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I was 8 the first time I realized I had this fire thing. I masturbated for the first time after seeing the movie "Twins of Evil". It opens with a beautiful young girl being dragged from her house by witch Girls in sexy poses and she is burned at the stake.

The sight of this girl wiggling and screaming as the flames closed in on her gave me a raging hard on and I jacked off repeatedly to this scene till my dick was sore! I'm 17 now and my fire fantasies are as strong as ever.

I have a girlfriend and a normal sex Naked women being burned at the stake, but she has no idea what really gets me off. I have a huge collection of pictures, videos and stories depicting sexy young women being tortured and slowly burned alive.

The image of a beautiful naked girl tied to a stake, writhing, jiggling and screaming as flames lick at her bare feet I also like pretty feet gets me off like nothing else! I usually fantasize about girls I know at school, I just about cant look at a pretty girl without imagining what she would look like dancing naked in flames.

But lately, my 15 year old cousin, "Haylie" Naked women being burned at the stake entered my fantasy world. I recently found her Naked women being burned at the stake media page and she is hot! She likes to show off her body, often taking selfies in bikini's and her underwear. She Naked women being burned at the stake a freshman cheerleader, has a smoking hot body, nice big tits and pretty little feet! I Naked women being burned at the stake been saving pictures of her and often masturbate imagining her burning naked at the stake!

But my urges are getting really intense and I have entertained the idea of actually grabbing my cousin and making my fiery dreams come true! I found an old abandoned farm building outside of town where nobody has been in years.

Here, I have been collecting up the things I need to burn a girl! The stake is a 4x4 support pole in the middle of the room, at its base is a stack of 6 wooden pallets for her to stand on. The slots between the boards will allow the flames to lick at her feet!

This is important, I want her to feel the very first touch of the fire on the tender bottoms of her perfect bare feet! I have also gathered up lamp oil, duct tape and nylon zip ties. I have been trying to figure out how to burn "Haylie" and get away with it. She lives just down the road from us and I managed to steal some receipts with her moms boyfriends name on them to leave at the scene.

He has a history of violence against women and it would be easy to set him up! Every time I see her now, I picture her burning! I stalk her and visit her page every chance I get! I'm afraid I'm losing control! I want to jack off watching my sexy cousin "pole dance" naked in the burning flames!

Her body twisting and writhing! Her tits jiggling! Screaming her pretty little head off as she is slowly burned alive at the stake! I don't want to really do it! But I'm afraid its just a matter of time! Since the age of about nine my most powerful erotic fantasies have revolved around immolation. Either myself or an attractive young girl are selected to take part in a public ceremony where we are to be stripped naked and slowly burn in public in a ritual fashion.

The purpose of our burning is not in any way religious, rather to demonstrate our own courage and willpower and to affirm our tribe's ethos of living life to the full by our eagerness to undergo the ultimate sensations of agony and ecstasy.

It is a great honour to be selected for this. The long process of being selected, and in a permanently naked state being trained for the ordeal, and the preparations on the big day is incredibly arousing. Then the number of orgasms and the amount of spunk ejected as young bodies move willinlgy and unrestrained in to the fire and flames first wrap around taught expectant and aroused young bodies is unbelievable, especially if you are ten or eleven and being willingly burned, for your own pleasure.

And then after orgasm if you can keep your head away from the flames you can relax and give yourself over to awareness of the sensation of your body writhing and twisting as you are consumed alive.

You would put Naked women being burned at the stake soul through that kind of torment? You have demons, if Naked women being burned at the stake attempt to do this you will be caught and punished, you are sadistic and need help. Seek it immediately. That has got to be the most sadistic thing you could possibly do to someone!

Now I'm looking at my little sister 14my dick is hard thinking about it! I might suggest gagging her, a young girl being burned alive will let out Muslims xxx porn pics pretty insane screams!

But I'll bet she puts on a good show! I'm a little titillated myself thinking about it. Naked women being burned at the stake would be such a waste to burn her without getting some of that young pussy first! I hope you plan to fuck her silly before you start the fire! Burn her and post video! A link that will let you reset your password has been emailed to you.

If you do not receive your email shortly, please check your spam folder. Post Something. Random Post. One night, when I was a young teenager I was changing into my bikini to go I recently remarried at 39 and I have I am the only male on my mothers side I am like super turned on by being used I am a heterosexual 23 year old male After our time at Barmouth and the So when I was a "teen", my uncle dad's My husband Jim and I have discussed the Holy shit.

I just found out my mom was I am a stay at home Mom and our two I had my son when I was 18 he is now I fantasize about burning girls at the stake! How would you make NaughtyPosts better? Cancel Post. Sort Newest.

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