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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 15th of June Report. This story is a work of fiction based on fictional characters, if you're not old enough to read then stop right now.

Yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill. Questions, comments, story ideas should be emailed to the address below. It should be noted that unless really amusing, flames will be ignored for the most part. P rudy live. Guess what? I don't suppose you said yes? He was Ron Stoppable, but even the biggest geeks Kim possible nackt sex story Middleton High got dates to the dances.

With his shoulders sunken Ron headed for home. As Ron left the school, a security camera turned and zoomed in on him. Drakken laughed maniacally. Ron is the key. He's a bigger part of Kim's operation than even she realizes. Without him she'll be easy pickings. How was your day at school? Stoppable asked as her son passed through the kitchen. Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.

I want you to help set the table ok? I'm going to put my things in my room. Everyone he knew had a date and was going to the dance on Saturday. He was going to ask Kim, but again he was chicken and waited too long. Now she had a date and he'd probably end up playing video games Kim possible nackt sex story unless Kim possible nackt sex story case file came up. After wallowing in his self pity for a bit Ron went downstairs to set the table for dinner.

She had to skip lunch. I dunno, why? Someone is supposed to be infiltrating Middleton High in order to break up the group and take Kim possible nackt sex story the world. I thought Dr. Drakken is in jail or is it somebody new? Ron continued to sit at the table slowly munching on his food and sipping his soda.

He pulled a magazine from his backpack and started to flip through it when a shadow was cast on it. When he did look up he Kim possible nackt sex story had a fit. What are you doing here Shego?!? Kim's going to kick your butt when she finds out! She licked the straw in Ron's soda seductively before taking a drink from it. You want Kim to kick your butt? It's tomorrow right? What about it? And haven't you noticed how she treats even Rufus better?

I already know all of this. Drakken, but he's in jail right now and I know how it feels to play second spoon to someone. What if I take you to the dance and maybe you won't have to peak into the hole of the shower room wall?

Why should I go with you? You're evil and you've stolen the Statue of Liberty three times. I did that as part of one of Dr. Drakken's schemes. I always work with another evil villain. You know that. So what trouble can I cause on my own? Besides do you really want to be stuck playing video games again and still have the reputation Kim possible nackt sex story being a loser?

I can use my tuxedo from my cousin's Kim possible nackt sex story, but we'll have no way of getting to the dance unless you want to ride with my mom. Just then his Kimmunicator beeped and he picked it up. See anything yet? I'm on my way down," he shouted back as he tied his bow. She only did those things Kim possible nackt sex story Dr.

She's really nice. My mom thinks you're trouble and doesn't trust you for some reason. You look good in that tux though. All the girls will be jealous of you. Mark hotel anxiously as she waited for Ron and Shego to show up.

She's an evil villain and she can only be up to no good," She muttered to herself. After about half an hour of waiting a limousine pulled up and Ron Kim possible nackt sex story out first, then Shego.

Kim ran up to Ron and grabbed his arm pulling him to the side. She's a nice person. Besides Dr. Drakken is in jail and you know she always works with him. Evil villains cause trouble and commit crimes and do other bad things! Mumbling the crowd dispersed and walked inside the hotel to the dance hall.

Why aren't you listening to me? Not everyone thinks I'm a big ork," Ron said matter of factly before he and Shego walked in. Shego looked back and gave Kim and ugly look. I don't anyways," Kim muttered disappointed.

I hope Kim kept an eye Kim possible nackt sex story Ron and Shego while she danced with Matt, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. Why do you ask? What're you worried for? Nothing's happened all night, besides Shego always works with another evil villain when she does her evil deeds.

Everyone's been telling me that, but I've got a bad feeling. It's been great," Ron said smiling. I just want people to know I can be a nice person too. Ron suddenly pulled back surprised by what he just did.

Don't worry about it," Shego reassured him. Nobody will think you're a dork on Monday. I promise. Make yourself at home and grab whatever you want to from the mini-bar.

There was a Bud Light in there Kim possible nackt sex story having drank it before at a cousin's wedding he decided to take that. Ron took off his coat and flopped onto the bed turning on the television.

He flipped through the channels and sipped on his beer when Shego walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing, but a black lacy bra and matching panties. Ron gulped and just stared, as Shego's large round breasts now sat out in the open.

She then reached behind her and Kim possible nackt sex story off the TV before climbing onto the bed.

You'll like this. Ron's erect cock popped out and Shego's eyes focused on them. As she did so she took turns between licking it and sucking on his scrotum. Ron moaned loudly at his first experience of oral Kim possible nackt sex story. Shego slid her tongue up and down a bit more before taking the whole dick in her mouth.

Shego kept pressing her lips to Ron's member wrapping her tongue around it.

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