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Hello and thank you for registering. Please complete the process by verifying your email address. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. This world-famous singer not just a performer. She is a vocalist who takes her craft very seriously. She has had an enduring career at the top of the charts and is fabulously wealthy.

Our singer has been married and is a devoted mother. However, there is another person in the picture. The relationship with her husband? Friendship, business, and procreation. The relationship with the girlfriend? Love and sex. Beyonce - explains the sham marriage to Joe Camel a whole lot better than a 'business' arrangement.

It's perfect, he gets to carry on with French models and she has the pillow baby to keep the Sarahm celine lesbian erotica going - brilliant.

This is totally Celine Dion. When I first saw her on Canadian television back in Sarahm celine lesbian erotica late 's, I thought for sure she was a lesbian. When she got married to her manager not too long after that, I was like, yeah, she's a dyke! Also, it's a blind item. I mean, we can Sarahm celine lesbian erotica agree that Celine Dion "has been Sarahm celine lesbian erotica. If Beyonce is really a lesbian and JayZ is her merkin why would her sister be so Sarahm celine lesbian erotica to defend her sister's honor and punch JayZ in the elevator for having extra-marital affairs?

If their marriage is a sham why would Beyonce be bothered about JayZ's downlow affairs with other women? R24 - Jay was making a play at a highly public event in front of media they don't control and blatantly disrespecting Beyonce. Discretion is part of the deal in these arrangements If Beyonce was 'disturbed' by Jay's foreign Sarahm celine lesbian erotica and his actions that night, she wasn't showing it.

Aside from the no kids thing, I don't think Dolly being a lesbian is exactly a blind item. Everyone already knows. She's gold star, Liberace level gay. Though actually, has Q. Latifah denied? I thought she stoically maintained a no comment and glass closeted with her various personal trainers.

Two closet lesbians praising the Lord It's Celine. Makes Sarahm celine lesbian erotica why she married that old manager of hers. CDAN had a blind about this awhile back.

Its been known for years R45but I really Black beautiful nude men see the need to say it. And a very good singer to boot. Now her brother is known to be a prick of the highest order. Stevie's tour was in support of her recent box set, Enchan I disagree that Celine might be gay as I encountered her Sarahm celine lesbian erotica the height of my physical attractiveness - before she was famous and before I faded - and she couldn't keep her eyes off me.

I felt this slender francophone girl was quite flirtatious. She didn't speak much English then so when she asked me how tall I was i responded in French.

She made the cutest round-eyed, open-mouthed face that I've since seen her do in interviews. Lesbians don't do that with guys.

Wow, r54, maybe you've got it! Would explain the lengthy disappearances from public view and paparazzi. I think it's Celine.

I would rather eat clams than get anywhere near either of these women's husbands. R32 is right - it's Alicia Keys. There were pics of her kissing another woman Sarahm celine lesbian erotica she quickly got married and had a kid. I thought Adele right away. That could be considered "enduring" in that business as her star hasn't waned in the least. Everything else certainly fits.

I watched some show years ago that showed different videos of female singers to women in their 50's and 60's. When a vid of Celine Dion came on one of them said, "What is this? Lesbian rock? Beyonce is the obvious cause is says both vocalist and performer or Alicia Keys, Xxx photos of ramya were rumors that came about out when Alicia Keys made her debut that she was a closet lesbian.

I love Diana Krall. But isn't she married to Elvis Costello? Neither of them seem like beards to me. Also, this singer is very famous. Not everyone knows who Diana Krall is. Blind items are always written about obvious people--the most famous entertainers, to ensure maximum titilation. There have been rumors about Alicia Keys for years so there is no need for a blind Sarahm celine lesbian erotica like this.

Who considers Pink, Beyonce and Alicia to be "devoted" mothers? There are rumors about Adele being secretly married so she is a possibility - the word, "enduring" may eliminate her though. It's Beyonce. That whole charade with closing an entire floor of Lenox Hill when she "gave birth"? Oh, please. And Jay Z is into the homosex too. In the pic of the blind is a younger woman with brown, long hair standing up from shaking her head, white, I guess, but a bit dark, Alicia Keys and Beyonce fit the best from the candidates here and in blindgossip, if that pic means anything.

Dion is much older but looks a bit similar and is wildish in performing as well a little bit. It makes so much sense, why she's married to an ugly camel looking rapper who cheats on her numerous times. But she won't ever leave him because he's her beard. And everyone remembers when she hired a surrogate to carry the baby because there is NO way she'd let Jay-Z touch her I only hope it is Celine because the thought of her and that 'mentor' of hers makes me uneasy.

It al makes good sense if he was a good old fashioned bearded-up flamer rather than a pervert. Beyonce is the only shocker and fits the description.

I am jealous of her GF. She is hot as long as she don't speak. Her pronunciation grates. As for pillow baby. I don't know There"s a shot of her showing a very pregnant bare stomach in the Lemonade video. R91, There's also video of her sitting down with her "very pregnant bare stomach" shifting and bending in the middle.

R92 people believe in aliens. People believe the Queen of England is a lizard. They believe all sorts of things. Hold on to your power of reason. You are truly fucked without it. It sounded like Olivia Newton-Lesbian, till you said "devoted mother. I'm thinking Kelly Clarkson. The word "craft" was the clue. It doesn't say very famous, it says "world-famous.

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