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The above quote may be true to a certain extent but it needs a lot more than just lighting to create beautiful erotic Cinematic moments.

The best sex scenes in a movie no matter how explicit they are serve their true purpose only if they justify the story-line. A unique portrayal of the lives of a handful of Lesbian french erotic movies who has two things in common — dysfunctional families and skateboards.

Both experimental and explicit, definitely worth a watch. Shortbus Sexual Chronicles of a French Family A young teenager boy is caught masturbating in biology class and gets suspended from school. En la cama Two strangers meet up at a party and end up in a hotel room to have sex — casual sex.

But can such a Lesbian french erotic movies encounter between two unknown people mean anything more significant than just a night of passion? A nymphomaniac girl Lesbian french erotic movies meets her equal — an aggressive artist with whom she soon starts a steamy relationship but then he is a possessive man who demands commitment and she seems to be not ready for that yet.

The Exterminating Angels Les anges exterminateurs original title. And so he starts taking multiple auditions of females — some pleasuring themselves and others pleasuring each-other. A couple Lesbian french erotic movies invites another girl into their bed but soon their threesome fun seems to misbalance their emotional relationship equilibrium. Go figure! The sex scenes in this French film are natural yet non apologetic.

Even its trailer in youtube is age-protected! Nymphomaniac: Vol. Edited in two parts, the film accounts for a self-claimed nymphomaniac and her innumerable erotic experiences. Two young girls and Lesbian french erotic movies relationship — love, desire, despair and a lot of sex.

Sex comedy at its best. Parisan American student who befriends a French brother and sister and experiences a unique level of friendship. A must watch. Similar Interest: Best Kinky movies of all time. Poster courtesy: www. Tremendous list. Will add them soon! Ironically, by s standards, the four films you mention would barely qualify for PG Most made-for-Netflix dramas are more explicit.

Which is an issue a growing number of people are having — sex scenes are being used as an obligation rather than as a storytelling tool to be used when necessary. Well as I mentioned in the introduction of the article, all Tinto Brass films can be a part of this list for sure. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Where is mention for Henry and June, the first NC film?

Or Emmanuelle? Body Heat? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For the love Lesbian french erotic movies cinema.

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