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It's not easy to keep up with everything going on in here; but I'll try to post stuff when I can contribute. Julie Julie ann gerhard devon michaels was one of the first girls I worked with; I have thousands of images from her early days In fact, I talked to her on the phone just a week ago and she is doing great - still in shape, not shooting though. Promised if she changed her mind she'd call me first. Does anyone have any good links, videos, pics, or movie titles where i can find ms.

Am I the only one who doesn't see any pics? Based on the fact that I can see them I would have to say yes. I only see 'Starletforever. Man i want to see the money shot so badly from that office scene.

Post it if you got it :cool:. Here is the whole trailer including the Julie ann gerhard devon michaels of the cumshot. She is one awesome babe!! New from Milfslikeitbig. She looks good in spandex. She is getting close to the midlife so her face will continue to look more aged but her sex drive will also increase.

More from this set. Probably the fittest MILF out there Anyone seen clips, etc.? Has she retired, otherwise? Plays a psychoanalyst on Brazzers who sorts out a threesome as therapy for a girls nervous reluctant boyfriend The three soon get going at it Didn't realize she has featured in movies for Brazzers Network Julie ann gerhard devon michaels the page for titles and more previews Some pics, sorry if repost.

Her official Julie ann gerhard devon michaels is getting a makeover, some free galleries and vids right now. Devon Michaels hottie fucking an employee Julie ann gerhard devon michaels a meeting, Julie ann gerhard devon michaels movie galleries right here.

I just signed up here- looks like there's lots of links already- but yes, I just shot a couple new scenes for Brazzers with my boyfriend Zeb so non-condom--first nc scenes in about 3 years Hope you like them. I also have my site up and running now-- and I'm shooting lots of new content for that- I am posting a threesome with Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo this week and an interracial scene with Tyler Knight- one of my favorites and yeah, lots with my boyfriend coming up as well as my best friend Cherokee.

And yes we are on imlive. Kisses and thanks for the kind words Devon Michaels. I just signed up here Hi Devon, nice to see you here! Wow Hi Devon and welcome, awesome to hear from you and these new scenes, can't wait to see em. Welcome to the boards Devon!! Always been a favourite of mine, love your work. Keep up the great work, us perverts on here appreciate all you do!

Devon you have a stunning body, you are smart, and you are a good actress I remember the ocean front hotel as one of the most sexy videos of yours Hello Devon Good to have you on the boards! By the way you have a hot body! Hi, Ms. Michaels -- big fan and site member here. Are you shooting exclusively now with Mr. Hi Devon! I'm very pleased to see you're posting here. You've always been one of my favorites. You're so beautiful and look Bikini beach tg stories fit.

Thanks for joining here. I just signed up here- Devon Michaels Please contact the board moderators, or the super-moderator who is "BNF", to get officially checked as a star. Hey there I have to get an official checked membershipbut yes, it's really me. It's by far my favorite and yes hopefully you'll see more of that from me It was hot and exclusive to our sites, so keep an eye out for that We'll see what else transpires.

Glad to see you on here, finally! And yes, you are a queen to me, too! Michaels, I bow at your feet. Thank you for Julie ann gerhard devon michaels us with your prescence on the Freeones Message Board. The Brazzers scene looks great, and the threesome with Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo is looking great. Michaels, are you and Zeb planning on working with any other couples? I'm greedy, but you've always seemed to have great chemistry with Kelly Madison and her husband.

Thanks again. Devon Michaels in "Just like old times". I love this american woman. She looks so bulky and slow. Julie ann gerhard devon michaels ur soo fucking sexxyy! I love u! Hello Devon. Its nice to have you here. You are one of my favorites. I wish more stars in the business were as fit as you. Do you know of anymore fitness models who are about to get into hardcore? I know Shannon Kelly has been doing it for about a year now. Is anybody else that you know of about to pleasantly surprise us?

Hey there-- I'm around-- just doing my thing-- working on my website, feature dancing, and I dance in Vegas too. I'm not shooting much anymore now that I live in Vegas, except for my website I also own part of a club in Peoria, Illinois, and I spend days a month back there- we just won a four-year battle for liquor a couple weeks ago, and it was a tough battle, but I'll be spending more time back home again HOWEVER- no plans on ever leaving Vegas permanently-- Join my myspace for my schedule and I'm adding a program to my website so non-members and members can purchase exclusive video downloads.

And of course, if I'm not featuring in your town, you can always check me out in Peoria or Las Vegas Devon Kisses! Thanks,for keeping us up to date on what you've been up to Devon. I didn't even know you was a member here,glad to have you Julie ann gerhard devon michaels. Be sure to let us in on your show schedule and webcam stuff! Well, my feature schedule is up on myspace and I generally post when I'm going to be at the Rhino as Xxx photo sonakshi sinha add me as a Julie ann gerhard devon michaels on myspace- it's set to private but I add virtually anyone that takes Julie ann gerhard devon michaels time to send me an add request.

You can also book shows directly through my site or by emailing me we're adding a system where you can just buy tokens on my site - different than imlive-- and I do phone on there-- just depends what you like better-- imlive has sound and great quality so I love doing shows there I love that!

It's the safest sex- totally hot and fun Anyway- my myspace is myspace. Thanks for the support! I know exactly who I was with when I was in Vegas that year-- a good buddy of mine- Julie ann gerhard devon michaels took me to Vegas for my birthday- not my boyfriend or husband-- just a sweet and generous friend I didn't do porn officially until after my second divorce-- just fyi.

I have, but I am not married now. But neither marriage had anything to do with porn- did one in 95 then no more until Just solo adult magazine layouts, dancing, and fitness modeling. I like how dedicated you are when it comes to marriage, Devon.

I think that's the right thing to do when you are with someone in a serious, meaningful relationship, and I admire you for that. And I think I may be already on your friend list on Myspace, but I haven't been on lately for a couple of reasons. Your website is pretty awesome, too - I might even sign up for it.

Thanks for all the info, Devon, and stay sexy! So how do I post pix here?

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