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Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my beloved among the young men. I delight to sit in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste. Song of Solomon Plenty of women struggle with oral sex. There are also lots of women who enjoy giving their husbands oral sex. They enjoy the kissing, licking, and sucking—but they might still struggle at the end.

When your husband has an orgasm, you have a decision to make: Spit, or swallow? For some women, the prospect of swallowing is just too much, yet their husbands still ask them to do it. Why do so many husbands want their wives to swallow their semen?

And if your husband asks, what should you do? We often assume that they want something because they saw it in porn, because they are pursuing an unhealthy domination in the bedroom, or because an ex-girlfriend did it for him. Sadly, for some guys, these really are what is going on. A lot of us are married to pretty good-willed husbands who are decent men. Their reasons are much more honorable and touching than we Girls spit or swallow assume at first.

Their request for swallowing speaks to the ways that sex provides not only physical pleasure but also emotional connection. Yes, many guys will ask their wives to swallow because it feels good to have her mouth on him throughout the entirety of his orgasm and ejaculation. I want to point out that this really is okay.

We should be able to ask each other to do things that give us sexual pleasure. If the only reason he wants it is that it will feel good, that is a good enough reason for him to ask. It is about his heart and his feeling of connection with his wife. Yup, I said it.

Semen can be an emotional thing for our guys —and that can be an important part of why husbands ask their wives to swallow. Swallowing says that she finds no part of him to be disgusting. Swallowing can be an Girls spit or swallow experience for a guy, helping him feel completely and totally accepted by their wives.

It helps them feel connected. I think it is helpful to understand why our husbands may want us to do something sexual. For instance, you know whether to express concern that he is watching porn or find a way to express Girls spit or swallow understanding that he wants to feel more accepted by you. In my opinion, no. As you would Girls spit or swallow any other sexual act, first consider whether it is something that is sinful or unhealthy.

When it comes to swallowing semen, neither is the case for most of us. Are you concerned about pain or discomfort? Did you have negative experiences with oral sex in the past that pose a difficult mental Hot asian naked lesbian porn for you? Are you self-conscious about something? Then, consider what can be done to address those issues —not just so you can Girls spit or swallow, but because they are interfering with your sense of freedom and choice in the marriage bed.

Read this post for more suggestions on dealing with a request you find difficult. Even if you want to swallow, it might not be so easy. Semen has a unique consistency and taste, and it can be difficult to get used to it. Do I Have To? Intimacy in Marriage. Click here to take the survey. We enjoy oral sex in our marriage bed but swallowing has never been an issue. Wow a great article and I am feeling pretty guilty Girls spit or swallow oral right now. After coming back from a completely sexless marriage the last three years have been quite a process trying to reconnect.

We have had our ups and downs but right now I have not been giving my husband any oral. I realised I was the only giver of oral and verbally addressed this with him. I told him that I enjoyed it also and could it be on the menu once in a while to which he yes but not very convincing.

So a couple of Girls spit or swallow after that conversation I asked for it too while I was doing oral on him and he did it for about 30 seconds. So as some time went by he just never reciprocated and so I became more reluctant to offer it to him.

I know he wants it as he keeps positioning himself for it but I just have not wanted too. It seems so strange to me because most men love doing Girls spit or swallow for women. I realised the other day it had probably been 7 or 8 months since I gave him oral. I am not going to beg for it so I guess I will just let it go as I dont know how to resolve this. He has not specifically asked for it so I am not sure if and Girls spit or swallow he does how I will respond.

As for the spit or swallow I did try and swallow once and I came so close to throwing up that he said you know you dont have to swallow and I was glad he said that so he just sprayed it on my chest and seemed happy to do so. I cannot seem to come up with any way to really discuss this problem since I already tried too.

It can take time to recover from the patterns that develop during a period of sexlessness in marriage. We believe wrong things about ourselves and each Girls spit or swallow, and we have to relearn how to communicate with each other about sexual issues. Be patient with yourself and your husband, and continue to work on intimacy. Same issue here. I want him to come to me already confident in his manhood and my love and acceptance of him.

Now, how selfish is that? I suppose I should feel honored to make him feel manly. But, honestly, I feel too old for that now. I was trying to explain how some men feel about it, not tell anyone that they need to do it.

I think we should all strive to be sexually generous in the marriage bed, Hot babe pussy creampie we all need to decide how that will look in our own marriages. If the ideas in this post are uncomfortable for you, I encourage you to pray about them for a while and discern what is good for your marriage.

May I thank you for your comment. Ironically, because my husband had prostate surgery several years ago, he no longer has ejaculate.

My husband has trouble with erections. Our go to is solely oral and manuel now. Refusing oral would be cruel to my husband. Menopause has made sex Girls spit or swallow one-way street. Me to him. Aging, surgery, and biological changes have turned sexual intimacy into a mechanical attempt to keep him sexually alive. Oral has become a requirement to keep my husband feeling accepted and whole.

I was beginning to feel bitterness and resentment. I was beginning to feel like our whole sexual life had been dumped on my shoulders. I thank you for awakening me to Bum tan lines porn fact. I just wish men found it easier to feel truly loved through other means of intimacy. My body, mind, and soul are getting pretty tired. So why would I need to validate who he is as a man if he already does?

I bless him anyway. SilverShil0h, do you mind if I ask how Brittanya o campo porn the conversation about is Girls spit or swallow you gone with your husband? When we have discussed this he says he will but then never does. Idk It is good that you are still able to please your husband even though he does not reciprocate as I just got to where I had no desire to.

Because I have found that the Girls spit or swallow way to get it out of your mouth is to swallow. So if the point of spitting is to have less to do with semen i think you are missing a key way of looking at the situation. I always swallow because it is faster and gets it over with! But yes, swallowing definitely takes care of it quickly! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Like an apple tree among the trees of Girls spit or swallow forest is my beloved among the young men.

Song of Solomon Plenty of women struggle with oral sex. Why does he want you to swallow? Do you have to swallow? So if your husband asks you to swallow his semen, does that mean you have to do it? Try some of these tips: Apply chocolate syrup, unsweetened yogurt, or flavored lube to the penis Girls spit or swallow you are giving your husband oral sex. It will give you something familiar to help you get accustomed to the semen. Add Altoids or Red Hots to your mouth while you are giving oral.

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