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Personally, I forgave that little detail. I figure that it's because they decided it would be funnier to have a powerless Hulk instead of a normal Bruce Banner. Or it might have something to do with the complete lack of Banner in the Marvel Animation Universe. Fine, I guess that's possiblem I'll come up with the Watsonian explanation, let me think, while it removed Hulk's strenght of a bull it didn't remove the Gamma Rays that belted Doc Bruce Banner that turned into the Hulk ain't he unglamorous?

Well, people have wanted to see Bruce Banner for a while since Mark Ruffalo made him popular again. So they had Hulk reveal that he hasn't changed back into Bruce Well, basically ever.

Then they cure the Hulk, Bruce's around for a single episode, then Hulk is needed to save the world so he Phineas and ferb mission marvel himself into the Hulk permanently. It's as if Marvel said, "You want to see Bruce Banner? There he is. Now he's gone forever. Well, that's Just I have no words I must say, I found Isabella's subplot to be really, really, dumb.

First of all, only Buford was excluding her because she was a girl. And Buford is a jerk. No one else made her feel unwelcome. Secondly, Avengers are to her real people, not comic book characters.

That means Gloria velez sex tape that she doesn't get Phineas and ferb mission marvel work with "right" heroes is just petty.

She might as well complain that Hawkeye didn't showed up and it would make as much sense. There is a big difference between fictional and real characters. For example Phineas and ferb mission marvel our point of view it sexist that girls don't get to fight bad guys. But from fictional characters' p. All I'm saying if I got chance to I got chance to help Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie save the day, I wouldn't sulk how lack of Spike makes me feel underrepresented and now its all Nude black girls wrestling estrogen, in some convoluted allegory how boys can't like girly things.

Interesting points. Though I agree with your thoughts on working with the "right" heroes on principle, I let it slide because it was a bit of a play on fans' reactions to the same thing. In the end, the special stumbles quite a bit as it lacks focus in its themes and can't decide if it's dumb fun or a love letter to fandoms. That's what happens when you try to insert politics into something, also, come to think of it, the Candace thing makes her seem kind of dumb, I learned that like two years ago in high school Then again, you have to keep in mind the target audience.

While I'm all for smart and mature storytelling in cartoons, the target audience is in elementary school and probably doesn't know about the Law of Conservation of Energy. Yusei May 6, at AM. Newt May 11, at PM. Yusei May 12, at PM. Newt May 12, at PM.

Yusei May 13, at PM. Newt May 13, at PM. Yusei May 14, at AM. Anonymous September 29, at AM. Newt September 29, at AM. Yusei September 29, at PM. Newt October 2, at Muscle worship massage and handjob. Yusei October Phineas and ferb mission marvel, at AM.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Um, I'd be a bit more worried about those cosmic rays, guys. Also, the space station is shaped like their heads. Because why not. Heck, I hope I don't need to add a hundreds column.

No, I'm not sure why there are 80's sprinkles on the sides of Phineas and ferb mission marvel screen. Ferb should be the next Captain Britain. Start the petition! It's Phineas and ferb mission marvel running gag.

Perhaps I retired the counter Phineas and ferb mission marvel soon? Huh I wonder who it could be the disguise is so perfect. What's with Buford's "I am so high right now" face? I like superheroes. Can my gender be represented as a butt-kicker? But you can gripe about it along with our female characters! I haven't said this much lately, but good job, DC Comics. Breakfast is the most important meal of the slay. What happened, Disney? Has Pixar not rubbed off on you enough?

Ferb's time as Captain Britain must remain a secret.

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