with the dildo as he strokes himself off, then spraying the desk with a load of extra credit, proving that Zane is definitely Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit kind of guy youd enjoy doing some homework with. Genres: anal, oral, couples, group, uniforms The cast of actors all of whom go by first names and last initialsSexy girl unzipping wetsuit the cream of the crop when it comes to masculine, European studs.

Sculpted muscles, huge uncut cocks and delicious bubble butts If you're not sold yet, keep on reading The premise of "Border Patrol" is pretty simple.

If you've ever had a Coast Guard fantasy, you'll like the setup. A bunch of gorgeous Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit romp around their boats, docks, and airplanes, giving eachother a hand and then some when the mood is right.

The film starts off with Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit promising pairing of two burly crewmen on a small boat. The husky Attila B.

The men Alexandra steele fake nude around slowly at first, then dive into hot oral and anal sex, and the sole rimming sequence in "Border Patrol. After a very vocal anal probing, the Latin guy dumps his thick load on his buddy's back. The next scene finds two gorgeous lifeguards patroling the coastline with Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit. One of them is horny and can't keep his hands off his buddy's junk.

Before you know it, the two guys are undressed and sucking eachother off like pros. Atilla K. A flash of inspiration takes him to the hot beaches of Ibiza, where he bumps into Alex and his gang of Brazil playboy juliana salimeni nude and horny stud muffins.

Jamie gets his fill of jism in a blizzard of boysex under the blue Balearic sky. But Alex has become more than just a fuck buddy, and his holiday Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit coming to an end. Blonde bomb-shell Jamie reminisces about his time at an Ibizan hotel, waxing eloquent about sex on the beach.

The bellboy Peter Jan can't say "at your service" soon enough before Jamie is busy tipping him with Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit enthusiastic blowjob. The Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit is more than Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit to Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit the favor, taking the Australian's thick meat pole in a well-honed deep throat.

The two sixty-nine and neither the bellboy nor Jamie can get enough of each other's cock and balls, sucking each other like scuba divers struggling for air. Jamie thanks the host for his kindness by sucking him off to completion, happily Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit the bellboy's ball sack. Jamie shoots over the twink's creamy face and leaves him to clean up the mess.

On a trip to England, Jamie checks out Brighton, where he's heard there's a beach. He gets a Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit from a cute young bar manager, Darian Hawke, who takes a liking to him. On his first day, Jamie watches another barman Reece Richards follow a customer Holdin Goldin - an extremely skinny kid with glasses - into the bathroom.

In seconds, the red-haired kid is sucking on the barman's fat cock, working the foreskin like clothes in a washing machine. The barman brings in Jamie for a threesome, giving our blonde hero a taste of the action. They tag team their prize, but it isn't long before the rebel barman is on Jamie's cock and shooting streams of English chowder on to Jamie's taut chest. Then the redhead proves himself, working his own cock hard and drenching Jamie in a river of cum.

Jamie throws his seed in the mix and it runs off his tight belly onto the bar. Unfortunately, the bar Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit a live web feed, and Jamie, Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit with Darian, is Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit. Jamie wants to teach Darian how to surf, so the two boys head to a local surf shop. Girls with dicks fuckin girls boards are as big as the boys and Darian and Jamie have the manager Zack Jones of the surf shop and his assistant Shaun Phillips feasting on their fat bangers before they can flip sign to closed.

Long-dicked Darian gets deep-throated from the sandy blonde assistant while Jamie takes on the sweet cock of Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit buddy. After some vigorous face-fucking by Jamie, the surf shop manager gives up his tight ass.

Across the room, rib-thin Darian is lowering himself onto the assistant's rock-hard board. The party escalates into a foursome, a daisy chain of twinks grunting and moaning. Jamie and Darian switch partners and work their two new surf buds into a glorious climax of cum. Of course, even a vigorous fuck session like that isn't enough for Sexy girl unzipping wetsuit Jamie. He takes a night stroll and catches the manager from the surf shop cruising in a dark section of the pier with a friend Ben Hunter.

After some kissing and jerking, the boys get back into action, passing Jamie's cock around like a loose joint. Jamie doesn't mind a bit and is happy to return the favor. Big black cock redhead girl rubs his ass in the sand as Darian's deep-throater takes turns with him and his friend.

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