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Woman in Tunisia. Tunisia General Information. Sex. girl tamil nadu are traditionally responsible for the family area and clean the house, cook the meals and educate the children. These roles are supported not only by tunisian menbut also by women.

Only a woman who has children of her own, is accepted by the society as a "real" woman who can lead a happy life. There is, for example, a folklore saying that women reach the "peak" of their lifes in their 30s, while men in the 40s or even 50s. Nevertheless, the life expectancy of women is in Tunisia, like in most countries, a couple of years higher than that of a man. The non-virginity of a woman is a valid reason for the cancellation Sluty women here in tunisia a marriage.

The medical "restoration of virginity" before marriage is therefore not rare in Tunisia. Women, as well as men, live in Tunisia homosocial - they stay primarily or exclusively with other women, mostly members of Sluty women here in tunisia families, when they are not at their homes.

Illegitimate children are extremely rare, since they represent a major social stigma. To prevent from that, abortions take place, even multiple times. The divorce rate in Tunisia is high, especially when one considers marriages within the last cpuple of years. In many cases, the desire for a divorce proceeds from the woman. The children are, in this case, raised by either the family of the mother or the father. A woman will therefore only consider a divorce in highly suffering or threatening situations and after having considered it for a long time - which is most probably one of the main Sluty women here in tunisia for the occurence of marital abuse.

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