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The best spots to see frivolous and sexual activities were at the steep coast north Naked girls beach fuerteventura Jandia.

As far as we know, there are now new hotels and holiday apartments at these places, so this location doesn't seem to be attractive in these days. In the north, near Corralejo, in the remote dune area, you may be able to watch couples having sex. But the area is roomy. You are very lucky when you catch someone in the act. At the beach south of the two large Riu hotels at the Oliva Beach some couples are sometimes showing themselves around.

This female exhibitionist was taken near Sotavento Beach south of Costa Calma: A hubby left his wife alone at the beach, and soon the first voyeur was on the scene. The hidden spy cam took them: The woman spreads her legs, inviting the stranger to get closer. The guy stared at her naked pussy, wanking, until he cummed on her thighs The beach at Corralejo on Fuerteventura is good, the dunes south of the two hotels on the Grand Playa have some action.

My wife and i enjoy sex there and have watched other couples engaged in sexual activity. I walked round a dune to spot a middle aged couple who put on a show, she sucked his cock until he was hard and then she climbed on a slide her pussy all the way down his cock to his balls and fucked him in front of me.

My wife and I have just come back from Corralejo. It proved to be a good place for sex on the beach. The beach is very large and there are stone shelters and dunes so you can choose as much as or as little privacy as you want. We did not encounter voyeurs as we have on Grand Canaria so my wife was nice and relaxed. We had a nice session of mutual masturbation in a private part of the dunes. I also enjoyed watching an elderly couple indulging in heavy petting where the man stroked his partners breasts while she played with his cock.

We had a fantastic experience on the dunes at corralejo, we were in one of those shelters and were naked when i started messing about with wilma. At first she was a bit reluctant to let me rub and finger her, but as I said no-one can see us in this shelter she let me carry on. Soon i was giving her a good fingering and her pussy was getting wet through and she was letting herself go when i looked up to see a man peering over the stone wall and watching, i pretended not to have seen Naked girls beach fuerteventura and kept on fingering wilma but now I got two fingers Naked girls beach fuerteventura and opened her pussy up so our new friend could get a good look!

I didn't tell wilma he was there at first but i was so turned on knowing that someone was watching. Then another guy turned up and they both started wanking while we put on a show for them, i finally had to tell her as i was bursting and she got a bit embarrassed but let me carry on as i told her these guys were looking right up her pussy, she was wet through, but eventually said we should stop as she was worried about someone reporting us, much to the guys dismay!

Later that night she Naked girls beach fuerteventura that she was quite tuned on by it and maybe we should have another go the next day but the weather was crap, sadly that was our last day, but we have done nothing but talk about it and are gonna go back for another go We love it. There are plenty of voyeurs Naked girls beach fuerteventura entertain which is what my wife gets off on.

One fingered her to orgasm. We were in Corralejo last May and entertained a voyeur in the nudist part of Naked girls beach fuerteventura beach. At first he watched from a distance while i poured suntan cream on my wife's shaved pussy. Then he came over Naked girls beach fuerteventura our little bunker and was fingering my wife until she came. She loved it. We are back on beach in November.

Anyone who wishes some entertainment is very welcome. Just back. Had a full day on the dunes. No-one seemed interested. Talk about missed opportunity. July 22, Me and my girl had some great sex at the beach of Butihondo, Mal Nombre and the grand playas in the north Naked girls beach fuerteventura the Dunes.

She came squirting several times because of the excitement getting caught. In Mal Nombre I came Naked girls beach fuerteventura her Naked girls beach fuerteventura after several squirting finger orgasms for her.

As I came a couple just passing watching my cream coming in and out of her mouth. Quite exciting. Later the couple came back but were not into swinging. On butihondo a guy saw me fingering her She was fingering my ass as well. It was a very hot and exciting holiday. Boy am I hard again I will expose my wife on Naked girls beach fuerteventura beaches of the island.

Just came back from corralejo, fantastic time went to la Oliva beach and further up stripped off me and the girlfriend, first time we've ever done anything like that she loved it and wants to do it every time we go on holiday!

Had a private session in one of the bunkers gf got a bit embaressed when some one walked past so never quite got to the voyeurism stage, maybe next time would definitely go back. Weather not good — we were on the Dunas for two days in November and it was cold with not many people to watch us. My wife's pussy is feeling neglected. We couple, late 50s are planing our holiday in Naked girls beach fuerteventura. Love to be filmed and to take photos or movies from like-minded couples.

Lonely area in the Amanda holden photos nude preferred. We have just returned from a week in Corralajo we observed a couple invite one of the regular voyeurs to join them. My wife got plenty of looks but we must have been to subtle. Already booked for April and now know to make it more obvious. Will be on the Dunes blowing hubby and spreading my legs 17 Sept to 8 Oct. Men wanted to pleasure me while hubby watches.

Email if interested. Cock wanked and sucked guy while his wife sucked mine nice and quite there i live here so let me know. Also Caleta de Fuste along padtt elba hotel in the bunkers is a good place if you want to give pasing guys a good show? Was at sand dunes today had a nice session with a lovely couple late fifties both had good bodies he was shaved as i like clean smooth cocks as was she with lovely suckable lips which i did and boy was so nice to make it even better she was a heavy squirter never had so much juice froma lady before the guy was more than satisfyed to just rim my hole while his wife enjoyed my tounge mmmm hope they cum again.

Went to the dunes last year and spent a day in a pod near Naked girls beach fuerteventura renados beach shack i think it's called. We had a little bit of interest but not not very much. Wife got nervy but is willing to try again. Can anybody tell us whether we were in the best area - 40s couple.

Male lives in Fuerteventura for work. Female is very often here as well. We have a car and can visit you or visit the dunes. Hi, we are a late fifties couple who were on the beach at the Rui hotels last week, loved it, my wife is not ready to go nude yet but she loved looking at the much big cocks than my small one, even got to see a very large erect one, we will both be back for hopefully some fun soon.

Seeking Costa Calma adult fun. We are a 50's couple and both slim, fit and healthy. She is Bi-curious and would simply love to have a female playmate while we are there for outdoor and indoor fun in presence of partners.

Another couple for same room sex would be good too. Naked girls beach fuerteventura will be on the nudist beach just to the south of Costa Calma Naked girls beach fuerteventura regularly and would like to meet couples to watch and be watched on the beach or in the dunes. We had some good fun here in March, and were watched from a distance a few times but we would prefer to have closer voyeurs who might also let us watch them.

Photo and perhaps video us while you watch. Open to suggestions withint reason and open to the chance of making new friends to socialise with in the bar during evenings before some fun. We may let single males watch us. Further details Naked girls beach fuerteventura anyone interested. If you will be in the area please reply with good details of yourselves and your thoughts. Mature ccouple with her really gourgeous looking for elegant voyeurs at corralejo dune km 22 for masturbation, cum and May be handjob depending from many factors We've been a couple of times naked on Kat sex photo aunt judy.

com beach and as recently as September. We saw a guy openly wanking out on the beach thoroughly enjoying himself. We had some fun with a guy standing only a few feet Naked girls beach fuerteventura. It would be really embarrassing to offend anyone. Just back from corralejo, oliva beach not much going on last week, but did have a big german woman who loved to watch me wank my 10 inch cock and on my last day she sucked me off, great spunked in her mouth. Just got back from staying at the Olvia beach got well fucked by a local guy on the beach who I shall call the silver fox because of his mop Naked girls beach fuerteventura grey hair and nice big cock, had four or five guys wanking as he fucked me and got me to suck his cock I loved it when this old guy stood right in front of us and shot his spunk all over me he had a very big cock and I would have loved it up my cunt, may be next time.

The gays were very active around the km22 area when we were there recently and it put us off a little. Going back in March, does anybody have any tips for a decent location around Corralejo? We were in Fuerteventura a few years ago and spotted some watching action in the stone pods near corralejo, we are returning in a month or so and wondered Naked girls beach fuerteventura this he best place to be watched or do some watching?

Will be in Correlajo to 25th Febill be in the dunes most days, email me if you want to arrange a meetup, single guys, single girls, couples especially welcome either privately or publicly. We are staying in Corralejo. The Dunas beach has some great spots where Leila can be watched discreetly but El Cotillo lagoons are the best by far, especially the Naked girls beach fuerteventura areas in between the lagoons and main beaches.

Not too many creepy dudes either, a great place to be watched if that's your type of thing. Maybe see you there.

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