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THE following series of illustrations, showing different types of the immigrants who are now pouring Italian girl immigrants ellis island the United States in even greater numbers than in andwere obtained through the courtesy of Hon.

Sargent, Commissioner General of Immigration. The immigrants were photographed immediately after disembarking, and are here shown just Italian girl immigrants ellis island they landed, most of them were still clad in their native costume, which will be discarded, however, within a few hours.

No migration in history is comparable to the great hordes that have crossed the Atlantic during the past 20 Italian girl immigrants ellis island to enter our territory. In1, immigrants were admitted; in1,, and in the present year the total will exceed the record of by many thousands. Since June 30,6, have been admitted, of whom probably 5, have settled permanently in the United States.

The report of Mr. Sargent forrecently issued, contains much interesting information about the character and qualifications of the immigrants. Perhaps the most striking fact is that less than 5 percent of the newcomers have reached or passed the age of Of the arrivals in, ranged in age from 14 to 44,were less than 14 years old, and only 50, had reached or passed the age of More than two-thirds of the immigrants were males, the figures beingmen and boys andwomen and girls.

About 28 percent of the total number were illiterate, which is a very large proportion when we consider that only 6.

It is exceedingly interesting to note the difference in financial condition between certain of the races. There were debarred during the year 12, aliens, of whom 2, belonged to the Hebrew race, 2, to the Italian, 1, to the Polish, and 1, to the German. More than one-third of the entire number of immigrants, stated that they intended to stay in the State of New York, while one-sixth of them, —asserted that they were going to Pennsylvania; 86, or about one-twelfth, were avowedly destined to Illinois; 73, intended to reside in Massachusetts, and 58, were en route to New Jersey; Italian girl immigrants ellis island, entered through New York, 62, through Boston, 54, through Baltimore, 23, through Philadelphia, 6, through Galveston, and 2, through New Orleans.

While the proportion of Germans arriving is much less than in former years, considerable numbers are still seeking the United States, the total in is 86, Less than one-half of these, 37, came from Germany.

The United Kingdom sent usimmigrants inas follows: England. More than two-thirds of our total annual immigration are men and boys, the figures for beingmales andfemales. This year the number will be greater. They come principally from Russia. The Russian Empire contributedof our immigrants in most of them Italian girl immigrants ellis island Hebrews. The Roumanians come from Galicia, in Austria-Hungary, and numbered 16, The new immigrant law, which goes into effect July 1, contains important restrictions which will enable the immigration officials to debar imbeciles, weak-minded and other undesirable classes with greater effectiveness than in the past.

It also includes a provision preventing the entrance of children under 14 years of age unless accompanied by, or plainly intended for, the parent or guardian. While the law defines more sharply the undesirable classes, it is doubtful if it will reduce the number of immigrants now seeking our land.

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