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The researchers then asked participants mostly students, and two-thirds female to rate the photographed faces based on perceived trustworthiness, attractiveness, or dominance on a point scale—one meant very trustworthy, attractive, or dominant, and 10 meant very untrustworthy, unattractive, or subordinate.

To see if eye Brown eyed girl facial alone affected trust perception the main focus of the studythe research team performed a sneaky switcheroo. After digitally swapping blue eyes onto the brown-eyed faces and vice versaa second, smaller group of students rated the faces. The eye-opening results: Brown eyed girl facial color significantly influenced perceived trustworthiness, with Brown eyed girl facial faces being considered Brown eyed girl facial trustworthy than blue-eyed ones.

To their credit, baby-blues were found to be more attractive. Sex mattered too: Female faces were rated more trustworthy than their male counterparts.

Not yet. Before you nix blue-eyed pals from your friends list, or limit yourself to brown-eyed suitors, consider this: The faces rated highest for trustworthiness by the second group pretty much remained the same, even though the eye colors were switched. The researchers then figured there had to be another factor. Kind of.

Faces that rated higher on the trust scale had bigger eyes and broader mouths with upward-turned lips. But why does that matter? The researchers found these facial characteristics are often associated with brown-eyed people, whereas blue-eyed folks tend to be have smaller eyes, longer faces, and eyebrows that are farther apart.

Todorov A. Moral of the eye-color story: The conclusions of this study were just preliminary. As researchers confirmed, further studies are needed on the relationship between eye color, face shape, and trustworthiness in other demographics and in larger numbers before we can go trusting the findings Nude playboy calendar girls. Just the tip?

Well, make room for all 7. Why be one when you're really not? Just follow my lead. Winter still comes with a chance of moles. Summer isn't the only time to get your moles checked. Who — or what — are the meats and cheeses of your life? With support Brown eyed girl facial this, who needs to be an angel? Give your immune system an extra boost this season. Are you there, Cupid? It's me, expecting perfection again. This technique shouldn't be this easy — but it is.

It was an exercise in hedonism, narcissism, and unbridled selfishness. Got Brown Eyes? Written by Nicole McDermott on March 10, Read this next. Goodbye Vitamin C Mega-Dose! Get Your Brown eyed girl facial On!

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