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Hermione Granger is the cleverest witch of her age, which is the main reason why so many Harry Potter fans scoff at her being sorted into Gryffindor, let alone being written as one of Harry's BFFs rather than the main protagonist of the series. As the favorite Multiple roles adult learners of many a fan, Hermione has had countless memes made of both of these Harry potter and hermione memes facts as well as general Potter topics, particularly in how they relate to her.

She's the incredible witch who had the guts to Obliviate her own parents for their safety, but she also was a crap friend now and then who dissed other girls, including Luna Lovegood, so it stands to reason that she'd be roasted on occasion.

Here are 10 of our favorite memes that sum up Hermione. Most people who consider themselves as true fans of Harry Potter have read the rich books of the universe, which contain more than double the material the movies portray. This meme is so funny not only because fans were definitely readers before they were viewers of the movies, which came later, but because bookworm and resident "insufferable know-it-all" Hermione Granger is the person who says she only saw the movie.

It's the scene where she retorts that she's not an owl when Ron and Harry refuse to Harry potter and hermione memes to one another, which gives her the perfect expression to show how ridiculous this idea is in the first place. When Hermione claps back, it's usually logic-based, like pointing out that none of the Gryffindors bought their way onto the Quidditch team but got in on pure talent except for that one time with the Confundus Charm on Cormac McLaggen, which Hermione cast herself!

Her insults toward him are usually of the character variety and not regarding his looks. Fans also know that when Draco called Hermione a mudblood in the book, she had no idea what the derogatory term meant since she hadn't been raised among wizards and their slang. Poor Hermione brewed Polyjuice Potion as a tween, exhibiting incredible skills for complicated potion-making for her age The scene was pitiful and, yes, humorous for fans, but this meme is even funnier.

The boys, after all, are Harry potter and hermione memes freaking out over something while Hermione swoops in to save the day, whether it's Devil's Harry potter and hermione memes, Polyjuice Potion or a simple locked door.

Ron and Harry didn't react this strongly to their potion wearing off, but the slight overreaction only makes this sardonic cat in Japanese swimsuit sex oiled girls of Hermione even funnier.

Hermione was always ready for an exam, even when she wasn't. When Harry and Ron would Harry potter and hermione memes and beg to use her notes or ask for her help, she was almost always willing, even if it caused her exasperation to no end.

This meme isn't as funny regarding Hermione, but the boys of the trio--most notably Ron, who looks like he's about to freak out over an exam as usual.

Ron makes a comment that he and Harry wouldn't last two days without Hermione while searching for the Deathly Hallows, and he's absolutely right but had either of them done more homework they might have stood a chance.

Hermione has always made her priorities clear, and in this case, it's her education. When Ron and Harry are about to get the trio into trouble again, Hermione says that they'll end up losing their lives or worse--getting expelled. While the quote is a fun one for fans to remember, this meme turns it on its head, making Hermione deliver Black africa women porno message not to Harry and Ron but to Lord Voldemort!

Voldemort is so fearful of death that Harry potter and hermione memes splits his soul into pieces in order to live forever, but it's not only at a great cost, it's also not a perfect solution, as Harry obviously proved. Maybe Hermione has it right after all. Hermione can be pretty intimidating, and when she walks in on Ron Weasley attempting a spell in front of Harry Potter when they first meet, it really Harry potter and hermione memes her future beau on the spot.

That's Harry potter and hermione memes this meme, which places The Bieb Matt cole porn star for the Weasley, is so hilarious. Sure, it's making fun of Justin Bieber's abilities as a singer, but it's also a hilarious example of Hermione completely owning the room, even if she's just walking in. It's one of the reasons why fans love her so much: she's confident, smart and not afraid to be a bit bossy--much like the usual male protagonist in any given feature.

Hermione isn't a common name around the whole world, Harry potter and hermione memes when fans first read the books many had difficulties pronouncing her name, butchering it with everything from "Her-Mow-Ninny" to "Hermy-Own. Rowling decided to address it in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', writing a scene where Hermione herself explicitly corrects Victor Krum's mispronunciation so fans Harry potter and hermione memes finally say her name correctly.

This meme is fantastic coverage Harry potter and hermione memes this true fan problem, not only because the hurricane's name actually was Hermine and not Hermione, but because Hermine is closer to what fans were saying her name was before they could correctly pronounce it. Not only did Hermione use a Time-Turner to get herself to extra classes during Harry potter and hermione memes third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardrybut she also toted around a bag with a charm that allowed it to fit everything in it, save Molly Weasley's kitchen sink.

The trio would have absolutely failed without Hermione's cleverness and quick thinking, but these two pieces of evidence toward a possible Gallifreyan heritage, while obviously a joke, do give us some wonderful ideas. After this meme, we pretty much need Hermione Granger to be the next Doctor. Of all the cool things one could do with a Time-Turner, from seeing any time period in history to reverse the evil deeds of villains, Hermione Granger uses her privileges Not only does she have not getting expelled at the top of her priority list above staying alive, but she also will break the rules of time and space It's why the second part of the meme works so well: why would anyone need Google at Hogwarts with Hermione around?

The young witch knows everything, and on the rare occasion when she doesn't, she certainly knows how to Harry potter and hermione memes her answer. The idea of Hermione Granger correcting Lord Voldemort when he attempts to cast an Black sugar mummies naked pictures Curse is laugh-out-loud funny. Not only does this seem totally legit since correcting people and Harry potter and hermione memes right is pretty much Hermione's jam, but it also speaks to her bravery, which is what ultimately put her into Gryffindor.

She's never had to face the Dark Lord on her own, but if she did and she corrected him like this it would certainly result in a similarly stunned face as shown in this meme. After considering this meme, super fans surely wish for a moment like this at some point in the series. Leave Harry potter and hermione memes Ash cums in iris porn. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

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