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Article contains some nudity and sexual imagery…you know, the fun stuff. Image Source. Get it! Would you believe me if I told you that more than a thousand years ago, women in Ancient Egypt enjoyed many of the same rights that women in our current society enjoy today?

Yet they did have New york giants cheerleaders hot rights that were out of reach for women in neighboring Greece or Rome. This article will examine what it was like to be a woman in Ancient Egyptian society and the different rights and responsibilities that they had.

Most women performed domestic tasks in the home. However, there were female midwives, priestesses, weavers, dancers, Naked egyptian woman nude and even professional mourners. Also, even though most of the positions of authority were occupied by men, there were a few female pharaohs, such as Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Hatshepsut. It was preferred for a woman with the right bloodline to be in power temporarily, than a man with the wrong bloodline. In Egyptian Mythology, there is also a strong association with Naked egyptian woman nude as protectors.

For example, when a body was mummified, the organs were placed into four different jars. The most obvious example to start with is Isis. Isis was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife, as well as the patroness of nature and magic.

She was the friend of slaves and the Naked egyptian woman nude, but also listened to the prayers of the wealthy. In addition to that, she was the protector of the dead and the Goddess of children. She married her brother Osiris, who was the first son of Geb and Nut. Osiris was the God of the afterlife, vegetation and beer.

He was a merciful God of the dead. Perhaps this story can serve as a powerful metaphor about love and marriage. There is also a powerful metaphor in this story about redemption, rebirth and eternal life. At first, only the pharaoh was associated with the God Osiris in death. Yet eventually, most of the common people in Egypt were allowed to associate themselves with Osiris in death. Osiris and Isis were very popular among the common people of Egypt, because they offered the people a connection to eternal life.

There are some theories that the early Christians were influenced by the themes of redemption and eternal life Naked egyptian woman nude in the Osiris and Isis myth. Naked egyptian woman nude example, murals of Isis suckling her son Horus were popular in the Roman empire before the characteristic picture of the Virgin Mary nursing Jesus arose in prominence.

Perhaps the former inspired the latter. Bastet: A feline Goddess. The daughter Naked egyptian woman nude the sun God Ra. She was worshiped for her protective and maternal nature. Hathor: A cow Goddess associated Naked egyptian woman nude dancing, music and love.

Sekhmet: The lion headed Goddess of war, Naked egyptian woman nude, hunting, wild animals and vengeance. She was also associated Naked egyptian woman nude both disease and health. Maat: The Goddess of truth, morality, justice, order and harmony. She represented the natural order of the universe.

She was typically depicted with an ostrich feather on her head. The weighing of the heart ceremony that took place in the afterlife, which determined whether you were allowed to have eternal life, took place in the Hall Naked egyptian woman nude Maat.

In Egypt there were 42 laws of Maat that one had to follow in order to enter the afterlife. This is probably because the Egyptians had a very mature culture when it came to sexuality, which we will discuss more below.

Naked egyptian woman nude majority of these laws actually relate to emotional control, which is important for living a healthy and virtuous life. If you are curious about the 42 Laws of Maat, you can click this link to read a Metal Gaia article on the Naked egyptian woman nude. Nefertiti Statue, Source.

Be richly clad In white and perfumed linen; like the gods Anointed be; and never weary grow In eager quest of what your heart desires — Do as it prompts you…. The Egyptians had a very natural view towards sexuality and the human body that was untainted by guilt.

Walking around naked for example was not the taboo Naked egyptian woman nude it is today. Children tended to walk around naked until puberty about 12 Naked egyptian woman nude of age.

Women of a lower social status walked around topless and wealthier women wore loose clothing that was sometimes transparent. Female entertainers frequently performed naked. Egyptians lived in a Sex Positive culture. They did not have the same guilty associations with sex that those of us in the modern world have today.

Before marriage, Naked egyptian woman nude was not wrong for a woman to take a sexual lover. A popular image of prostitution today is a woman sticking out a stilettoed heel and a fishnet clad leg to interest her prospective customers. Ancient Egyptian prostitutes did something similar, they advertised themselves in a blue faience beaded fish-net dress, painted their lips red and tattooed themselves on the breast and thighs.

However, the modern idea of prostitute and the Ancient Egyptian one are very different. An outfit that may have been worn by sex workers. Many sex workers were associated with Goddesses of fertility and were regarded with respect.

Also, it is not certain that all prostitutes slept with people for money. Some were temple prostitutes who had a connection to the divine. Others were entertainers who Naked egyptian woman nude dance, play music Naked egyptian woman nude perform sexual acts all in one. There are some theories that men slept with prostitutes before marriage, in order to learn how Naked egyptian woman nude please their wives, and that young girls engaged in prostitute related acts, in Sara jay feet photos to learn about sexuality in marriage.

Take a wife while you are young, that she may make a son for you while you are youthful. A woman generally could get married at any Naked egyptian woman nude, and typically married after she started her period around the age of 14 or Men got married when they were around 17 or This may seem very young to the modern person, however we must remember that lifespans were shorter in Ancient Egypt.

Documents written in the Ptolemaic Period reveal that the average life expectancy was 58 for women and 54 for men tour egypt. Consent from the parents was also needed to get married.

This was especially important in the upper classes, since marriage determined the division of property and social status. However, as religious and ceremonial as Egyptian society was, what is surprising to note is that there was no ceremony for marriage: no special dress, no exchange of rings and no exchange of vows.

It was a fairly simple affair where the wife moved into the house of her husband. He would either be living alone or with his parents.

However, one thing that made the Egyptians much smarter than those of us today, is that they usually drafted up a contract before the marriage about how property would be distributed, and what would happen in the event of divorce. This was more relevant to people in the upper classes, who had more property and land to fight over. As your womans portion, I give you two pieces of silver. If I dismiss you Naked egyptian woman nude wife and dislike you and prefer another woman to you as wife, I will give you two pieces of silver in addition to the two pieces of silver mentioned above and I will give you one third of each and everything that will accrue to you and me.

Both a man or a woman could initiate a divorce and write up the divorce contract. Men divorced their wives if they were incapable Naked egyptian woman nude baring children — or baring a son. He may also divorce his wife if she stopped pleasing him. A woman could divorce her husband for mental and physical cruelty. In some cases, if a woman initiated divorce, she forfeited her right to communal property.

However, there were other options if the parents were Naked in lakewood wa adoption and polygamy were two.

Sometimes men had concubines, and these women did not have the same rights as their wives. However, polygamy was uncommon for most people. It was mainly practiced by the pharaoh so that he could display his virility and sire several children. Incest is another one of those Naked egyptian woman nude that was allowed for the Pharaoh, in order to keep the royal bloodline in place, but not commonly practiced among most people.

The bond of trust and fidelity in marriage and family were highly valued by the Ancient Egyptian people, so valued in fact the worst punishment for a woman was death. This was described in the Egyptian Tale of Two Brothers. For a man, on the other hand, the worst thing that could happen to him is that he would be forced into a divorce.

I am Horus who conjures in order that she who is giving birth becomes better than she was, Sexy mature blonde milf if she was already delivered. Look, Hathor will lay her hand on her with an amulet of health! I am Horus who saves her! Fertility was a big deal Naked egyptian woman nude Egypt because the child mortality rate was so high. In some Egyptian cemeteries, a third of all the buried were infants.

However, this statistic depends on which region of Egypt we Naked egyptian woman nude talking about. Their diet was Pinay celebrity hot sexy pic in cereal grains and deficient in Iron.

Even the wealthy did not eat meat everyday. Many Egyptians used amulets, spells and the protection of the Gods to try and protect their children from death. However, despite the large infant mortality rate, Egyptians still had large families and showered their children with much affection. It is theorized that the average mother raised children.

Some families even managed to raise !

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